Top 10 Best Clash Of Kings Alternatives For Android & iPhone

If you are searching for the best Clash of Kings Alternatives for your android and iPhone, then try these Top 10 Clash Of Kings Alternatives.

Clash of Kings is a popular real-time strategy-building multiplayer game for Android and iOS that was first released in 2014. The narrative of the game revolves around an addicting objective in which the player must build an empire while defending it from nearby adversaries.

Does this ring a bell? Yes, it is loosely based on HBO’s epic and well-known television series Game of Thrones. Kingdoms, wars, empires, armies, weaponry, strategy, politics, and practically everything else you’d expect from a game in this genre—Clash of Kings has it all!

India has just banned 59 Chinese apps, including Clash of Clans. Due to geopolitics, a number of China-based apps are prohibited in several locations. Ok, let’s read more to know the Best Clash of Kings Alternatives For your iPhone and Android devices.

Top Clash Of Kings Alternatives For Android & iPhone:

#1. Castle Clash

The group of barbarians assembled at the gate, you don’t want to kill yourself with the swords of their then what you would do you have to fight with them to win and live peacefully in your castle. For this what you have to do is you have to get resources and build the castle strong with thick walls.

Preview of Castle Clash

Then move your troops to train them as professional soldiers. So winning the barbarians is not easy you need to follow some game strategies to kill those brutal enemies with your soldier’s hands.

Pros & Cons

  • Get a daily special pack to buy more gems.
  • Build a castle for yourself using the tool called castle creation tool.
  • Train army with the help of centaur archers, walking mechs, ax-wielding ogres, fairy dragons, and much more.
  • Various hero characters include serpent queen, thunder god, succubus, paladin, assassin, and more.
  • Stimulate fallen soldiers with the help of phoenix flight.
  • Offering a real-time strategy experience for the preferred devices.
  • Supports touch screen controls, units to command, castle building tools, and spells as well.
  • Supports high-end graphics and effective sound systems while playing games.
  • Hard to remember the characters in the Castle Clash.
  • Not support all the devices to play this game.
  • Contains ads that will annoy users while playing games.


To fight with your enemies you need to form the troops and train them with powerful swords and when they have fallen during the battle you need to give inspiration or stimulate with phoenix flight and be ready for them to battle again.

You will get a better experience and entertainment when you play this game on your preferred devices including android, iPod, iPhone, or iPad devices respectively. Allows you to create your own avatar using a wide range of skins.

#2. Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings is a war video game specially designed to play on android, iPhone or iPad, iPod, and windows systems respectively. Multiple players are allowed to play this Vikings game through various platforms and make sure that when you playing this game your device must have active cellular data or wifi data otherwise you won’t play this game either.

A war can be running between two opponents and to win the battle or to defeat the enemies you need to build your castle and form the troops to fight against your enemies.

Pros & Cons

  • Allows you to build a great kingdom by using the built-in tools.
  • Train your recruited army and spy on your enemy troops and defeat them with your mental strategies.
  • Sharpen your tactics in PVE fights and fly your flags on the outside of the castle.
  • Invite your friends or family members and altogether use your strategies to win the battle.
  • Show talent of yours at MMO games and make fool of your enemies by laying traps.
  • Share your views about the game with your friends through social media networks.
  • Compatible with all supported devices.
  • This game is only available in fewer languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, etc.
  • Need to purchase materials while building the castle.
  • Require high RAM to play the game without buffering.
  • Must have an active internet connection while playing the game.


To build the castle yourself you need to buy the materials using your credit cards, after that you can follow your strategies in defeating the enemies.

The game offers various built-in tools using them you can train your troops and fight with your enemies. If you are getting losing hope while defeating you can take the help of MMO game strategies and apply them to win the battle.

#3. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game developed capital games and published by EA sports. This is only compatible with mobile devices including android and iOS devices respectively. It is like one type of RPG-style game is developed around monetization as well.

