Top 10 Best Email Apps For Android to Use in 2022

If you are searching for the Best Email Apps For Android to send Mails, then try these Top and Best Emails Apps For Android.

Email is one which is regularly basically and widely used way of online communication. It’s a service that many of us utilize on a daily basis. They are accompanied by a plethora of email providers and email apps. Some people may only have one email account, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.

Their respective apps will provide you with the greatest possible experience. On the other hand, some of the individuals have different email programs and also need something to put them together. Here are the finest Android email apps if you’re seeking something new!

We use email to manage a variety of tasks, including business initiatives, personal finances, and family relationships. We want to be able to rapidly browse emails from our smartphones today more than ever.

However, many individuals simply accept the default settings for checking emails that their phones provide. While they can handle the basics, there are a number of Android alternatives that can save you time and effort.

Top Email Apps For Android to Use

#1. Gmail

As you know Gmail is the portion of google workspace inviting users to create, connect, and collaborate with teammates easily. Allows you to connect with the group of members, make chatting, send, and invite in as calendar, Assign tasks, and you can do more with Gmail account.

You can add unlimited friends to your account and make conversations via video chatting or voice chatting or text chatting. If it all you are not referring with Gmail and you will get notifications when messages are ready to arrive at your inbox.


  1. Block spam, malware, phishing, and harm links automatically from ever reaching your Gmail inbox.
  2. Allows you to chat with your google friends or others that you are not connected to for free.
  3. A dedicated place is available for organizing projects, topics, and people as well.
  4. Using google meet you can make video calls to your friends and provide high-quality video resolution.
  5. With smart reply features, you can respond to your emails easily.
  6. Allows you to create multiple accounts with different names on a single device.
  7. Compatible with all the devices like Android, desktop, laptop, iOS, and Mac respectively.
  8. Get notifications for each email that reaches the inbox as well.
  9. The search option allows you to search your emails with the name or date quickly.
  10. Delete the unwanted messages from the inbox.
  11. You can get google calendar, tasks, and contacts right from the Google app.


You can retrieve photos or images from google photos on your Gmail precisely. You can store lots of pictures, messages, documents, and other pdf files for up to 12 GB of data and you will get all these features for free of cost.

It is providing a secure lock to your Gmail account through your phone and no one is able to immerse into your account or access your Gmail account.

#2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a secured, well-designed, free universal email application for android devices. Allows users to manage multiple accounts at a time on their devices with the help of smart featured tools emerging in it. It makes your conversations very easy during chatting with your contact email accounts or other accounts as well.

Using a well-designed user interface you can block directly emails, domains, and links from others easily. Using this email application you could not lose your remainders even you finished your job.


  1. Avatar will show you the conversations or emails between you and other participants.
  2. Allows you to collaborate with a group of members through group chats or emails.
  3. Supports sharing emails privately or publicly via social media networks and receiving emails from others as well.
  4. Send and receive emails through Blue Mails is very easy with its well-defined user interface.
  5. Remove similar emails received from various clusters from your email inbox respectively.
  6. With the help of spam management, you can block unauthorized mails, domains, and block senders directly.
  7. Switch from light mode to dark mode and vice versa to protect your eyes.
  8. Offering various font styles and allows you to add a logo as well.
  9. It supports working on desktop, android watches, and other smart devices.
  10. Transform your emails from existing to new devices easily.


It keeps your emails securely and safely, you will get email notifications or messages without the help of a proxy server as well. Blue Mail uses the industry protocol for your emails to protect and keep safe for your personal information during email transactions over various devices.

It is compatible with android mobiles as well as android smartwatches through the watch you can send and receive emails and get notifications as well. Within Blue Mail, you will get a calendar and assign tasks on particular dates.

#3. Cleanfox

CleanFox is a unique application that is used to bookmark unneeded newsletters conveniently and quickly as well. It prevents checking all your emails one by one and deletes newsletters and spam with a single tap and saves the users lots of time and trouble.

A question may arise in your mind what does CleanFox works perfectly the result is CleanFox connects first to your accounts and then choose the newsletters that you want to delete from your Mailbox then it starts cleaning your’s mailbox instantly as well.

