Top 10 Best Depression Apps to Improve Mental Health in 2022

If you are searching for the Best Depression Apps to Improve Mental Health, then try these Top 10 Depression Apps.

Especially in a driven world of technology that offers so many options, it is very intimidating looking for mental health services. However, personally, if you wanted to check out your mental health issue but you have been getting nervous about it, the remote options are truly available rival the more traditional, IRL mental health services.

Many of these choices are available through simple apps that are meant to help you navigate your mental health journey and take the uncertainty out of obtaining the help you need.

Most of these applications allow you to use their features at any time, anonymously search for therapists and treatments, and provide a variety of ways to stay involved, such as daily reminders, mood trackers, and a wealth of learning material.

These mental health apps that are licensed therapist services are intended, these are the tools useful for your mental health issues and treatment.

Will Mental Health Apps Put Therapy to Rest?

Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW feels that by reducing barriers to treatment, mental health apps have the ability to reach people who would otherwise go untreated.

He argues that “unfortunately, just a small fraction of people actively seek professional care for their mental health concerns.” “This could be due to a variety of factors, including a physical inability to leave their houses due to acute anxiety or a lack of movement, or a lack of financial resources.”

Another aspect of smartphone apps’ attraction is their anonymity.

“The applications also allow for privacy and secrecy, and can be a safe environment for those who are too humiliated to reveal their mental health difficulties in person or who fear being stigmatized or negatively labeled by others,” Dr. Raichbach continues. “The seclusion of utilizing an app provides some people with the sense of separation they require while also allowing them to discover answers to their inquiries in the privacy of their own homes.”

So, the mental issues that are dealing with which kind of mental health app is used for that person? “Onboard there are mental apps that will have health practitioners, answer the queries,” says Dr. Raichbach.

Other mental health practitioners, on the other hand, doubt the efficiency of mental health apps when used alone. Tanisha Ranger, PsyD, is a psychologist who has used different mental health apps on her patients, she thinks the way she selected for the people the outside therapy sessions is the good and great way, but she will be careful while using this treatment.

“I think mental health applications are really valuable for people who can’t get to sessions as often as they’d want,” she says, “but I don’t think they’re a replacement for therapy.” “These can be a terrific supplement if a person is in need of therapy, but they cannot replace engaging in therapy.”

Jean Otto, Ph.D., a California psychologist, agrees. “I don’t think apps will ever be able to replace traditional therapy,” she says. “To foster transformation and acceptance, the work that is done in therapy needs vulnerability and exposure on the part of the patient in the presence of another person, followed by an empathic connection.”

While these new digital tools are intended to be used as a supplement to traditional therapy, mental health apps can provide essential support and assistance to those who do not have access to a mental health professional.

Top Depression Apps to Improve Mental Health:

#1. TalkLife: Depression & Anxiety

Nowadays life is short enough and is very hard to lead the life and not easy to smooth sailing as well. Don’t think you are alone we are with you to solve your problems or need help from the experts.

If you are leading your life and you don’t have anyone with you to share your views and get help then download and install TalkLife to improve your mental health condition.

Preview of TalkLife

These days so many employees getting stressed during the surveillance of jobs and they need help to get rid of those difficult situations. This app helps people who are living in rural areas and far away from psychiatrists.


  1. It is a free application and supports peer-to-peer the user’s mental health condition.
  2. Allows you to meet new people to get advice from them.
  3. It easily gets rid of you from self-harms or facing difficulties.
  4. Supports self-harms including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and even more.
  5. Allows you to someone listen to the difficulties that you are facing in your real life as well.
  6. A greater sense of resilience and wellbeing of human beings around the world.
  7. Allows you to meet advice people near to you or around you.
  8. It can save you from difficulties for free of cost and supports android and desktop computers.


Meet the new people that are concerned about you just inform them your problems that you are scaring with them and running from the problems they solve your problems by giving some advice to you and you can free up from them easily as well.

This app advises about your mental health condition like suppression, disorder, eating, and anxiety battling those with them. It is very difficult to say about your difficulties loudly in front of people instead of just consulting or meeting people to clarify your self-harms.

#2. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is also one of the best apps to improve your mental health condition and is the most accessible application for people who are looking for advice on their mental health condition. This is the most wellbeing and health care advisor application for android, desktop, and iOS devices respectively.