The game gives you a character and gets into a cantina and tries to get into the hallowed table tournament and they want to play the game and you have to beat all the players. The cantina expands automatically when you complete the levels each time. So given characters go from the first level to 85th level.


  1. Allows you to create the ultimate battle team.
  2. Defeat the opponents and become the master or leader of the galaxy.
  3. Make smart and play with energetic and more powerful champions using commanding moves including Darth Vader’s force crush, Destined strike, Young Han Solo’s Trick Shot, and Luke Skywalkers.
  4. Collect iconic starships such as Millenium Falcon or capital ships including Admiral Ackbar’s Home One, and more.
  5. Offers updated materials for various characters and gets rewards for ship battles as well.
  6. Allows you to recruit eligible pilots for creating the powerful armada in the galaxy.
  7. Multiple players are available and play with opponents to win the battleship.


You will have to face the little aspects of the game bit by bit and you can see while playing the game two modes will appear one is light side campaign and the other is dark side campaign.

You can see the cantina and is the combination of light and dark side campaigns as well. At the top right corner, a PVP is there, and where galactic war is running, which is a daily series. That is the combination of 12 battle teams and is hard to fight with them.

#4. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is the 3D animated battle game for both android and iPhone devices and was introduced by NaturalMotionGames and offering thousands of troops and all of them are controlled by the users respectively. Play against the other players and capture the lands using your army troops and build your kingdom easily.

You can control the total game just with your fingers. You have to show your skills on the battlefields in winning the battle against wage wars as well. To attack your opponents you just simply drag your troops from your shield and order them to attack the opponent unit.


  1. Get new events, wars, and wards daily while playing Dawn of Titans.
  2. Allows you to play PVP wars including colossal gods and warriors.
  3. Control tons of troops along with your titans including attack and defense.
  4. Multiple players are allowed to compete in the battles against other alliances every week.
  5. Compatible with android as well as iPhone devices respectively.
  6. Build your kingdom by capturing lands and building your empires.
  7. Collect countless titans from myths and legends of the real world.
  8. Enhance your troops and Titans with energetic artifacts and relics as well.
  9. Various god characters are introduced including OSIRIS, ZEUS, THOR, and much more.


Once you have done this the battle will start straight away. Now you will call for an elder stone that is to be in front of you. Here Titans use the elder stone to raise your city or kingdom out of danger. Select army camp capacity of yourself including MILITIA, ARCHERS, PIKEMEN, GRENADIERS, and much more.

Using them you need to provide security to your city from the opponents and you can see they are at the gates and ready to damage your city. You can see the visualization of the troops, city, trees, buildings, and much more with high-quality graphics.

#5. Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans is a battle game allowing millions of players on one platform to compete for the epic wars and raise yourself at the top of the leaderboard in the event leagues as well. It is a lightweight application and you can download and install it on your preferred devices including Android, iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

If you are finished some levels in the game on your iPhone device and you want your Clash of Clans on an android device you can do it easily. Offering thousands of troops and you can battle against your opponents and own your village.

Pros & Cons

  • Start to play of yourself or invite others to participate in the game.
  • Fight as a team in clan wars against the millions of active users around the world.
  • Allows you to earn valuable magic things by working together with clans in clan wars as well.
  • Use unique strategy along with troops, spells, and heroes and win the battle.
  • Be at the top of the leaderboard in the league by completing the game with active players across the globe.
  • Depredation from other players with the help of resources and improve your village and switch to the fortress.
  • Defend enemy attacks with the help of Bombs, canons, traps, towers, and walls.
  • Allows you to disable your epic heroes including Archer Queen, Barbarian king, Royal champion, Grand Warden, and Battle Machine.
  • Must have an active internet connection while playing this game.


Raise your clan by completing the battle in epic clan wars you can simply control your troops, train your troops, and send them for battle against other troops to win the game and build your village and turn it into a fortress as well.

Make sure that if you are out of cellular data then you don’t have a chance to play this game either. So you need to keep your mobile data every time that you are playing and it allows you thousands or millions of active users to participate in this game.

