Top 10 Best Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows

If you are searching for the best Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows, then try these Top Duplicate Finder Alternatives on Windows.

Nobody benefits from unwanted filler and clutter, particularly Windows. This article offers the tools you need to discover duplicate files and prevent system overload if you’re seeking the finest alternatives to Easy Duplicate Finder. These applications have a good amount of capabilities.

The system is being overworked by the truckloads of copies that are inside it. Easy Duplicate Finder, a fantastic application for locating duplicate files, documents, and photos, helps you avoid this problem.

  • Utilizes a user-friendly design and flexible search.
  • Provides comparisons by document, music, image, and other categories as well as the ability to search across numerous content types.
  • Allows for emergency file recovery.
  • iPhoto, iTunes, and Windows Media Library are all connected.

Although Easy Duplicate Finder has a free trial edition, the full functionality requires a premium version. However, there are a number of additional apps that accomplish the same task and serve as Easy Duplicate Finder alternatives.

Due to this, we have compiled the top 10 Easy Duplicate Finder options for Windows that won’t cost you a dime and will help your system get clean.

#1. Quick Photo Finder

Quick Photo finest is the duplicate photo finding app for Windows Operating system devices. This app not only detects duplicate images on your PC or Laptop it also cleans up the storage space by removing these duplicate photos from your device.

This app is by the Quick Photo finder community. This is the best app among all the duplicate photo-finding apps. This is a free app for basic users and you can buy the app for your Windows PC.

After installation of this app on your PC the algorithm of the app scan all storage devices and like searching around corners, if any similar or duplicate file is detected by this app, inform you of the duplicate file. Then you can sweep it away from your device easily.

  1. Find the duplicate images and remove them from this PC.
  2. The best algorithm for scanning images to find duplicates.
  3. Compatible for Windows OS devices only.
  4. Clean up the storage space occupied by copies of images.
  5. Finds duplicates from USB disk and pen drive like external devices.
  6. This is the app that clears the unwanted duplicate files.
  7. Improve the performance of computers by cleaning the storage space.
  8. A simple user interface to easily understand.
  9. Clean and simple user interface.

So Quick Photo Finder got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


With the removal of duplicate photos, some of the storage space is freed up, and organize the photos into the gallery by searching for any duplicate or copy of the image.

This is the app that not only finds duplicate or similar photos inside the PC, it also finds the duplicates from external devices like USB drives, Pen drives.

If any copied or duplicate photos missing from this scanning, you have to find the duplicates by matching them. with this app, you can select all photos by marking them all at a time.


#2. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles is the best app for Windows OS for searching the drives and folders more effectively than the search engine of Windows OS.

This app was released by Nirsoft. Windows searching is not effective searching that cannot search thoroughly and does not search hidden files and does not find duplicate files.

So a third-party app is necessary to search with all searching features and tools.SearchMyFiles do all these things on your Windows device. The main feature of this app is to find out duplicate files on your PC.

Pros & Cons:
  • Searching files by deep scanning.
  • Finds the duplicate files easily and fastly.
  • Searching hidden files and corner stayed files also.
  • Clean up memory by deleting duplicate files.
  • Takes so much time to search.
  • Need some computer knowledge to use.

So SearchMyFiles got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


SearchMyFiles is a free app to download and install. This is an app with a clean and simple user interface with an intuitive display on the Homescreen.

There are so many hidden files and other files not searched by the windows search, but with this app, you can trace all the files and display the files with names.

Normally we are searching by name of the file, date of creation, type of the file, and so on. But with this app, you can search by the size of the file, the format of the file, timestamp, purpose of the file, and more. So this app searches beyond the searching limits of windows searching.


#3. AllDup

AllDup is the best app for finding duplicate files and deleting the duplicate file from the hard disk. This app was developed by Michale Thummerer.

With this app, you can find duplicates of music files, documents, videos, downloads, and more. AllDup app is using powerful programs to identify duplicate files and folders across the storage devices. This app also searches any files easily and fastly.

