Top 10 Best Halloween Apps for Android & iPhone

If you are searching for the Halloween Apps for your Android and iPhone devices, then read more to know the Top & Best Halloween Apps For Android & iPhone Devices.

Overall, this has been a weird year but looking for Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st night. Halloween means- ghost stories, haunt, tricks, plenty of treats, and spooks. While celebrating Halloween it is a little different this year. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the spirit that you celebrate every year. Here comes, we briefly explain different Halloween apps. And also check out the apps for better knowledge.

If you are looking more for Halloween these apps will give you more fun and scary. Try these apps to enjoy more by playing Halloween games. You can use these apps on both android and iPhone.

Features of Halloween Apps:

  1. In these Halloween apps, some of the apps are to play games. You can collect coins and take pictures of your city to upload.
  2. Halloween apps have features like playing with zombies.
  3. This also contains scary tools, ghost stories, and scary video games. You can enjoy it more even after Halloween celebrations.
  4. Some of the Halloween apps are paid promotions whereas some of the apps are free.

Download Top 10 Halloween Apps For Android & iPhone:

#1. Plant Vs. Zombies 2

Plant Vs Zombies is a gaming app with more innovative and exciting features and tools to play with more interest and adventure. This app was developed by ELECTRONIC Art, Inc. This is the game between masses of different plants and Zombies. You can find the number of Zombies and they are defended by the plants. Plants are recharged by the plant’s food to give them while you are playing to defend the Zombies.

You can earn so many rewards while playing this game, you can also win seeds to produce more plants and give power to the plants. With this, you can also get the double defense and seed fast growing time and more with this app. You can also play with other players by multiplayer support and try to get more points and try to win with your friends. When you got a high score you can get more weapons to vanish the Zombies.

Preview of Plant Vs. Zombies 2

Pros & Cons:

  • There is a number of masses of plants to fight Zombies.
  • Friendly and clean UI.
  • There are 300 levels to complete.
  • Battlefields on 7 crazy worlds.
  • High-quality resolution display.
  • Not suitable for kids less than 5 years.
  • Slow down the performance while playing this game.


You are always want to be top on the leaders’ board for this you have to play more increasingly and try to vanish more Zombies by using some tools. There are some worlds to play, these 7 crazy worlds are like a battlefield to fight plants and Zombies. There are all most 300 levels to complete and some endless games, puzzles, and more.

This is the most popular gaming app for those who want to play most adventure games always. There are millions of downloads and users around the world. This is the app with all high-quality videos and audio features.

#2. Ghost Observer

Ghost Observer is a gaming app for both Android and iOS devices and This gaming app was developed by ETCO entertainment apps. This is the app to detect the ghosts around you and you can chat with ghosts and this is a clean and user-friendly interface game for all ages of people. This is the lightest app with less than 20 MB of storage. There are so many advanced features and tools that help you to play with more fun and excitement.

Preview of Ghost Observer


  1. There is a dot in white color when the ghost appears on ghost decor by using Radar.
  2. This app makes a sound alert for ghost presence.
  3. You can easily know the spirit and age of the ghost.
  4. Translate ghost words into the known language words.
  5. You can capture ghosts on camera share the images with friends.
  6. Videos of ghosts are very interesting by seeing them later.
  7. HD quality display and best animation techniques are involved in this app.
  8. Available in some languages.
  9. There’s is a board called supernatural Ouija board.
  10. You can also hear the scary voices of ghosts and spirits.
  11. This is a game with more exciting tools.


When the detector observes the ghosts then they alert you to the spirit of the ghosts by using Radar at the bottom of the screen. This also sends you the location of that ghost’s spirit. You can use your camera to capture videos of ghosts using Radar and through the directions directed by the Radar. You can know the spirit and age of the ghosts with this ghost detector. For the premium users an additional feature that is they can also translate ghosts words in the writing.

There is some features along with this app are given below to you.

