Top 10 Best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives For Windows

If you are searching for the Best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives For Windows, then try these Top 10 Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives.

A committed duplicate photo finder and remover is what you need, in case your desktop, laptop, or telephone is filled with plenty of equal or similar searching images.

These a couple of copies of the equal snapshots now no longer handiest occupy lots of garage area additionally make your PC and different gadgets run super-slow. However, with the assistance of paid and unfastened reproduction photograph cleaners, you may without difficulty locate reproduction images.

Most of those applications are to be had for loose and provide a variety of alternatives for the correct identity of clone pics so, that you may lose up useless occupied space and raise PC performance.

With the best reproduction picture graph purifier software, all it takes is one brief scan, and you could type all dupes for clean management. Since locating and erasing the same copies of the equal photos can take loads of time and effort, you could test out our listing of thirteen high-quality duplicate photo removers in 2022 to help you arrange your snap series at the same time as recuperating a large amount of disk space.

What are you waiting for, just read more to know the top and best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives in 2022.

Top Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives For Windows:

#1. Quick Photo Finder

Are you getting confused about finding duplicate photos on your desktop computer to delete them permanently or similar photos also?. Quick photo finder is an application that allows desktop users to get rid of duplicate photos from the desktop photo gallery or somewhere else in the folders as well.

Preview of Quick Photo Finder

Once you have installed this software tool on your desktop and the scan began within a few seconds to find duplicate or similar photos in every corner of the windows Microsoft system that is hidden and then removes them immediately.

Pros & Cons

  • With the help of advanced algorithms, this app finds duplicate and similar images on personal computer devices.
  • It also supports deleting duplicate photos from external devices like pen drives and external hard disks as well.
  • It organizes a personal computer photo gallery with the help of clutter-free to delete duplicate photos.
  • Supports removing group-based duplicate photos based on the quick photo finder algorithm.
  • Not required to need the support of an android emulator or third-party play store to get this application.
  • Get the direct download link from the official website for free of cost.
  • Quick photo finder is a lightweight application and consumes less storage space on a personal computer hard drive.
  • May get confusion while scanning for C or D drive.
  • To scan for duplicate photos user must select a folder or file.


No similar or twin images can not escape from the advanced algorithms of Quick photo finder. It has the inbuilt feature of image matching that allows you to set and easily find duplicate photos. Using this application you can make free space on your storage drive and it makes your computer speed up faster than before.

It is compatible with all the windows versions respectively for free of cost. So don’t waste your time and straight away download and install Quick photo finder on your computer.


#2. Pixiple

As you notice the application name Pixiple you can easily understand it performs the searching operation to find the duplicate files in your systems based on the image pixels. There are many photo identifier applications available in the digital market but no application can find duplicate files of images based on image pixels as well.

Preview of Pixiple

This is the only application to do that, this application is designed to optimize the pixel content of image files that are existed in various locations, not only this it can perform operations on metadata images even also.

Pros & Cons

  • Pidiple has a friend user interface and is easy to navigate as well.
  • It has a fastness in finding duplicate files like photos and images on personal computer devices.
  • Easy to download and install on your systems and consumes less storage space.
  • It can search on all the folders and other subfolders to find similar or duplicate files and delete them.
  • Searching for duplicate photos or images that are hidden wherever in the hard disk and brings them on your screen.
  • It allows you to delete duplicate photos or images, or keep them on the other hand.
  • It is compatible with Desktop and Mac computers respectively.
  • All images should be processed for each new scan.
  • Only supports a few formats of image files to find duplicate files for them.


This application is not applicable to find and delete media files like video files, music files, and other doc files, text files, program files, and more. So you can say Pixiple is one of the best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives.

If you want to delete only duplicate files that are stored in your directories then this will help you to do that. Besides that, it can search the images based on the functional parameters of the images like image quality, location distance, and time difference to get an accurate result.

#3. AntiDupl

Nowadays most people are using desktop or laptop or Mac computers for business purpose or office purpose or education purpose and their systems have a vast range of photo collections with various formats.

Preview of AntiDupl

To do so, there are chances of existing duplicate photos either in their computers and it is not easy to identify or search for similar or duplicate images due to this your device consumes more storage space and lacks system performance as well. To get rid of this situation we need to identify and delete the duplicate files manually it is a time-consuming process, but how.

Pros & Cons

  • It finds and deletes duplicate files and folders on your hard disk with lightning speed.
  • AntiDupl works under the criteria of comparing the images and deleting them that are similar as well.
  • It finds and deletes the duplicate files of various formats like PMG, EMF, CSV, JPED, JP2, WMF, TIFF, and much more freely.
  • It only identifies and deletes the images and photos on your hard disk that are similar or identical.
  • AntiDupl gives you an opportunity lets you choose which file to keep and delete from the list through a preview.
  • It easily detects the spots in the images and gives the clarity to delete them or keep them.
  • It can not identify duplicate media files on your hard disk.
  • Not performed to detect duplicate photos in the cloud storage.
  • Not to identify duplicate or empty folders in your system.


Using the AntiDupl photo identifier application you can easily delete duplicate photos or images that are existed in your system. But you have to know one thing that is this works on to identify the images based on the file size but not a file name. Use it and remove duplicate images or photos from your computers permanently as well.

So AntiDupl got the place in my list of Best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives

#4. VisiPics

VisiPics is also a file finder application tool for Windows and Mac computers respectively for free of cost. To test this application tool on your system just take back up files of any folder and do testing and see how this tool works, Whether it is identifying the duplicate files or not and you can easily understand as well. There are no perfect reasons why your system has 2 or more duplicate files it may be some actions made accidentally.

