How to Use NFC Tag Reader On iOS 15?

If you want to use the NFC Tag Reader on your iOS device then read more to know How to Use NFC Tag Reader On iOS 15

Hello, guys, I am back here to describe to you another new thing which is useful to all the devices. This topic is about sharing the screen and also the sharing of files from one device to another option.

You can easily access the option and it is not the app it is an option. Not all devices contain this option some of the latest versions are only capable to access the option.

You are waiting to know the name of the option right here I will tell you now. It is none other than NFC that was the option available in the latest devices.

To share some of the files and share the screen when you are asking about the game there are very rare features like this that are capable to connect to the same game at the same time. I think you can’t understand all these kinds of services with different things.

Now we are playing the games by connecting through Facebook and other things all you need to do is join in the game and later all the instructions are available in the game itself.

Not all the games like PUBG and Free Fire games can play in that pattern. Before that, you need to know about the NFC as it is the topic today. Here this article will help you to know about the option NFC.

What Is NFC?

The word NFC is abbreviated as Near-field Communication. By knowing this thing you can understand all the importance of the article and the topic completely. But I have to explain you to it clearly and the data will be very helpful to you.

As you asked the question in the above section was the use of an NFC tag reader? The Tag is defined as the person who is allowing you access the data of any kind from his device.

The reader accesses the data from the Tag device. So sharing the files from one device to another is possible with Bluetooth but through this NFC you can share the files too faster than within a second.

Basic Info:

Later when it comes to the point of Gaming you can play the same game as a competition with 2 different devices at the same point. As there is a condition that was you need to have the option of NFC on both devices.

When the point is about the iOS devices not all the versions of devices of Apple contain the feature of NFC. Only the devices with iOS version 15 and all the above versions of the devices have these kinds of services.

So guys you can access it easily as I will show you the uses of the NFC on iOS devices and also the process to make use of the option of NFC easily and simply. Before that, you have to know the uses of NFC on iOS devices.

What are NFC Tags?

NFC Tags work as a smart tiny chip that allows the user to transfer the digital data of the device at short ranges, the user can program an NFC Tag to perform a lot of automated tasks these are also useful to trigger the custom iPhone shortcut, it allows the user to set the alarm and also to enable/disable the smart lights, share WiFi passwords.

The user can simply use the digital visiting card which is helpful to store the contact information and website details, On iOS 15 it is easy to program the NFC Tag, By using the NFC Tag.

The user must check the storage option, for writing the single automated task 144 bytes chip that is sufficient, or else the user wishes to do the multiple automated tasks at a time, the user can be brought 888 bytes.

Features of NFC Tag Reader:

  • To transfer the data from one device to another with very little time that it occupies can be done more probably and in a simple way.
  • No need to access the option of sending files also both options of sending and receiving are done at the same time.
  • With just by single touch complete data that you are willing to transfer can be moved or sent to the opposite devices. All you need to do is just touch both devices.
  • All kinds of data like Contacts, Photos, and various kinds of files can transfer through the NFC on your iOS devices.
  • Even the data of the internet can be shared through the NFC Tag Reader and all you need to do is just follow the rules and regulations of the data.
  • Both the devices should be in a limited space which means both the devices are supposed to be in a near place.
  • No restrictions are there in this option all you have to do is just follow the instructions that are available in the below section.
  • Even you can share the data from one kind of device to another as you can share the data from iOS devices to Android devices.
  • The payment of the required things is supposed to be sent to others by contacting the user, by the help of NFC you can pay all kinds of payments without contact.
  • Games with multiplayer options are supported this way as you can play the same game with your friend through the NFC tag reader.
  • The modern and all the advanced featured devices which are developing these days are coming with an NFC tag reader option.
  • Here the best thing is you need not be required to download the app to access NFC Tag Reader it is one of the options which is inbuilt into the device.

So guys all these are some of the major uses and importance of NFC Tag reader on all iOS devices with the iOS version. When you start to access NFC Tag Reader then you can understand all the needs and uses of the NFC Tag Reader option.  Here now I will show you the way to access NFC Tag Reader on your iOS device.

iPhones with NFC Tag Reader.

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus

iPhones with passive NFC Reader.

  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS, XS Max
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

How to Add & Use NFC Tag Reader on iOS?

The option NFC Tag Reader is used for operation and setting some of the operations from your device to other devices without contacting so to make you can use NFC Tag Reader. So to allow access to that NFC Tag Reader just follows the below instructions.

  • Turn on your iOS device and later close all the running apps on your device.
  • Then navigate to the settings of the device as you can see various options in the settings device.
Settings of your iPhone
  • There will be an option of NFC Tag Reader at the bottom of the page of settings.
  • Or in some of the devices, it will be available on the Control center page so select it.
  • Just tap or click on that NFC Tag Reader option and later you can see the option of NFC Tag Reader.
Click on NFC Tag
Click on NFC Tag
  • There you can see the option below NFC Tag Reader you need to scan it for connecting it to the other device.
Tap on NFC Tag Scan
Tap on NFC Tag Scan
  • Then you need to tap on the scanner option behind the device and place the opposite device to which you are willing to connect.
  • Then after connecting you have to name the connected device. And this is the way to access NFC Tag Reader.
  • All the operations of that device can be controlled by this device with the help of the NFC Tag Reader.

This is the process to connect the NFC Tag Reader and operate the device without contact. The only required thing to access NFC Tag Reader was both the devices need to have the option of NFC Tag Reader.