Pros & Cons

  • It keeps users’ privacy in mind and designed its products according to users’ privacy.
  • Cleanfox protects users’ data from others worldwide and millions of users are using it.
  • Through CleanFox added values are provided to its users to save money and time.
  • It does not sell data for identification purposes and advertising as well.
  • Allows you to log in to your CleanFox account after collecting your data while creating an account.
  • Using CleanFox companies or organizations run their business all over the world for free of cost.
  • CleanFox is the best third-party vendor that can be identified by many organizations and companies.
  • Statistics are assembled from emails as well as newsletters.
  • Tends to be a defect with yahoo.
  • Your desired emails could be junk accidentally.


Through CleanFox it is providing added values to its end users and using consumer data to save money and time by helping them as well. It helps find the best third-party vendors over particular marketplaces and also provides teaching data for educational purposes.

By contacting the CleanFox team you can use their data to run organizations, businesses, and universities. Their data is used to complete the statistics used by organizations that let to know more about their business and competitors usually.

#4. K-9 Mail

K-9 is an open-source email client and is likely to be the most famous email application for android devices for free of cost. You can get this email client application from the google play store simply and is a lightweight application and consumes less storage space on your android devices.

It is compatible with android 7 or later versions and does not depend upon the RAM size that you using. Make sure that K-9 mail does not compatible with free Hotmail accounts as well as many mail clients either. When you talk to Microsoft exchange you will get some quirks as well.


  1. It has well designed unified interface.
  2. Allows you to create multiple accounts on the same device and use them on any other device.
  3. It lets you switch from light mode to dark mode and vice versa to protect your eyes from the brightness.
  4. Send whatever documents, images, files, and short video clips to your friends with the help of the attachment feature.
  5. Allows you to add your signature for each mail you send to others to identify easily.
  6. Introducing lots of emojis to attach during message chatting to express your views instead of typing more words.
  7. It supports keyboard shortcuts to access K-9 mail and saves your valuable time as well.
  8. With the support of PGP and GPG, it provides an encryption program to protect your data from unauthorized persons.


You can save received mails or documents or files or images or videos to your Android SD card. Attach more things that you want to share with your friends and it takes any amount of size and delivers it to your desired account easily and fastly. Use more emojis while you are chatting with others instead of typing more words and save more time as well.

#5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a swiss based secured email application and assembles the state of the art features using end-to-end encryption and ease to use. Millions of users are using this worldwide and this ProtonMail application decency users privacy and is well secured from Phishing attacks and other cyber attacks.

If you want to get more features then you need to upgrade to the premium version otherwise you are not able to get advanced features. Your data could be encrypted by the ProtonMail and this process is not visible to the user at all.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to create an encrypted email address using the ProtonMail domain.
  • Send and receive emails that are encrypted with PGP and GPG and with ease attachments as well.
  • Create more mail accounts on the same device with different names and use them for various participants.
  • It keeps the user’s inbox fashionable and clean with labels and folders.
  • Allows you to organize your emails with the help of customizable swipe gestures as well.
  • Get notifications from new emails and alert you to manage mails.
  • Allows you to send emails with encrypted passwords to other persons that do not have an account in ProtonMail.
  • Users’ emails are stored in the ProtonMail servers with encryption and retransmitted with encrypted format among user devices and ProtonMail servers.
  • It has not the ability to decrypt the received messages.
  • Could not get all the features for free to get more you need to go with the premium version.


Make sure that your data can not be read by the ProtonMail encryption either and your all emails information would be stored in the ProtonMail servers with end-to-end encryption and others emails can not be decrypted by ProtonMail either.

You will retrieve your stored data from the servers of ProtonMail and data is transmitted between your devices and ProtonMail servers with encryption format as well.

#6. Spark Email

As we know Emails that reduce our burden and involve in collaborating with others around the world for free of cost, we have several emails applications are available in this digital era. But most people know only one email app which is Gmail, but we want to know the other email applications are existing also.

