Top & Best Free DVD Ripper Software for Windows 10

If you want to download the best free DVD Ripper Software For Windows 10, then read more to know Top DVD Ripper Software on Windows 10.

In search of a reliable DVD ripper for your Windows 10 computer? Ripping is the process of removing selected or all of a digital piece of content from a container.

With the use of DVD rippers, the extracted content can be effortlessly stored in the system as a file. A rip is a term used to describe the extracted content in the target format.

A DVD ripper is a software application that often converts a DVD or Blu-ray movie into an ISO format file. This might help you stock up on your preferred TV shows, films, or web series. You may also convert it into a file format that your smart device will recognize.

Due to their capacity to save essential file backups, these programs are still in demand. Although it may seem like a tedious and difficult operation, ripping a DVD can actually be a piece of cake if you have the right software on hand. Even better, some of these products double as the top DVD burner programs.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 11 DVD rippers in this post for you to purchase and use in accordance with your demands.

Download DVD Ripper Software on Windows 10

#1. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

With its wide range of ripping features, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is arguably the most popular DVD ripping program on the market right now. Additionally, it aids in excluding titles, has subtitles, and allows a number of other adjustments.

It can provide results at a rate that is at least 47 times faster than the typical ripping tool when using GPU acceleration. Our studies revealed that the instrument produces findings in less than five minutes. DVDs, DVD folders, ISO files, and pictures can all be used as input files with this top DVD copy program.

This DVD ripper application has a 30-day money-back guarantee and can digitize and backup DVDs into more than 350 output file formats for Apple, Microsoft, Android, Sony, and a number of other platforms, including Chromecast, Blackberry, Samsung, and LG TV.

Pros & Cons

  • Many export formats
  • Provides assistance with 99-title DVDs
  • Adjustable video quality
  • There are editable profiles and tools available.
  • Only backups of 2FA Folders
  • No Linux backup client
  • No automated cancelling on the internet

So WinX DVD Ripper Platinum got a place in my list of Top & Best DVD Ripper Software For Windows 10.


WinX is the tool for you if you’re looking for an astonishingly quick ripping speed. It works particularly well if you wish to rip a huge library of movies and videos at a quick rate. Additionally, understanding its functionality is quite simple.

To complete the process, load the disc, choose your output, and click the blue button. There is no need for you to fiddle with the settings; they are all set up to provide an exceptional DVD ripping experience.


#2. MakeMKV

Free Blu-ray ripper MakeMKV is still in public beta testing. That does not imply that it is ineffective. On the contrary, it is a fantastic tool for beginners to use. It lacks options that many novice users find difficult to fiddle with and enables you to quickly rip through several discs.

The greatest free DVD ripper for Mac, Linux, and Windows PCs is MakeMKV. Blu-ray and DVD discs can be read by it. All audio and video tracks can be preserved with the help of this tool.

It can quickly convert files and keeps chapter-specific data. No additional software is required to decrypt data or conduct conversions. The ability to play DVDs is a free feature.

What’s even more intriguing is that the BETA version’s whole feature set, including Blu-ray decryption and processing, is completely free. The utility can handle videos in h264-compatible formats and gets its name from the Matroska Multimedia Container.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Free in every way (for now)
  • Rips DVDs using encryption
  • Hardware acceleration is absent.

So MakeMKV got a place in my list of Top & Best DVD Ripper Software For Windows 10.


For novices who find messing with tool settings challenging, MakeMKV is a fantastic tool. To compress files and free up space on your hard disc, we advise using it in conjunction with Handbrake.

Other than this, there isn’t much that can be used right now. The files in this program have the “mkv” extension and can be played on any device that can play an MP4 file.


#3. DVDFab

It’s a little confusing in the case of DVDFab. There is a fee associated with DVDFab’s whole package. But its DVD and Blu-ray rip capability is cost-free. The DVD and Blu-ray rip feature of the utility is available for free use even after the trial time has expired, even though it is downloaded in a trial edition.

Therefore, choosing the reasonably priced commercial edition is the best course of action since it enables you to convert and rip data in a variety of formats. To assure conversion in any desired format, the software is also regularly updated with new presets.

There is a commercial edition of this top-notch free DVD converter software that gives even more top-notch capabilities. It works on Mac and Windows platforms running versions 10, 8.1, and 8.7. This application supports a number of different input and output types.