It provides services like therapy, mindfulness, meditation, psychiatry, and coaching for up to around 2500 organizations of their employees and members around the world for free. It has supportive partners including Cigna, Delta Air Lines, Kaiser Permanente, Adobe, Starbucks, and ViacomCBS respectively.

Pros & Cons

  • It helps you to improve your mental health condition and focus on your work.
  • Allows you to meet expert advisors for various self-harms that you are facing.
  • Various subscription plans are available monthly, quarterly, and yearly as well.
  • Compatible with all the preferred devices and consumes less storage space.
  • It reduces 14% of stress in your daily life and brings more joy as well.
  • Millions of users are getting help from the experts of Headspace around the world.
  • Login must require to get services offered by Headspace.
  • Not a free health advice application.
  • Get a full version of Headspace need to subscribe using various plans.


Around 70 million members are accessing throughout more than 190 countries globally. Headspace acts like people’s minds’ best friend and will help you when you need and wherever you are in or for and will take care of your mental health condition and give joy in your daily life.

It prevents people from the difficulties or stresses that are facing in their job environment precisely. Offering many types of services that we have already discussed in this session. It reduces the people’s or employees’ stress within a few days by approximately 14% and allows you to focus on your work to fulfill your dreams.

#3. Daylio Journal

Daylio journal is the best application to improve mental health and get rid of your depression precisely. It supports working on all the devices including Android, personal computers, iPhone or iPad, and iPod touch respectively.

It works and starts its execution with two taps, just pick your mood using emojis and select the activities including reading, sports, friends, family, shopping, sleeping early, eating healthily, and much more. Then you can see your health status on the screen of Daylio Journal precisely. You will get this application from your device app stores or the official website of Daylio Journal.

Pros & Cons

  • Offering various types of moods to select by yourself including rad, bad, awful, good, else.
  • Introducing various categories of activities and tags such as family, gaming, sport, reading, eating healthy, sleeping early, and much more.
  • Use the monthly or yearly subscriptions to get advice from the expert people in it.
  • Switch from dark mode to light mode and vice-versa as well.
  • Allows yourself to create daily, monthly, and yearly goals to improve yourself.
  • Share your health statistics with your friends or family members.
  • Allows your entries to store them completely in your cloud storage for further usage.
  • Contains ads that annoy you during accessing Daylio Journal.
  • Premium features are available in subscription plans either.


Allows you to create your daily or weekly or monthly goals and improve yourself with the help of the Daylio journal health application. While using this application in your daily life you will get to build your habits and collect your daily or weekly achievements.

Make sure that it allows you to share your health statistics with your family members or friends around the world. You can also store your statistics in the cloud storage applications and allowing you to meet expert advisors near to you.

#4. Happify: For Stress & Worry

Happify helps you to get rid of your self-harms in your busy daily life, as you know most people who are working in multinational companies who are feeling more stress in their daily lives and they want to get out of it and even they don’t have anyone near to them to take advice and get relief from those burdens.

You don’t have to worry anymore because Happify will let you keep away from stress, depression, worries, and much more easily and bring you happy life as well. Stress or depression is the most dangerous thing in your life to go down your hopes and positive thoughts.

Pros & Cons

  • It allows you to get rid of negative thoughts and stress completely from your mind.
  • Break your self-harms like anxiety, stress, sadness, meh, and more and give joy to your life.
  • It completely controls users’ negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Improves users’ strengths to lead their life peacefully.
  • Allows you to share users’ statistics with their family members or friends.
  • Get effective and simple solutions for your wellbeing and mental health daily or weekly or monthly.
  • Meet people around you or near to you to get advice for your self-harms.
  • Offering several subscription plans and are very recommended plans either.
  • Provides various types of tools that fit you mentally and physically ever before.
  • It is not a free application that requires subscription plans.


Happify will help you to bring a positive mindset and effective results by yourself within a few days, So many experts and advisors involve in developing this Happify application to provide the best results for the people who are facing self-harms.

You will get this application download link from device play stores or the official website of Happify. Just download by choosing your required or suitable subscription plan and get a joyful life.

#5. Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression

In this complex world, it is very difficult to keep every human being’s emotions and feelings at a certain level. Human beings are mostly very smooth mentality among others and some may have a herd mentality but when coming to people not being able to control their emotions is hard to lead their lives in this world either.

For such people, we are going to introduce Sanvello that ensures to control human beings’ mental health, depressions, and anxiety to get a peaceful and healthy life. It takes care of every person who is a member of Sanvello and provides the peer to peer support free of cost and supports every compatible device.