In which such applications Spark Email is one of them and millions of users are using and tons of people are coming to add to this Spark email application. Spark Email application comes up with additional features to entertain people during message chatting and voice chatting as well.


  1. Through this Spark email, you can connect various email accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, AOL, and more.
  2. It allows you to take complete control over your inbox precisely.
  3. See the messages coming from important people of the real world and archive the rest of the emails easily.
  4. Supports various categories of Email tools including pin emails, send an email later, smart mail search, snooze mail, undo send an email, etc.
  5. Allows you to reduce mail noise notifications like the sounds of the Emails and vibrations for every account of the people you know.
  6. Dark mode and light mode features are available to protect the user’s eyes.
  7. Through the spark widgets, you can see the most unread emails and create a new email as well.


The swipe option is coming to delete emails or move emails to another portion of the app. Allows you to save your emails in pdf format and you can print them using the print option available within the app.

You can chat with people privately through zoom meetings like Hotmail, Outlook, or Gmail and continue conversations with your coworkers as well. It is a lightweight application and consumes less storage space.

#7. Nine

As you know Nine is not a free android Email application tool after completion of the two-week free trial you need to purchase this application for up to a certain amount. Well, coming to the email in this generation plays an important role in the conversation with others through message chatting, voice chatting, and video chatting as well.

Plenty of email applications are there in which Nine is one of them and still it is getting name and came up with some additional features. It is designed for android users to get communication with others with full pledged as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Get email notifications for each folder.
  • Supports HTML to build this application tool at the backend and acts like inbound and outbound.
  • It picks you the right email address that you looking for using the search feature.
  • Easy to pick the required email from the thousands of emails quickly as well.
  • Turn on dark mode or light mode and vice versa.
  • Supports shortcuts, badges, widgets, and others to get more effective your email.
  • Calendar and tasks syncing is available to assign tasks at a particular date and it alerts you at the same date.
  • Supports advanced office 365 and also supports various servers like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and others respectively.
  • Nine did not have the server to store users’ data.
  • Data could be saved to users’ servers directly.


You can make conversation efficiently with your friends, colleagues, clients, family members, business partners, and more. Allows you to send messages, documents, files, pictures, images, various file formatted documents, and others without losing even a single file.

If you are feeling more lightning effect then switch to the dark mode and also use the calendar and tasks for syncing. You will get this application from the Google play store on your android device.

#8. Newton Mail

Newton gets the two-time Webby winner for the occasion of the best-designed app and various other awards because of that reason we should have to vote for Newton either. It owns millions of subscribers around the world in a short period.

Newton helps the people who are busy in their lives and groups via their emails twice as fast. Allows users to manage their emails with a simple smile usually. If you are busy working during the time some notifications have arrived and you don’t want to look at them you can simply snooze them and they will appear on your screen some other time.


  1. It is specially designed to delight and also for all your email accounts for free.
  2. It supports working on all the devices including Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and iPad,
  3. Your sent emails will be tracked without your permission and read receipts within Newton’s inbox as well.
  4. The recap option brings emails that are waiting for a reply from you automatically.
  5. Also covers other emails like reminders, due dates, and more.
  6. Your emails would be saved to Evernote, Trello, Onenote, Todoist with a single click.
  7. You can snooze your emails and be back again after some time on your screen as well.
  8. From your inbox, you can create temples and snippets and share them with your friends or family members, or others respectively.
  9. Also, manage the publicly shared emails that are expiring or it has the attachments either.


It supports working on various servers like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and more. Create any number of other email accounts on the same device and use them on any other devices fluently. Once you sign up and are ready to use it anywhere at any time in the world for free of cost.

#9. TypeApp Email

TypeApp is another famous email application tool that allows you to manage all your email accounts from purely a single email application. Using smart push notifications you can manage all your emails in one place and customize them as well.

You can instantly remove notifications sometimes using the snooze option and later read them somehow at any time when you are free. Set tasks on the calendar for a specific date and it alerts you by sending notifications to your email to fulfill the tasks. Easy to send and receive messages from others and chat with others through voice chat or message chat or video chat.