#6. Shadow Kings

Shadow Kings is the funniest fantasy 3D animated game and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices respectively.  This game involves lots of elves, noise dwarves, and take the shadow forces against the evils to save the city or kingdom from the hands of elves.

Protect your city from the goblins, orcs, and trolls, form alliances with other active players to gain power as well as honor. Allows you to get complete control of your city and you can simply operate with your fingers. Introducing unique features to train your troops and participate in the battle that is being between evils and you.


  1. Comic decorations, animated buildings, and figures.
  2. Well-designed 3D graphics and unique adventurous places.
  3. Allows you to develop your created city in different ways.
  4. Use various resources and earn valuable things and then improve your economy.
  5. Thousands of troops are available to battle and win valuable items.
  6. Allows millions of users or players to compete in the legend leagues around the world.
  7. Stat at the top of the leaderboard and win more prizes.
  8. It is compatible with android, iPhone or iPad, and iPod touch respectively.
  9. Regularly participate in the PvP and PvE events.
  10. No ads will annoy you at all.
  11. It is a free 3D animated battle game and consumes less storage space.


Make sure that this game is available online and you should have to consist of active mobile data every time that you connect with Shadow Kings. Simply move your troops to the place that is filled with evils just drag and drop and the battle will start straight away.

Once you have killed the evils and you will get to occupy the place and you can establish your kingdom very easily. At the very beginning of the game you can see lots of evils at your city boundaries and you have to kill them.


#7. Plant VS Zombies 2

Plant Vs Zombies is the masterpiece mobile gaming application and is compatible with android and iOS devices respectively. The first step you have to do is while playing this game you have to unlock the gate, you should have to hit up to three targets here no need for the sun to grow up the plants in the specified places as well.

Now what you have to do is you have to survive a Zombie attack because they come to eat your plant fields. Your plants will be delivered in special vehicles and you can see the Zombies are waiting in your fields to eat or destroy the plants. Use the bomb-thrower machine to kill the zombies.


  1. Offering to plant sunflowers, Lava guavas, Peashooters, and Laser Beans.
  2. Introducing various types of zombies including Mermaid imp, Jetpack Zombie, and Zombie chickens.
  3. Feed your plans and earn seed packs while you plant as well.
  4. Keep holding your boosters so that you can easily defend against the attacking of Zombies.
  5. Allows you to travel 11 different world places including Egypt, the future, and others as well.
  6. Producing more than 300 levels to complete this game.
  7. Face challenges and events daily.
  8. Allows you to play even mini-games that will entertain you precisely.


When you plant every time you can see a zombie is coming at your plant to destroy and you can throw stones to kill the zombie. After that, more zombies will enter your plant field and you have to keep the focus on them and prevent them not to entering your plant field either.

Bring more sand storms to kill the zombies and this is how you have to play the game you will get this game directly from your google play store and is a free android application as well.

#8. Clash Royale

Today we came up with another 3D animated game that is Clash Royale and is supports working on android and iOS devices respectively. We are going to introduce you to some cool tips and tricks to play clash royale easily.

The first one we introducing a Goblin barrel and that is useful in the player’s decks as well, Most players hit the tower directly instead of that you have to target the side and that is a good strategy. So that you could not lose more Goblins either.

The second one is Witch you have a building and you have the place to witch down in the corner and you can easily place the building on the top.

Pros & Cons

  • Use your game strategy by choosing the unique cards to compete in the battle.
  • Collect more than 100 cards and upgrade them to get advanced features as well.
  • Battle your way and stay at the top of the leaderboard and get rewards.
  • Offering more seasonal events by unlocking you will get Emotes, Tower skins, and powerful magic items.
  • Allows you to join with millions of active players to participate in the war across the globe.
  • Supports working on various devices that include iPhone or iPad, Android, and iPod touch precisely.
  • An active internet connection must be required to play Clash Royale as well.