Pros & Cons

  • Supports various devices without any version restrictions either.
  • Supports peer to peer and shares your status with your friends or family members.
  • It takes each user’s self cate with the help of experts and advisors.
  • Offering inbuilt tools like health coaching or fitness coaching tools that help you to improve your mental health.
  • Help you in improving physically and mentally to concentrate on your work.
  • More than 40 million people are using this application to improve their health fitness.
  • Allows you to find strategies as well as resources that you need whether it is day or night.
  • Need to get a subscription to access Sanvello.


Through the subscription plan, you will get advanced tools that support building your habits and improve your focus on your work. Many multinational companies are using this application for their employees and members to get rid of their stress and depression completely so that they can easily concentrate on their work.

What about persons individually suffering from self-harms, don’t need to worry Sanvello helps you to meet people near to you or around you to advise on your difficulties and brings happiness in their lives easily.

#6. What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

What’s Up as you know while sounding the word it seems to be a messenger on your mobile but this is quite different from the WhatsApp messenger application and this what’s Up is the application that improves your mental health and keeps you always happy in your daily life precisely. It is offering more than 70 different motivational and positive quotes that help you in improving your mental ability strong.

When you feeling stress or depression with your work or for your superiors and you want to get out of it for a while then you go with fun questions of about more than 100 by answering them one by one and you will get free of your stress.


  1. It is available for android, iPhone, desktop, and iPod touch devices respectively.
  2. Allows you to overcome nearly 12 different negative thoughts by using simple methods.
  3. 10 great images to help people face their negative thoughts or feelings as well.
  4. Supports dairy methods that keep all your feelings and thoughts together along with you can rate your feelings on the status.
  5. Supports built-in positive and negative tracker will let you stop thinking bad habits and increase your good habits.
  6. All your wide range of thoughts will be put on the perspective scale to overcome your problems.
  7. Offering 100 fun questions that will let you out of all your stress or depression.
  8. Provide three simple breathing techniques to increase your physical fitness while you run.
  9. Offering nearly 70 positive quotes that let you improve your thoughts and allow you to share them with your friends or family members.


It keeps all your health ratings in its directory and allows you to back up your results and share them with your friends precisely. Allows you to customize your app on your devices with help of more than 20 different themes to look amazing.

#7. CBT Tools for Healthy Living

In this tutorial, I am going to explain to you how CBT tools play an important role in your busy life and how it helps you to deal with life challenges. Before going to learn it, CBT stands for cognitive behavioral tools is an online health advisor application that stays you away from stress and depression or other self-harms that you are facing in your daily life these days.

For instance, you are always dreamed of picking up a hobby like planting or gardening, or doing homework, but since hobbies are not easy to implement you have negative feelings and thoughts. It starts spinning your mind while doing those.


  1. It easily picks you out of the bad habits and increases your mindset and mental ability.
  2. You can make better use of CBT on any device that you have right now.
  3. It is easy to handle and improve your health strategies using these tools.
  4. Stay away from unhealthy and keeps you stay with complete fitness according to your habits and focuses you on your work.
  5. Improves people’s mindset and decreases the negative thoughts in their minds.
  6. Allows you to share your best results with your friends.
  7. Back up all your health ratings on a daily or weekly basis and recall them later and compare them with your current mental ability level.


At that time you can think I can’t do this alone, so put a full stop to it, use CBT in your compatible devices and start improving your mental health or come out of your depression.

When comparing to your friends and they are easily cross over their difficulties in front of you and leading a successful and happy life and you are failing to overcome your stress and depression then use CBT in your life and be happy with your family members and friends.

  • Download For CBT Tools for Healthy Living   Android

#8. Calm: Best For Beginners

Calm is also one of the online web applications to improve users’ mental health and gets relief from depression and stress whether it is from your work or family or other things that are not sleeping you well all the time.

You don’t need to download and install it because it provides its services through its official domain and you can get relief from your stress or negative thoughts online. Just it fast asks you why you are feeling bad or good or stressed or else today when you choose bad or else then it asks you about your sleeping or health or stress. If you are afraid of any one of them just select it.