This is the app with intuitive tracing techniques to find more and more on a search operation.

Pros & Cons:
  • Search files easily and fastly.
  • Removing duplicate files instantly.
  • The window of the deleted files details to check up.
  • Simple and quick UI.
  • Not easy to understand new users.
  • Very complex app.

So AllDup got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


These duplicate files occupy more memory and this will impact the system’s running speed. So you can use this app to detect duplicate or unwanted files easily and remove them from your device instantly.

With the removal of duplicate files, some of the storage space is freed up, and organize the files orderly by using this app file management feature.


#4. CloneSpy

CloneSpy is the best app that finds all duplicate files on your Windows PC very easily and removes the duplicate and unwanted junk files easily from your PC’s hard disk.

This is the app CloneSpy was developed and released by ClonSpy, Inc. There is a simple algorithm to scan all the drives and find out the files under a similar name or content.

This app removed the files which are having the same name, files with the same content, or duplicates with the same file name.

This app recorded all the data of duplicate files and the removal history of files opened on a new window to check. The CloneSpy app also allows you to copy, move, and rename the files easily.

This app does not miss any files and if any files missing you have to select the removal file by matching the files which are having the same filename or content.

Pros & Cons:
  • Duplicate files are detected easily with deep scanning.
  • Best searching tool, search any file in seconds.
  • All the details of deleted duplicate files are in separate windows.
  • Simple and easy UI.
  • Sometimes some of the files missing from scanning.
  • Original files were removed by scanning failure.

So CloneSpy got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


CloneSpy clears the duplicate files from the memory of the computer. By removing these unwanted and duplicate files and folders performance of the computer increases and access the tasks fastly. This app is having a clean and simple UI that is very easily understandable to new users.

Clone spy also searches powerfully any file in seconds with these searching tools. You can search by name, date of creation, format, content, and more.

This app process the files and you can have control over which file is to be removed. So many special tools that can be used to detect copied files on USB drives, or pen drives also.


#5. AntiDupl

AntiDupl is the app for Windows operating system Computers to detect similar images and files which occupy more space on the hard disk.

These duplicate files or photos are laying inside the storage devices without knowing you. The speed of the computer is reduced by these unwanted files on the hard disk.

This is very important to find out the copied files or saved files again and again by mistake. AntiDupl is the best app that processes all the files of the same name, Content, and files with zero storage space.

Pros & Cons:
  • Simile and duplicate images remove instantly.
  • Clean and simple UI.
  • Fast searching of images of all formats.
  • Supports all image formats.
  • Some of the duplicates remain in the gallery.
  • Slow searching sometimes.

So AntiDupl got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


This is the best app that easily removes identical images and groups of images. This is very difficult to search image by image manually, but this app provides you to mark all images and match them with the images located anywhere on your PC and remove them immediately from your PC.

This app displays the preview of the images to decide which are to be removed. Identical images of different formats are also detected and removed from the device. All the details of images that are deleted are stored in a separate location to see later.


#6. GlaryUtilities

GlaryUtilities is the Windows operating Compurer’s application that is used to find duplicate files and the clearing the clutters and speed of the computer performance and internet also.

This app was developed by Glary Soft Ltd. This app is having more efficient tools to detect and remove unwanted or duplicate files stored on your device’s memory.

With this app, you know the tasks which are running in the background and tasks which are of no use and also kill them to save from unwanted battery consumption.

This is the best app that removes the juk file effectively. Provides you more security with this app and you can arrange the folders and apps in a particular order by its management tools.

Pros & Cons:
  • Clears space of cutters fastly.
  • The number of tools and features.
  • Kills the files running background.
  • Easy and simple UI.
  • To get full functions license required.
  • Complex without using slim files.

So GlaryUtilities got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


This is the most popular app with more than a million users and is available in 23 languages around the world.

This is a free app t download and it randomly searches all files to find out duplicate or junk files and displays the list of duplicated files or files saved under the same file name.