The DVDFab Enlarger AI is another noteworthy product from this software developer. Although this is a different program, it can upscale the output video quality from 480p to 1080p resolution when used in conjunction with the DVDFab ripper software.

Pros & Cons

  • Exceptional value
  • DRM/Cinavia removal
  • Scale-up of AI
  • Hardware-accelerated batch processing
  • The learning curve

So DVD Fab got a place in my list of Top & Best DVD Ripper Software For Windows 10.


At a reasonable cost, DVDFab DVD Ripper gives you everything you need for effective DVD ripping. Anyone interested in giving it a try can do so with the free trial version’s constrained set of features.

Although not very noteworthy, DVDFab’s free features are good. You can only rip CDs in whole disc or main movie mode.


#4. DVD Decrypter

You can make backup disc images of your DVD-Video structure type using the user-friendly software DVD Decrypter. It is incredibly efficient in creating copies of DVDs that are secured by the CSS, or Content Scrambling System.

This free DVD ripper for Windows 10 allows you to convert a DVD into a single ISO file, a VOB file, or a collection of IFO files contained in a folder.

The user interface of the website is straightforward and has numerous customization possibilities. This free DVD decryption program also makes it easy to split a ripped ISO file into one of the 17 sizes that are offered, change the read speed, and link the program with other file types.

Some DVDs feature region-specific encryptions that restrict them from being used outside of the designated region. The DVD decrypter, on the other hand, replicates files in a way that liberates a disc from region restrictions.

Pros & Cons

  • Use is free.
  • Remove UOP, Macrovision, CSS, and region codes from the disc.
  • Unable to keep up with copyright protection technology’s advancements.
  • Only DVD copies are accepted. There is no DVD to digital converter available.
  • macOS is left out.

So DVD Decrypter got a place in my list of Top & Best DVD Ripper Software For Windows 10.


It can be difficult to suggest DVD Decrypter as a tool. It is for individuals who require a tool to enable them to play a DVD that is subject to legislative constraints like CSS, UOP, etc. This is a tool that should only be used for personal use.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, it can also remove area codes, user operation restrictions, and Macrovision Content Protection from duplicate copies.


#5. HandBrake

As an open-source program, this is one of the best free DVD ripper tools available. This program, which is often referred to as a video transcoder, provides a variety of settings for extracting video files from DVDs and ripping DVDs.

This tool can do a number of encoding processes for ISO images or disc folders simultaneously, so if you’re searching for one that can perform numerous conversions, you might want to give it a try.

We want to make it clear right away that individuals looking for a free, all-inclusive tool should not use the Handbrake DVD ripper. It is slower and more difficult to use than many other programs on this list, but it more than makes up for these drawbacks with special features.

For more advanced users, Handbrake offers features including deinterlacing, sharpening, adding and removing subtitles, mixing audio tracks, manipulating frame rates, rotating, and adding chapter markers to video files.

Pros & Cons

  • Internal presets.
  • Numerous input and output formats are supported.
  • Before ripping, customize the video.
  • You can change the subtitles.
  • Audio down-mixing
  • Insert chapter markers.
  • Batch checking
  • You cannot combine different video clips into one video.
  • Make cocktails
  • Make DVD, Blu-ray, or AVCHD CDs.


Handbrake is a highly effective DVD ripping program that is jam-packed with a long list of helpful and practical features. We can only advise sophisticated users to utilize this tool due to its complexity.

This tool’s ability to circumvent copyright protection is one of its limitations, though. Windows, Linux, and Mac device platforms are all supported by this top open-source DVD ripper program.


#6. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Wonderfox and WinX DVD Ripper are very similar when it comes to DVD ripping. Additionally, it guarantees to extract video and audio files in under five minutes and into any required format. We can vouch for the veracity of this based on the results of our tests.

For a DVD backup that takes just three easy steps, use this DVD ripper program for Windows 10. The precise balance it maintains between compression ratio, file size, and output quality is what distinguishes this program from others.

The application has a comprehensive user interface and is quite easy to use for both novice and experienced users. By loading your disc, choosing the output, and pushing the big start button, you can rapidly get your disc ripped.

With the help of Wonderfox, users can get rid of region codes, support practically all DVD encryptions, get around CSS and RCE, and do so much more.