  1. Improves the sleep quality and relief from the negative thoughts and keep you strong & healthy.
  2. It helps you to reduce people’s anxiety and stress from work or other things.
  3. Ability to improve or develop a focus on your daily habits and relief from laziness as well.
  4. Helps you in improving your self-confidence and not allowing negative thoughts in your mind.
  5. Allows you to meet new friends to express or share your thoughts to save you from stress life.
  6. It is compatible with Android, desktop, and iOS devices respectively without restrictions in device versions.
  7. It finds out you the reason behind your stress and simply gives you the advice to follow.
  8. The relief you from any type of thoughts easily for free of cost.


It again asks you related questions that you have chosen, you need to answer the question before reading the entire question at once. Then you finally find the answer to your question quite in an impressive way. Instead of consulting with your friends you can connect with Calm and stay away from stress or depression completely without spending even a single penny from your wallet.

#9. SuperBetter

SuperBetter is the online game fully method that brings users psychological strengths as well as the mindset of real-life gameplay. This method promotes users new levels of their personal growth and the result is change and stress or depression as well. So for that reason, we can call it a SuperBetter application tool that reduces your self-harms in your daily life and brings happiness and glory to your life.

I would say mostly middle-aged people more suffering from stress and depression why because if you take the age of 20 to 25 they are afraid of getting a suitable job for their education and if they failed to get a job in a certain time then they will go under depression.


  1. Follow the super better rules provided by the team of SuperBetter and select psychological strengths.
  2. Find your bad guys that you are always afraid of speaking with or working together that improves your mental ability.
  3. Try to seek out your quests that improve your sense of purpose.
  4. It helps you to recruit your heart-touching friends to avoid your stress or pains by sharing with them.
  5. SuperBetter is the gameplay that helps you win all your troubles in real life.
  6. It keeps reducing your stress, anxiety, and few symptoms of depression completely.
  7. It increases your mental ability levels to achieve your goals and get even more success in your life.


When you take the jobholders of government offices or multinational companies, the people working in these organizations are feeling stress and depression because of their upper category employes or work stress and they simply consulting doctors and prefer to use medicines to reduce the stress and depression.

Instead of that simply use the SuperBetter application on your devices that will improve your mental ability and makes you strong in your life always.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1) What Are Mental Health Apps and How Do They Work?

Answer: Mental health apps are tools for enhancing many elements of mental health and well-being that may be accessible via your smartphone or mobile device. Relaxation, stress management, and sleep are examples of areas where such tools could be useful. They may also provide self-help resources, therapeutic activities, and referrals to qualified mental health experts for therapy.

  • Question 2) What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mental Health Apps?


Many people find mental health applications appealing because they offer a variety of possible benefits, such as:

Because mental health applications are handy and accessible, they can be a valuable resource for people who are unable to access other resources.


  1. Anonymity: Most mental health applications have features that allow users to obtain information and treatment in a private and safe manner.
  2. Convenience: These tools are accessible from anywhere and at any time, making them an excellent choice for busy people who are constantly on the move.
  3. Engagement: Using these apps to learn about mental health and enhance well-being can be a fascinating and enjoyable experience. People often have authority over their own destiny.
  • Question 3) How do I keep track of my mood swings?


Moods might swing a lot, but mental health apps make it easy to keep track of how they’re feeling on a regular basis.
Perhaps most importantly, these tools frequently include journaling, which allows users to keep note of the events, situations, or ideas that contributed to the start of a certain mood.

Such tools are useful not only for factors that affect your mood but also for identifying patterns in your mood and emotions over time. You may notice that your mood fluctuates at different times of the day. You can improve your mood by identifying these patterns and incorporating lifestyle modifications or treatments into your life.

Various applications focus on the collecting and reflection of emotions, however, according to a study that examined the type of mood-tracking tools offered by many mental health apps, they do not do enough to help individuals really take the next steps to change their mood. Looking for applications (or incorporating other apps) that promote planning and action is one strategy to combat this.

Final Conclusion

All of these mental health apps were created to make it easier for you to deal with any mental health concerns you may be experiencing.

There’s an app for that, Whether you want to be matched with a fantastic therapist, learn more about how mental health disorders originate, or start recording your behaviors and moods, we can help. While no single software can address all mental health issues, we feel Moodfit provides the most support without requiring any financial commitment.

Moodfit is an easy-to-use app that tracks your moods and provides CBT-based activities to help you deal with bad emotions and learn to think differently.

It’s a simple technique that could help you recover control of your emotions. While it does not connect you with a therapist, it does give articles and audio recordings that provide insight into common mental health disorders and steps you may take outside of the app to treat them. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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