So make sure that both the devices are supposed to have the NFC option. Now I will show you the way to place the option NFC Tag Reader into shortcuts on your iOS device.

How to Create the NFC Tag Reader as a Shortcut for Apple Devices?

As we need NFC Tag Reader to access faster and later you need to place it in the shortcuts so follow the below process to place the option of NFC Tag Reader in shortcut.

  • Open the app of shortcuts on your device where all the devices of iOS contain that app.
  • Click on the automation from the app shortcuts as it is available in the below section.
  • Then the new pop-up will appear on the screen so you have to select another option from it.
  • That is to create personal automation from all the available options in it.
create personal automation
create personal automation
  • Then it will ask for confirmation so click continue and select the option of NFC.
  • That’s it the option of NFC Tag Reader is placed in the shortcuts.

Now you can follow the above options to scan and connect with other devices through NFC Tag Reader.

So this is the way to use and access the NFC Tag Reader on your iOS devices of version iOS 15 and all the above devices. With the help of the below option, you can place the NFC Tag Reader in shortcuts and access it easier.

Without allowing you both the devices need to have the option of NFC Tag Reader to connect to both devices. It is one of the best options to access and make use of technology you can use NFC Tag Reader.

How to Disable NFC Tag Automation?

If you want to disable/ turn off the NFC Tag Automation due to any reason then the user must follow the below simple steps carefully

  • The user must simply swipe to the right of the NFC Tag
  • Then you must disable the NFC Tag automation that is made by you
  • Now click on the Disable the Enable This Automation option

How to Program NFC Tags with iPhone?

By using the Shortcuts app the user can access the NFC Tag, generally, so many iPhone users will make their own automation via the Shortcuts app.

It is a widely used app and also shares the information via NFC Tag, follow the steps in order to program the NFC Tag and each and every NFC-enabled smartphone.

The user can write the custom action to the NFC Tag, the process is quite easy and simple to write or erase NFC Tags.

NFC Tools:

Actually, there are a lot of apps that are available to allow the read, write and erase NFC Tags, Here we are using the NFC Tools app to do the process, it is your opinion to use the app you can use any app, the NFC Toll is applicable for Android devices too.

  • Initially, On AppStore Install the NFC Tools app
  • Launch the NFC Tools app in that you can notice four options i.e Read, Write, Other, and My saved tags
Options on NFC Tools
Options on NFC Tools
  • Using the Read option the user can get the information regarding the NFC Tag i.e NFC Tag type, memory, and information that are present in the NFC Tag
Move to Read option
Move to the Read option
  • For programming the NFC Tag, the user must click on Write.
Tap on Write
Tap on Write
  • Then select Add a record option.
Add a record
Add a record
  • It displays the Add a record window, in which the user can choose the information that they wish to write on the NFC Tag.
  • The user can also write the phone numbers, social network links, mail records, text, URLs, location, addresses, and WiFi network details along with Bitcoin Addresses.
  • Now I can add the website address, click on custom URL/URI
  • Click on the Write option
Tap on Write
Tap on Write
  • You need to take the iPhone close to the NFC Tag, Finally, the information is entered into it.
  • Finally, exit from the NFC Tools app and then test the NFC Tag.
Erase the NFC Tag:

If the user wishes to replace the NFC Tag information then you must initially erase it with the help of the NFC Tools app you can do it, follow the below instructions.

  • Launch NFC Tools app
NFC Tools app
NFC Tools app
  • Then click on Other and then select Erase Tag option
Erase Tag
Erase Tag
  • It shows the scan screen the user must take the device near to the NFC tag and the information then it is erased
Erase Complete
Erase Complete

At last, the user can know the process of programming the NFC Tags with the iPhone.

How to Fix the NFC Not Working on iPhone?

If you’re facing the NFC Not working issue on your iPhone then the user must sign out from the Apple ID on the iPhone and then gain sign in and check whether the issue is solved or not. You can easily fix the NFC not working on iOS 15.

Where Is NFC Sensor Located?

For the latest versions, the user must move the device to the reader, so the top part of the device must face the reader, you need t point out the device that is straight to the reader just like the point of a remote at a TV.

For earlier versions of iPhones, the NFC sensor is generally on the back side of the device, it should be on the center, lower, or upper portions.

It results and the user can identify the angle on which the tag works on the device, if the user is using Apple Pay then you must use the same angles in order to pay and work with Hotspot NFC tags.

In this article, you can get clear information regarding how to use an NFC tag reader on iPhone 15/14/13/12

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Do the iPads have the option of NFC Tag Reader?

Answer#1: No those devices don’t have the option of NFC Tag Reader maybe later that option will be added.

  • Question 2) Could this NFC Tag Reader allow the operation of the devices without contact?

Answer#2: Yes, you can operate the device without contact and the complete controlling can be done without contact.

  • Question 3) Can this option be able to connect other kinds of devices?

Answer#3: Yes, all you need to have is just the option for NFC Tag Reader to connect to other devices.

Final Verdict:

The NFC Tag Reader is one of the revolutions as all the needs of the device are sharing the files without contact.

Still, there are advanced options that came into existence but it has their importance later you can serve it for almost all the needs.

Contactless payment is now applicable in all parts of the world due to the pandemic situation so you can pay all kinds of payments with NFC Tag Reader.

That was one of the options of NFC Tag Reader and still, there are several useful things are init. So guys see you soon with another topic. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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