#3. Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is the best gaming app for children. This is an app with more than a million users around the world and this app was developed by the great gaming app develop Loud Crow Interactive, Inc. This is the app that carves the pumpkin in your style by using some tools. These tools are a knife, snapper, slicer, and so many shapes to carve the pumpkin.

If you select any tool you can use this for carving a pumpkin for example if you choose the knife tool you can cut the pumpkin by just touching on the pumpkin. You can also select the color from the list of many colors then you cut, slice, or carve any portion of the pumpkin you can see the carved portion in the selected color.

Preview of Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Pros & Cons:

  • Great app with high-quality resolution display.
  • Free app to download and play.
  • Clean and simple Ui to understand and play.
  • Variety of tools with a huge number of colors.
  • Multi-language supportive app.
  • Share your saving game with friends.
  • This is not a challenging game.
  • Only for kids.


There are some special features you can customize with more fun. The features are the dress, cap, spectacles, mustaches, the color of the skin, and more. You can select any dress for the peanuts and choose any cap, shoos, and Moustaches, and more effects to add to the peanuts and decorate them with a funny look.

The features of the avatar are excellent with this feature you can change the color of the peanuts and customize the mouth and hair and some of the accessories also you can add peanuts. This is the app in high-quality Hd resolution and you can play this app with more excitement. This app likes by kids very much.

#4. Pumpkin Carver Pro HD

Pumpkin Carver Pro HD is the best gaming app and this app was developed by the most popular gaming apps developer with hundreds of games, Simplifynow, LLC. This is the gaming app in Hd revolution display and this is an easy app to play and the features and tools used in this app are excellent and kids are likes this game very much. There are more than a million users around the world who are playing this game on their mobile phones.

After opening this app on your mobile you have to choose a pumpkin among the variety of pumpkins and the tools displayed on the screen like chalk, spoon, cutter, slicer, and more from the tools list. If you select any tool you can use this for carving a pumpkin for example if you choose the knife tool you can cut the pumpkin by just touching on the pumpkin. You can also select the color from the list of many colors then you cut, slice, or carve any portion of the pumpkin you can see the carved portion in the selected color.

Preview of Pumpkin Carver Pro HD

Pros & Cons:

  • Pumpkin Carver HD best Halloween app, free to download.
  • The number of tools to carve the pumpkin like a knife, fork, slicer, spoon, etc.
  • This is an app with amazing features and tools.
  • Millions of users playing this game.
  • This app is available in more than 20 languages.
  • High-quality display.
  • This is not a challenging game.
  • Only for kids.


This is the gaming app exclusively for Android and iOS apps but you can download this app from your computer also by using Emulators and playing this game on your computer or Laptop. You can save your game and share your artwork with your friends and relatives. There are so many special colors to decorate your pumpkin and carve using tools and shading the carved portion of the pumpkin with the selected color.

#5. Into the Dead 2

This is the most popular app among all adventure gaming apps. This is the gaming app with more than 70 million users across the world are playing this game on their mobile games. This gaming app was developed and released by PIKPOK, Inc. This is an Animation gaming app The animation tools used in this are excellent and you can enjoy this app. There is so much excitement and you get so many features for every level of completion. You can also win Awards and Prizes with your logical gaming skills.

The game description is to save your family from the number of horrible and dangerous Zombies. There are some weapons in your hand to kill the Zombies and these weapons are unlocked when you reach the advanced levels of this game. Pistols, Machine guns, Swords, and so on were available to take into your hands based on the situation. There are so many stages in this game along with 7 chapters. To complete this game you have to finish the 7th chapter.

Preview of Into the Dead 2


  1. This is a gaming app with 70 million users.
  2. 60 stories and 7 chapters are with this game.
  3. Thousands of challenges in every chapter.
  4. Different adventures of environments.
  5. There are so many weapons available to defend against Zombies.
  6. High-quality animation tools are involved in this gaming app.
  7. Daily prizes are more interesting to play this game.
  8. You can customize and control some gaming features.
  9. Easy to use with simple UI.


Every chapter is challenging for you to complete. The game becomes more complicated as you reach the next chapter. There are so many adventures and so much excitement while playing this game. There are some locations like army fields, farm fields, Oil farms and so many composites and rural crops, and more.

