Top 8 Best Simulation Games For Android and iPhone in 2022

If you are searching for the Best Simulation Games For your Android and iPhone, then try the Top Simulation Games on iOS & Android.

Simulation games have long been popular on PC, particularly in the 1990s, but their legacy appears to have survived even on mobile devices today. On a portable device, it’s not only easier to operate a simulation game, but it also allows for shorter periods, ensuring that the game doesn’t become a tedious slog or just too much to handle.

There are plenty of games like this available on the Google Play Store these days, but we’ve sorted the top simulation games for Android so you know what to look for.

In a virtual scenario, a user of a life simulation game is given the capacity to impact the day-to-day existence of autonomous organisms. As a result of this feature, the game has risen in popularity, and many game developers have leaped at the potential to create gaming applications. As a result, there have been a plethora of life simulation games released.

Top Simulation Games For Android and iPhone

#1. Goat Simulator

Goat simulator is an action video game that was introduced by the Coffe Stain Studios and was released in the year 2014. In this game, the player is a goat and can roam around the sandbox world, wrecking things and causing chaos.

You will get a visual joystick to your right of the screen to control the goat activities, using buttons you can jump the goat over the things. If you want to collapse the goat use the button called ragdoll.


You will get more points by hitting the car, licking things, headbutting in front of people, jumping, and more the game brings you various objectives to get more points to complete the game.

Pros & Cons
  • Doing jumping, headbutting in front of people, licking things, hitting the car, and more you will get points.
  • The game runs over sandbox world which is a small world that takes about 5 minutes.
  • You can discover several surprises while playing the game on your device.
  • You can find an unreal environment and seems to be extremely natural as well.
  • It is compatible with android, windows, and iOS devices respectively.
  • Get more fun with sound effects while playing on the personal computer and not much effect on android device.
  • You can feel smooth while playing this game.
  • You could not find the real purpose of this game.
  • This is not suitable for hard gamers.
  • Consisting small world.

When the goat scream at the people and caused a fall at that time you did not get any points, make sure that it is not a serious game at all as you think it is just a fun game and is compatible with kids only and adults don’t like this game ever.

So if you have interest just download and install it otherwise skip this game or I think your kids will love this game very much.

#2. SimCity BuildIt

Simplicity Buildlt is a mobile city building game application for both android and iOS devices. This game application was developed by Track Twenty and produced by electronic arts and was launched in the year 2014.

Now coming to the game when you start playing the game after installation, the city adviser will appear and give instructions on how to build a city to the main highway. You can see options to your right-hand side that ensures the tools for city building.

To build a city we require crafting building materials for this we need to put the store of building materials in your city as well.

  1. It is a popular building city game application with lots of supplying tools.
  2. Allows you to build roads, slims houses, and others.
  3. Supports all crafting building materials to be a part of the build the city.
  4. Lots of residential zones are available to form a city next to the highway as well.
  5. It is compatible with desktop, android, and iPhone or iPad devices and supports high-quality graphics.
  6. Very interesting game application for kids as well as adults and fully entertainer app for free of cost.

First, you need to build roads for this just draw the line from a starting point to endpoint and tap on the green mark. Now your SimCity is connected to the highway, and you have to build houses to grow up the population to do this select the house symbol to your right of the screen.

You should have to provide or place the residential zone to build slims houses. When you place your house in the residential zone next to the road you created and the construction will start right from there onwards. After finishing home construction you have to give your name to your city or region as well.

#3. Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is an adventurous story play game for android versions and provides more than 55 different genres of stories and all of them are running around the protagonist’s point of view as well.

This epic game consists of romances, mysteries, and drama, and all of these are immersed in it. The game begins with picking up a title and entering into an illustrated story. On the screen, you will get lines of dialogues up to you to get to the plot point.

After that, the game interface provides multiple story choices for you and you can see how the changes are made for the rest of them.

Pros & Cons
  • Allows you to customize your face, hair, and outfit to get a new look.
  • Seems to be normal but it has attractive visuals.
  • Offering various categories of stories including the freshman, perfect match, blood bound, the crown & the flame, and high school story.
  • Finds violent scenes or unsuitable in the stories while playing.
  • It allows you to pick your adventure tour and solve crimes during the adventure.
  • Consisting of high-quality resolution gameplay as well.
  • Introduces more than 55 various genres of stories and users will receive story chapter updates weekly.
  • Dependencies on in-app buyings.