  1. With the help of automatic clusters, you can avoid email clutter.
  2. It keeps your inbox more fashionable and has a single entry from machine-generated emails and newsletters.
  3. Creates the conversation with received and sent emails.
  4. Help you to extend your conversation with others and create linked conversations for you.
  5. Move easily your unified inbox between various accounts and choose folders with the help of a picker.
  6. Allows you to manage all your emails on a single device and sign up on various devices anywhere.
  7. Customize smartly and get instant push email notifications and manage them on the other hand.
  8. TypeApp is compatible with the devices like android, windows, iPhone, iPad, and Mac respectively.
  9. Get complete control over your emails and view them one by one what you looking for.
  10. Get all your email accounts at one glance.


It allows you to share or send documents, files, images, short videos, and other various formatted files for free. Use emojis during the message chatting to express your views instead of typing lengthy words.

Delete the unwanted mails and archive the rest of them. Get this application download link from the Google play store or the official website of TypeApp.

#10. Edison Mail

Edison Mail is the best most adorable application to manage countless accounts on a single device and supports managing on all the devices including Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Mac respectively as well.

This Edison mail is an award-winning application by google while using this application on your devices you will get a special experience. In addition, it won’t allow advertisers to annoy you and not to wait emails long time to be in your inbox precisely.


  1. It keeps connecting users to social and business and stores valuable information in its servers.
  2. Edison won’t allow emails to wait and is faster than other email applications are available.
  3.  Dark mode will let users protect their eyes from the rough brightness and switch to light mode on the other hand.
  4. It won’t allow any advertisements or ad trackers into the email inbox.
  5. Read receipts will be blocked automatically from email trackers.
  6. Data will send with an encryption algorithm and no one can steal your information while transactions.
  7. Remove easily unwanted and other emails from your inbox with a single click.
  8. Using the tools you can easily identify who is in your inbox list.
  9. Get your email back to the original position with undo send button.
  10. Allows you to manage all your emails, badges, notifications, and much more with a simple swipe.


This is a faster application than any other email application and it is lightweight and consumes less storage. Attach any number of files or documents or images or videos and share them with your friends accurately and safely.

It manages other email accounts like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Office 365, AOL, and much more. Ignore the push notifications with a simple snooze option and invite them to read later either. Remove whatever emails that you don’t want to be in your inbox permanently or temporarily as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1) What do you refer to and consider best for Android an email app?


Gmail: Many of the apps on the list provide tools for categorizing messages, moving them into folders, and applying custom labels.

Gmail is just the most accurate and comprehensive at handling these tasks. Messages relating to Promotions, Updates, Forums, or Social are automatically labeled. Many individuals assume that Google’s Inbox program will be used to transfer Trips, Finances, and purchases to Gmail.

In fact, the intelligent labels and interface design are updated on a regular basis, which is an advantage in and of itself. Even as we were testing, a new version of the Android app was launched that significantly improved the mobile experience.

Material design changes from Google decrease screen clutter, display attachments and related documents as buttons in message preview text, and make moving between different accounts as easy as pressing your profile picture. It’s safe to assume that this app receives more development attention than any other Android email client.

  • Question 2) Is Gmail better than Samsung email?

Answer: Samsung Email features a more appealing user interface, yet some users prefer Gmail’s clean UI. Both allow you to switch between multiple email accounts. Samsung Email includes excellent features like split view and more sync options, whereas Gmail has Smart Compose/Reply and Undo Send.

  • Question 3) Is it possible to remove Google from my phone?

Answer: On the majority of Android devices, Chrome comes pre-installed and cannot be removed. You may turn it off so that in your app list it will not get displayed. Visit all apps if you don’t get to see them directly.

Final Conclusion

Our email inboxes serve as digital gateways to the rest of the globe. And, thankfully, we no longer need to use a computer to check our messages. Even yet, there are some excellent apps that make Android email more accessible than ever.

Furthermore, managing your emails on an Android smartphone differs from managing them on an iOS or PC. You can streamline your Android email routine with the apps listed above. That way, you may concentrate on communication rather than technology.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this article is helpful for you. Visit iOSWinDroid for any further information. If you get benefited from this article, then feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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