#6. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

This is the Halloween app available for Android and iOS devices. In this gaming app, you can allow to create your own peanuts characters and decorate them with hilarious and special dresses and you can also create the characters of peanuts. All the peanuts celebrate Halloween parties with the main character of this game. He is non-other than Charlie Brown.

While Linus and Sally are the characters in this game who are searching for the Pumpkin. They created peanuts and are joined with Charlie Brown at the Halloween party. You can also cut the pumpkin in different ways and this fun generated and exciting game to play and the main motto of the game is to search the pumpkin, for this, you have to use peanuts character and dress in different fancy and hilarious dresses available with this app. You can also play the background piano in this game.

Preview of It the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


  1. You can customize the characters of peanuts.
  2. Great animation tools and 3D tools.
  3. Slice pumpkins in different ways and plays Piano.
  4. Audio, soundtrack, dialogues, and voices are from the original series of Tv in1996.
  5. This is a free app to download.


This is developed from 1996, The series of animated and all the voices, sounds, backgrounds music all are playing from the real series of Tv telecasted in 1996. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is the gaming app for all family numbers, and especially for kids love this app very much by cutting the pumpkin. This is a very simple and faster user interface. Even new users also understand this game easily. This is an app with excellent slicing techniques for your pumpkins and plays Piano music. Animations of this app are great and you can customize the colors of backgrounds and layouts easily.

#7. Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle:

This is the most excited and fun generated game by Blue Wizard Digital, Inc. This is a simple game with more than 100 puzzles to solve and this free game is to download for basic users. The initial levels are so easy and when you complete your levels then the complications also increase when you complete more levels you have to face some difficulties and Location also difficult to defend your opponents.

This is the best game of the serial killer named Jason Voorhees is now ready to kill anyone who hunts any place which he entered. There are some locations of this game that give you more excitement while playing the game. If anybody entered the favorite place, Jason Voorhees, He kills them instantly with the number of weapons. There are more than 100 puzzles and episodes to play and you can get rewards and applause for every level completion.

Preview of Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle


  1. There are 8 episodes of the 100 Puzzled games with this app.
  2. Graphics of 3D and animations are excellent.
  3. There are two types of game modes one is exclusively for adults and the other is for all.
  4. There are some weapons to unlock with your gaming skills.
  5. The scenarios used in this game are excellent.
  6. When you reach the advanced level you can get powerful weapons and defend them effectively.
  7. You can purchase from this app to avoid the advert in your game.
  8. Compatible for both Android and iOS devices.


You can lay easily with your finger just sliding it, as your sliding Jason Voorhees moves left and right. He runs forward and backward until a wall or anything is in his way. There is the number of features and tools along with the app are mentioned below.

#8. FancyKey Keyboard

fancy KeyBoard is the best and realistic Keyboard with some special adding like Emojis, GIFs, and many more. This is an app that is not like your Ordinary Built-in keyboard, this is having so many special features and tools that give you so many effects on your text and send messages to your friends in the most hilarious way. There are some stickers you can add to your text to greet your friends on special occasions. This is the best Keyboard app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Preview of FancyKey Keyboard


  1. There are some Emojis and GIFs are with keyboards.
  2. More than 1600 Emoticon and Emojis are available to add to your text.
  3. You can apply more than 30 font styles.
  4. This Keyboard corrects and suggests if any wrongly spelled words are entered.
  5. Fancy Keyboard allows you to customize wallpapers and themes.
  6. This app is available in more than 30 plus languages.
  7. Compatible with all the installed apps on your device.
  8. More than 50 sounds of typing with this app.
  9. Customize color, shape, and Font size of keyboard easily.
  10. The number of layouts and backgrounds along with this app.


The Android version of this keyboard si easily available on any android app store and the iOS version is from third-party app stores, You have to trust this app to install on your iOS device. You feel very comfortable with these customized Keyboard features and tools. You can customize the font styles, colors, and sounds of the keyboards keys, and many more.