Pros & Cons

  • Ripping speed that is incredibly quick.
  • HD-quality video output.
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of DVDs with no problem.
  • Accept a range of devices and formats.
  • The only interface is in English.
  • Just for Windows OS.


Wonderfox can compete head-to-head with some of the top DVD ripping programs available since it offers nimble ripping without sacrificing DVD ripping quality.

It is also quite easy to use and can rip a 150-minute video in just 20 minutes. In order to help with the flawless structure of your file, it is also intelligent enough to read and capture a video meta-title.


#7. VLC Player

VLC Media Player may be used as a DVD or Blu-ray ripper program, making it much more than just a media player app. If you select the “Convert/Save” option under the Media menu, the software can rip a DVD.

Unquestionably, the most well-known of these DVD players for Windows 10 is VLC Media Player. Since 2000, it has supported the playback of DVDs. It works with all versions of Windows, including versions 10 and 11. With support for DVDs, VLC Win32 has been made available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11.

The main factor is your DVD drive. No matter the region code, VLC ought to function if your DVD drive is an RPC1 drive. It’s difficult to say, though, if your DVD drive is an RPC2 drive.

RPC2 drives are now found in many modern DVD drives. Some of these drives require the drive firmware to perform a region check before allowing raw access to the drive.

Pros & Cons

  • Free and tidy
  • Supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Plays DVD discs and sources, Blu-ray, among many other formats.
  • Rich options and features.
  • The interface appears to be a little old.


The most flexible free media player available is without a doubt the VLC media player. It has an astonishing array of helpful and enjoyable supplementary features in addition to supporting practically any file type.

Additionally, you can select the DVD or Blu-ray that you want to back up by going to the Disc tab. If you choose to omit the menus, you may alternatively select the “No Disc menu” option.


#8. Aimersoft DVD Ripper

It converts more than 200 formats at a pace that is six times faster than average, making it one of the greatest DVD rippers. These DVD films produce the best and most dependable output quality.

The following video formats, including HD & 3D ones, can be created from DVDs using Aimersoft: MPEG, MP4, H.264, WMV, MOV, AVI, MKV, and M4V. It works with Android mobile operating systems on iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Nokia, and other devices.

FLV, SWF, F4V, and other video formats can be converted to from the DVD. You may extract audio tracks from DVDs into a variety of formats, including M4A, MP3, AC3, and WMA.

This app’s good feature is that it enables you to make some editing decisions before the DVD is ripped. You can choose the chapters, subtitles, extras, audio track, and even the border around a movie that you want to add. This helps you to drastically reduce the file’s size so that it can fit on a mobile device.

Pros & Cons

  • A large range of formats are supported
  • Allows for minimal DVD editing
  • Easy to use
  • Coding may take a while.


You can rip video files and alter them for viewing on any device with the aid of the user-friendly tool Aimersoft DVD Ripper. One of the skilled programs for extracting content from DVDs is Aimersoft DVD Ripper.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper is easy to use, supports a tonne of formats, and gives you a lot of control over your conversions despite the fact that it may be a little slow in encoding.


#9. Magic DVD Ripper

A decent DVD ripper for Windows 10 is The Magic DVD Ripper, which can quickly and efficiently burn DVDs to blank DVDs or CDs using software formats. The formats AVI, SVCD, WMV, MP3, VCD, and others can all be used to convert a DVD.

Movies can be copied from a DVD to a hard drive without suffering any significant quality loss thanks to a number of capabilities that support Magic DVD players.

For example, restrictions imposed by a certain region, RCE, PuppetLock, etc. can be simply modified. You can fit a compressed DVD on a 4.7 GB disc.

The application supports a variety of disc types as well as DVD images and folders as the source format. Thankfully, it offers three distinct methods for duplicating double-layer discs to 4.7Mb DVDs. You can divide the content into two separate DVDs if you want to preserve the original image quality.

Eliminating unused audio tracks, subtitles, titles, menus, and trailers is another way to conserve space. In this regard, you can choose what to preserve after the tool analyses the DVD structure.

Pros & Cons

  • Constructs both compressed and uncompressed copies
  • The ISO file for a DVD can’t be saved.
  • Significant quality loss when compression


With its straightforward user interface, Magic DVD ripper provides a sizable number of capabilities that enable the average user to convert DVD video files without experiencing any technical difficulties.

On the other hand, the program can automatically lower quality if you prefer to maintain the film’s original structure in order to fit it onto a single disc.