There is a special feature that this app can search any file or folder beyond the limitation of searching Windows. With this app, you can search from external devices also luke USB and Pendrive.


#7. Duplicate Cleaner

This is the app for searching and removing duplicate files fastly and easily. This is a free app to download on your Windows computer. Duplicate Cleaner is compatible with all advanced Windows version used devices.

This app was developed and released by Digital Vacano software. Find the duplicate file or files with the same file name or same content so important to remove them and free up space to increase the processing speed of the computer.

Search all files and folders of the hard disk if any duplicate files this app gives you the list of duplicate files and you can remove them instantly.

With this app, you can find all types of duplicate files like audio files, video files and documents, and more. Zero-sized memory files were also detected and removed with this app.

Pros & Cons:
  • Simple and attractive User interface.
  • Wide range of features and tools.
  • The window of preview is available.
  • Fast and easy searching.
  • Deleted files were moved to the dustbin.
  • Searching for files takes more time in the case of large files.
  • Complex to use some tools.

So Duplicate Cleaner got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


This app also uninstalls unwanted apps which are not in use and which are impacting system performance. This app is great that these deleted files are moved to Dustbin.

There are several tools and features of this app that easily remove clutter spaces, the clean and easily understandable interface can also be used by new users. This is the safest app among all the duplicate finders and provides you with more security and privacy.

Clearing the browsing history and call logs is the main feature of this app to provide more privacy. The history of removed duplicate files is saved for future checking.

You can search any file or app with this app. Duplicate Cleaners allows you to rename, copy and move the files also.


#8. CCleaner

CCleaner is the utility software app for cleaning up data by removing duplicate files. This app runs on all computers and laptops of advanced Windows versions.

By removing unwanted and duplicated files your computer performance increases and speed up internet activities also.

With this app, you can easily trace the files which are copies of existing files and file with no content. This is a free app to download and use.CCleaner app was developed by Piriform Tools.

This is very to use this app and this friendly interface is also easily understood by new users. With this app, some of the tools are hiding your browsing history and call logs to provide more security.

With this app’s “Duplicate Finder” tools there are so many options you have to choose like matching files by name, size, date, and content. And also choose the category of files unused or zero-sized files.

Pros & Cons:
  • Easily trace the files which are copies of existing files and files with no content.
  • This app serves worldwide in 53 languages.
  • Can search from external devices also luke USB and Pendrive.
  • Kills unused and background tasks.
  • Page of downloading is more confusable to understand.
  • Extra installation needs for this app.

So CCleaner got the place in my list of Free Easy Duplicate Finder Alternatives For Windows


This app serves worldwide in 53 languages and with a huge number of users around the world. By removing these unwanted files your system will run smoothly and fastly. This is the app that also monitors the system performance by checking CPU usage.

By removing the browsing history and call logs this app gives you more privacy. With this app’s app manager feature, you can have the ability to uninstall duplicate apps or unwanted apps. It displays the list of tasks with battery consumption and kills the unused tasks and saves battery life easily.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question 1) Is there a duplicate file finder integrated into Windows 10?

Answer#1: There is no duplicate finder for Windows 10.

  • Question 2) Is the file finder Auslogics good to use?

Answer#2: The best alternative is the Auslogics, this is the best one to use, and the files that are duplicated within the check of the external drivers. The performance of the system can be boosted.

  • Question 3) Which duplicate file-finding app for Android is the best?

Answer#3: The answer is that Android has a wide variety of duplicate file checks. Depending on your needs, you can use any of them, but pick a file finder that also functions as a file manager.

Final Conclusion

That is the list of the top Easy Duplicate Finder options to lighten the load on your Windows. Easy Duplicate Finder is a great tool for finding duplicate files, comparing them, and removing them as quickly as possible because it comes with powerful criteria.

Numerous file types are supported, and it doesn’t require any special instructions to operate. For reliable findings, you may rely on its many scan modes. I hope this article is helpful for you. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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