There are several walls [apers on your device and with this app, you can easily customize any wallpaper to set as your favorite and use this on our mobile. When you are typing a text with the keyboard it corrects spellings automatically.

#9. Walli Wallpaper

Walli Wallpaper is the best collection wallpapers app. everyone first sees their phone with wallpaper only. so you have to choose the best wallpaper to set as wallpaper of your phone. This leads you to change your mood. Walli is the best app for all types of wallpapers and there is a huge collection of wallpapers available to download and use as wallpaper of your phone.

Walli chooses so many creative and cool wallpapers and this app also collects from the creative artists with experience. These artists grouped and becomes a community of Artists. These artists create unique wallpapers that are set as collections and stored in the database of this app. In this app, there are three sections of wallpapers like Featured wallpapers, Popular wallpapers, and Modern wallpapers.

Preview of Walli Wallpaper


  1. Unique wallpapers created by Artists are available with this app.
  2. This is a free app.
  3. High quality and 4K resolutions of wallpapers can download with this app.
  4. A huge number of wallpapers collection is available with this app.
  5. The number of modern wallpapers to give beautiful look for your mobile.
  6. Creative artists and their artworks are shown on this app.
  7. This is the app you can customize the size of wallpaper.
  8. Encouragement to artists by paying for their artwork.
  9. Hd quality wallpapers are also downloaded with this app.
  10. Great app with cool and unique wallpapers to download and use.


This community of artists also gets money by downloading their wallpapers and developers share the profits with these artists and encourage them. There are some types of wallpapers are available with this app. You can download high-quality and 4K resolution wallpapers and use them on your mobile phone. You can decorate your mobile with decent wallpaper and get applause from others.

#10. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a Gaming app for both android and iOS devices. This is the app for the Holloween games and this app was developed by the Telltale community. This is the video game available in five parts first part is free for all but from 2 to 5 parts you have to buy to play. This is a video gaming app with more features and tools. These features help you play this game more interestingly and easily. This is mobile gaming app so you can play it anywhere.

In this gaming app, there are 5 parts of episodes along with these 400 days chances to play this game by taking the seasonal pass to purchase from 2 to 5 episodes. This fives series game is named Robert Kirkman’s series and you can play like a criminal named Lee Everett. This criminal has the second chance of life to live without dead and the poor orphan girl is defending this criminal and there is no power and strength for that girl to save herself. the orphan girl’s name is Clementine. Kirkman’s is saving her in this game with more effort and so many weapons.

Preview of The Walking Dead

Pros & Cons:

  • This is a gaming app with more exitement features.
  • Locations are excellent to see.
  • Animation of the video game is a highlight for this game.
  • The first episode is free to play for all.
  • Without a Season pass, you cannot play additional 400 days.
  • Not for kids.



In this app, there are so many tools that provide you to play with more fun and continue to play all % episodes and 400 days pack also. You can play and you are the decision-maker on this game and this is very interesting sometimes you are very excited to play this game. The locations and persons and their dress are specially designed and you can get weapons to defend criminals.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • Question 1) What are the best Halloween apps?

Answer: Following this article, we briefly explained some of the best Halloween apps. Please go through this article.

For Example,

The Walking Dead: This app has proposed based on Robert  Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series. This is a true horror film of Zombie Apocalypse. It is like meeting people, living out events, and visiting locations from the walking dead lore. A very interesting and best app for what you are expecting.

  • Question 2) Halloween apps are free?

Answer: Yes, you get to know that some of the Halloween apps are free. Some of the apps will give a free trial for 7days and then you should subscribe. And some of the apps can be used only after subscription.

  • Question 3) Can we use Halloween apps on iPhones?

Answer: Of course, iPhone also supports these Halloween apps and gives great output for playing games.


Halloween apps are the most interesting and best games to play. Both android and iPhone support these apps. You should subscribe to some of the apps and some of them are free. Storage of the apps will be based on the particular app. Go through this article to get better knowledge.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this helps you to know the information about Halloween apps. Visit our site if you need further information. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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