However, the stories you found aren’t complex at all and you will get complete control over a protagonist besides that most decisions are free of cost and you can acquire some gems at cost during in-app purchases as well.

The entire gameplay looks like to be Japanese novels like stay night and Doki Doki literature club but the stories are less developed anyhow.

The developers are used two-dimensional backgrounds and each character is a really functional character in the foreground. Eventually, you need to keep tapping on your android screen up to the end of the story or end of the gameplay as well.

#4. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight pilot simulator 3D is a 3D animated high-quality graphics flight flying gaming application for android 4 or later versions as well.

You can get this gaming application from the google play store for free of cost. It provides tons of airplanes and various regions to fly the selected flight.

Once you have installed it you will get three different planes and you will be allowed to select the first plane because you have no coins to buy the other airplane. you can see the driving control and speed control on the screen.

  1. The game comprises cool animations and realistic 3D graphics.
  2. Supports thousands of real planes including military aircraft, airliners, supersonic jets, and single-engine props.
  3. Several challenging missions to complete include saving human beings, emergencies, fires, races, rough landings, and much more.
  4. Offering open source maps with thousands of shocks in the free flight mode as well.
  5. Natural mobile controls and is habit-forming gameplay.
  6. This is available from the Google play store for free of cost and is an absolutely guaranteed fun game.
  7. It does not require any mobile data to play this game to play anywhere at any time.
  8. It does not occupy more storage space on your android device.

To your left, you can speed up the airplane, and using the steering control you can move flight right, left, and up. While driving the airplane you can listen to the background voice of the directions of the place and the destination.

While driving you will have to drive the airplane through the blue color zones and you will get coins and then the level will be finished. Once the level is finished you will be prompted to the next level to finish. If you miss driving the airplane through the zones and you will be failed and the game starts again.

#5. Euro Truck Evolution

Euro Truck Evolution is the truck driving game application on European roads using around 12 different truck brands. It is very easy to download and install but consumes more storage space on your android and iOS devices respectively.

The game introduces a realistic traffic control system using artificial intelligence and the driving roads seem to be driving on the European roads. Well, coming to the trucks when you enter the truck inside you can see the interior design like to be same as you see real trucks.

Pros & Cons
  • It has realistic sound effects.
  • Introducing 12 different European truck brands to drive.
  • Offering 20 various cities immersed in this game app to drive the trucks.
  • Users will feel realistic weather conditions like snow, rain, cold, and hot conditions.
  • Visual harm trucks.
  • You can find the digital interior designs for each truck.
  • Engine sound effects are very awesome.
  • Supporting advanced artificial intelligence traffic systems.
  • Get to complete the achievements as well as leaderboards.
  • Allows you to play with a gamepad and also android tv device versions precisely.
  • The advanced control system allows you to tilt, touch steering wheels, and more as well.
  • Game controls are very difficult.
  • Fast battery drains.
  • Driving is very slow.

The gear system, clutch, automatic steering operating system, and you can see the front and back wheels of the truck when you move right or left. In this Euro truck evolution, you need to complete the tasks or achievements including loading and unloading the goods from the source place to the destination place.

While you driving on the roads you can see the weather conditions like rain, snow, cold, and hot humidities on the screen that seems to be realistic as well. Make sure that your device must need high-quality graphics so that you can get a better experience while driving the trucks on the European roads.

#6. Vegas Crime Simulator

Vegas crime simulator is like a grand theft auto vice city and is third-person based game action and it was inspired by the popular EA sports game like GTA vice city. Whatever you could find in the GTA vice city game all of them you can find in this Vegas crime simulator.

You can see the tasks to accomplish given by the superior and get rewards and cash to get more allowances like visiting casinos, nightclubs, sleeping with beautiful ladies, buying cars or bikes, purchasing weapons, ammunition, and much more.

  1. Introducing a variety of bullets and other advanced weapons.
  2. Allows users to steal a bike or a car to ride and catch the enemies.
  3. Find exciting criminal places in vegas and are realistic as well.
  4. Stop the offender in the vegas streets to prevent not making damage or killing citizens, etc.
  5. Provides the city map on the screen using that you can find the offenders very easily.
  6. Find nightclubs, casinos, lady dancers, 24×7 live city, bars, and much more to the roadside in the Vegas city.
  7. Get this gaming application from google play store and apple play store respectively.
  8. The graphics are used in this game are pretty excellent.
  9. It is compatible with android, desktop, and iOS devices usually.