#10. DVD Shrink

Over the course of its 14-year career in the business, DVD Shrink has attracted a great deal of attention, devoted users, and goodwill. Its popularity is undeniable given the qualities it provides, so there is no reason to question it.

An intuitive UI is present in the tool. The requirement to utilize a DVD burning program in addition to this software in order to make a backup copy of the DVD is one of its limitations.

To rip DVDs and create backup copies of their files, it provides users with a simple interface. It is only compatible with the Windows operating system and performs well there, providing prompt and efficient results.

Pros & Cons

  • DVD Shrink is a completely free programme.
  • It runs quickly as well. Within a few minutes, you can rip hours’ worth of movies to your computer.
  • Impressive is its ability to convert an 8GB DVD into a 4.7GB DVD.
  • Everyone may simply understand how to use DVD Shrink because of its simple interface.
  • When using DVD Shrink to directly burn backup DVD copies, Nero must be selected as the default burning program.
  • It has the capacity to defeat well-known DVD copy safeguards.


One of the top interfaces for a free DVD ripper program, in the opinion of users, is DVD shrink. It accomplishes the task that you ask it to accomplish while giving you a result that is of uncompromised quality.

It encrypts your DVD in two passes using the deep analysis option. By doing this, the user is able to complete the file in the desired size and elevate its general quality.


#11. Freemake Video Converter

It is much simpler to rip DVD files and save them to computer files when using Freemake DVD ripper. The Freemake video converter enables you to easily digitize content so that it may be used on various devices by ripping DVDs into more than 20 different format outputs.

DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/W, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, and Blu-ray are just a few of the non-corruptible disc media types that Freemake can rip from. Whether it is home video footage or a commercial movie disc, it works amazingly well with all media formats, regardless of the content format.

Enabling you to do a lot of things, such as add or remove subtitles, change the soundtrack, reduce the size of the video file, and eliminate any unwanted video content.

Pros & Cons

  • Supports a variety of input formats
  • Directly writes files to a disc.
  • Videos are combined.
  • Internet videos are downloaded and converted.
  • Brings in subtitles.
  • Ready to use with a variety of mobile devices.
  • Conversion takes time.
  • Not frequently updated.
  • Desperately tries to get you to pay.
  • Can only be used for one conversion before an update is required.


The Freemake DVD ripping tool is great, especially for people who want to make minor tweaks to their videos before ripping the file completely.

Freemake is a tool that’s worthwhile looking into because it can rip Blu-rays and DVDs for you for no additional cost. Its ability to let you edit your video before extracting it might be its most intriguing feature.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1) What DVD ripper for Windows 10 is the best?

Answer #1) Each of the aforementioned tools is distinct in its own right and has a lot to offer. We advise choosing WinX DVD Ripper Platinum if you’re seeking a feature-rich and cleverly built DVD ripping program.

It provides a quick and easy solution to get rid of DVDs and is supported by a number of cutting-edge features.

One of the key advantages of this GPU-accelerated DVDrip program for Windows 10 PC is customization. Other notable capabilities include video editing, frame rate control, video resolution adjustments, and customization.

  • Question 2) Is it safe to use a free DVD ripper program?

Answer #2) Yes, a free DVD decryption program is generally safe to use. But before making your final decision, we advise you to exercise a little caution because some of the utilities attempt to install undesirable apps on your device and, in some cases, might infect your PC with malware and obtrusive advertisements.

  • Question 3) Which Windows laptop and computer’s open source DVD ripper is the best?

Answer #3) Try Handbrake if you’re looking for a dedicated open-source DVD ripping application. It is a fantastic way to back up, digitize, and keep your movie library.

This multi-platform, free DVD ripper utility allows you to adjust picture quality, compress video files, and rip as many and as many different lengths of DVDs as you choose.

Final Conclusion

Since most DVDs are encrypted, it is crucial to use a DVD ripper application that has decryption capabilities. The copyright regulations of the region in which you are located must be taken into consideration while ripping DVDs, particularly if the content being copied is not in the public domain.

Otherwise, making illegal copies could be considered a copyright violation. A capable DVD ripper for Windows 10 is strongly advised if you enjoy making copies of and keeping collections of your favorite TV shows and film series.

You might pick the best app from the list in this article to complete the task for you quickly. I hope this article is helpful for you. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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