What the witch will do is spawn her skeletons then the witch gets freed and she spawns as well. The next one is a tombstone and this is the best card of the entire game what it does is instead of putting the building in front of your tower put it offside to it as well.

This will take some time to reach enemies to your tower and you can have time to kill them easily. Here you can also   Download Clash  Royale For   Android

#9. Clan of Dragons

This Clan of Dragons involves a few dragons and you can control your dragons manually with the help of keys provided by the developer team. Allows you to fly across a wide range of landscapes to survive the other fantasy creatures that include giant wolves, flying monsters, Dinosaurs, and venus fly traps.

It is one part of the adventure and another part of the simulation. You have to defend your enemy’s attack through this entire game with the help of super bosses. At the beginning of the game, you should have to find members of your clan, and allows you to call upon your family members if you need help.


  1. Customize the dragon color by yourself.
  2. Control dragon fire breathing.
  3. 3D animated massive world map.
  4. Huge collection of reality mountains, caves, and rivers as well.
  5. Introducing six giant bosses.
  6. Allows you to defeat four different clans of enemy dragons.
  7. Supports four different magic weapons including lightning bolt, fireball, healing, and invincibility.
  8. Introducing four different dragons including giant wolves, flying monsters, Dinosaurs, and venus fly traps.
  9. Supports different weather conditions including rainstorms and snow.
  10. It is compatible with devices like iPhone, Android, and iPod touch respectively.
  11. Invite your beloved people or others to play together to finish the dragons.
  12. Clan of Dragons is a free 3D animated application that supports various device versions.


Find and select the spell books to unlock and get a lightning bolt, fireball, healing, and invincibility. You can purchase or earn magic spells for points by c0mpleting the various tasks and hunting as well.

It supports building your warriors to fight against other clans and get magical points that help you to upgrade the game levels precisely. This game ensures that you are fighting with real dragons while playing this game.

#10. Call of Duty: Heroes

Welcome to the Call of Duty heroes this is the first impression game and you can download it on your android and iPhone devices from the google play store and apple store respectively.

In this game, the player is the commander and he leads his army against enemies with the help of your fingers, you can control your commander by rotating 360 degrees to see what is going around you, and using a single finger you can track and using two fingers you can view for zoom in and out as well.

With the help of your three fingers, you can rotate the camera angle for your convenience visible as well.


  1. Control of your iconic heroes of Call of Duty.
  2. Each hero has its killing techniques and abilities to kill the enemies.
  3. Allows you to train your soldiers directly in the units including dragon fires, Juggernauts, and Claws as well.
  4. Destroy your opponents using various options including chopper gunner, drone strike, and care package.
  5. Build and improve your army base with the help of granites, howitzers, SAM turrets, mines, and guardians.
  6. Supports three different modes like campaign, PvP, and survival to defend against attackers.
  7. Dominate your enemies with the help of your friends by inviting them as well.


Commander will use lots of missiles or weapons to damage or kill anyone and easy to enter the enemy’s camp. If you are failed to attack your enemies you can get help from your friends or other family members invite them to participate in the killing of enemies.

Just point your finger where you have to place the commander’s exact position. It is very easy to download and install on your preferred devices and easy to navigate. You can easy to get the weapons that you want at the firing location.


Frequently asked questions

  • Question 1) What is the best clash of kings alternative?


Castle Cash: Dungeons and Raids are brought to you by Castle Cash. Clash of King is the best alternative to the war strategy against the buildings and enemies that gives the taste of laying.

Final Conclusion:

So, if you’re seeking alternatives to Clash of Kings, we’ve got you covered. If you’re seeking a replacement or a new change to satisfy your action-packed gaming demands, we’ve included a few combat strategy games similar to Clash of Kings in this post.

This article mainly concludes you with the Top and Best Clash Of Kings Alternatives For Android & iPhone. Simply Install each and every game on your Android and iPhone to experience the best gaming. If you get benefited from this article, feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Thank’s for visiting iOSWinDroid.

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