The entire game depends on one single player his work is to accomplish the tasks given by the third person during the completion of the task you will have to face critical situations like killing citizens, thieves, destroying vehicles, innocent people may also die, and much more.

You have to chase the cars to catch the offenders to prevent the damages done by them and to save innocent people etc. It is much more compatible with desktop, android, and iPhone or iPad devices respectively.

#7. Fallout Shelter

This is the best underground constructing video game application and entertained all the generations using this game application people will seek how to lead their lives under critical situations. Also, if people lost their land on the earth how do they build their homes under the earth like building underground homes, bars, gardens, and much more.

In this game, users will take help from the dwellers to build their beautiful underground shelters and train them.

  1. Create undergrounds with a bright future and select from modern rooms to excavation beneath up to 2000 feet of bedrock as well.
  2. Optimizing the developing community by finding suitable jobs, providing weapons, outfits, and training them to enhance their abilities.
  3. Construct a radio room to pull in new dwellers or take an energetic role in the dweller’s personal lives.
  4. Protect your vault from the outside threateners for this prepare dwellers to protect from them.
  5. Inspect the blasted surface by the dwellers sending them above ground and seeking death, survival loot, and adventure as well.
  6. Build bar, hospital, garden, and much more with the help of dwellers.
  7. It is a management simulation, constructing, and video game application and will entertain all types of generations.

With the help of dwellers, you need to train them to protect themselves from outside threats. As you know money brings all the troubles like threats from outside of third-persons to get protect your vault. To build underground homes players need to excavate beneath up to 2000 feet of bedrock into the vault life.

You need to know your dwellers and let them explain happiness then find suitable jobs for them. Besides, that provides outfits, weapons, and more for them to lead their vault life in the fallout shelters. This is a fully entertaining game application and you can play this game anywhere at any time.

#8. Godus

Godus is the best popular video game in the god game category and was developed by the Independent Company 22Cans and was published by DeNA.

At the beginning of the game, you will find two persons surviving in the river and you need to sculpt the island by just tapping, holding, and dragging the land and filling the circle also you can push up the land to clear it as well.

Now then proceed the same process to save those followers from the river. The follower’s search for the gifted land, if they are stuck to find their land then sculpt the land to help them.

Pros & Cons
  • It supports android, windows, iPhone or iPad, and Mac computers as well.
  • Sculpt the land to save your followers from dangers.
  • Tap, hold and drag to sculpt the land using a finger.
  • With a single touch, you can create the land and push up the land do as you can.
  • Puzzle sections will make you great fun while playing the game.
  • The game is designed with attractive and aesthetic as well.
  • This game keeps users busy always while they wait for timers.
  • The design of the game is well-functioned and uses high-quality graphics to get a better view.
  • Timers set the fun limit.
  • Fiddly that controls at points.

When they find water each time for searching the land you need to sculpt the way for them, If you are stuck to find the followers then use your two fingers and drag the screen to find your followers where they could be.

Once they find their gifted land and need to remove the rocks to build a shelter for them. After that, they start to build their adobe home to live. This is how you play this game and you will get various puzzles to complete and get rewards as well.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Is the game with the squid real?

Answer) While the show’s life-or-death fight is fictional, Squid Game is a real game played by youngsters in South Korea. It peaked in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s when the show’s creator was still a teenager. The awards for the games were South Korean dishes provided by the cultural center.

  • Question 2) What characteristics distinguish an excellent simulation game?

Answer) In general. a successful simulation game should strike a balance between realism and user involvement. However, it should also involve users in the game and allow them to continually make decisions that can be reflected in the simulation canvas.

  • Question 3) What is the purpose of simulation?

Answer) Simulation is used to assess the impact of process modifications, new processes, and equipment purchases. Engineers can use simulation to compare various solutions and designs to analyze the performance of an existing system or anticipate the performance of a planned system.

Final Conclusion

When it comes to life simulation games, it’s all about the gameplay and the narrated tale. Because the genre is classified as a real-world game, it takes time for a character to develop in these games. As a result, before joining up for a game, players should carefully consider their options.

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