Preview of VisiPics

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to download and install on your systems in a few seconds and has a simple user interface.
  • It has an algorithm to detect duplicated images and files on your devices.
  • VisiPics identifies the pictures taken from a different angle and it keeps the one copy of the picture as well.
  • It introduces the help tab at the top to get more information and learn how it works.
  • Detect and delete duplicate files that are hidden anywhere in the computers easily.
  • Finds and removes similar files like media files, text files, doc files, and more from hard disks.
  • It can also perform the searching operation to find duplicate files on external devices also such as pen drive, external hard disk, and SD cards as well.
  • Corrupted files or unknown files are not be identified.
  • Comparison filters are not sufficient to detect minor changes within the image files.
  • Not to find the duplicate files under the file name.


When you see two or more duplicate files you will get some disturbance to overcome such issue need to install Visipics. VisiPics has some advantages and disadvantages to find duplicate files on a hard disk, it may not able to find similar files depending upon the file name it only searches duplicate files according to file size.


#5. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate cleaner is also one of the best duplicate file finder application tools and you can get this application from the Microsoft Store for free of cost duplicate cleaner is developed by DigitalVolcano software and is the leading program tool to find similar and duplicate files in your windows or Mac systems with a single click.

Preview of Duplicate Cleaner

This Duplicate Cleaner has a quite few features and Duplicate Cleaner Pro has the advanced features than the official version. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your Windows it starts its operation to find the variety of duplicate files with lightning speed.


  1. With a single click, it finds all the duplicate files or folders in your computers.
  2. It searches similar files according to the file name, file size, date, and modified date for you easily.
  3. It can also find duplicate files under google drive also and delete them entirely as well.
  4. Not even google drive also finds duplicate files in dropbox.
  5. Deletes or removes the duplicate video files that are existed in the gallery for free.
  6. Removes similar files like Excel files, doc files, text files, and Photos from the gallery or subfolders,
  7. It began the searching operation deeply on the total disk to find the duplicate files.
  8. Removes the empty folders by identifying them automatically in your computer system.
  9. Duplicate cleaner free up your disk space and fasten the system process.


Using this application you can also find and delete duplicate files or similar files in your cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox as well. Not even them it also finds and deletes similar photos or images that are existed in your google photos. It is very difficult to identify and delete the empty folders in your subdirectories but with the help of this app tool, you can delete them easily.


#6. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is another named application tool to find the similar or duplicate files that are existed in your computer or Mac devices and delete them entirely from your hard disk for free. It has an advanced algorithm that finds or searches similar files of categories like doc files, media files, archives, photos, and more.

Preview of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

It lets you choose which files to be kept with you and files to delete. When compared to the other duplicate file finder application tools this allows you even to find the duplicate program files and executable files precisely.

Pros & Cons

  • It can identify duplicate files of executable, program, and delete not-needed files from your computer permanently.
  • Auslogics duplicate file finder builds to ignore files or a certain size and it put on files into the ignore list.
  • Duplicate file finder lets allow you find duplicate or similar files of archives, music files, video files, pictures, and including programs to choose which files to keep at you and which files to remove from the computer.
  • It also useful to find duplicate files but also helps in reducing errors as well.
  • The developers have been introduced three updates within the past 6 months.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers respectively.
  • Advertisements will annoy by third-party software.
  • It is very difficult to get which group to remove and which to keep.


Even though this duplicate file finder also finds unneeded files on your computer or Mac and lets you choose to remove them from your devices. This app tool gives you to free up your disk space and speed up the process, not only that but also reduce some errors and burden for you as well. Once it starts finding the duplicate or similar files within a few minutes you will see the accurate result.


#7. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Are you not able to delete all the duplicate or similar files from folders or subfolders or entire disks?. Yes, it is too much a time-consuming process and leads to headaches as well.

Preview of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

If you want to get rid of this situation very soon then you need to download and install the Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder application tool on your computers and you will get results very soon. Just click on the search button on this app and it starts searching deeply in your computer wherever the duplicate or similar files are hidden.


  1. It has the utility to find similar and duplicate files that existed on your windows and get accurate results.
  2. Find all types of duplicate files that are hidden inside of subfolders and disk drives.
  3. Perform a search on external devices like hard drive, pen drive, and else to find similar files.
  4. It removes all the duplicate files when it is detected on your storage drive.
  5. It keeps your system space free up by deleting the gigabytes storage of duplicate files.
  6. Not required any technical knowledge to handle this duplicate finder app on personal computer devices.
  7. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  8. It does not require more storage space to access it.
  9. Allows you to delete all categories of files like media files, text files, photos, doc files, and much more for free.


These duplicate files are created without user permission automatically in the folders or subfolders or drives and occupy the large storage space and slow up the system performance as well.

It is hard to find duplicate files or hard to search similar files manually and it took days of time wastage. If you take the help from this finder tool and you will get the best results in a few minutes and you can delete them entirely and free up space as well.


#8. Speedy Duplicate Finder

The one more duplicate finder application tool is Speedy Duplicate Finder which deletes or removes all the duplicate files on Windows systems easily and the result is accurate. It performs the in-depth search and brings out where it is hidden inside the libraries with lightning speed.

Preview of Speedy Duplicate Finder

When your search began you can see the scanning status on the screen. The result will be displayed on the finder screen and you can select the delete button after you got all your duplicate files. It can perform searching based on files criteria like file name, size, date created, modified date, file name, and more.


  1. It is blazingly fast and accurate to find similar and duplicate files on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers respectively.
  2. It will free up your wasted disk space in a few seconds on your computer devices with lightning speed.
  3. Searching can be performed not only on folders but also on the total disk to find the duplicate files.
  4. Supports the smart filters which will find the group of duplicate files that existed on personal computers.
  5. It does not need an installation procedure and gets the result very soon.
  6. You will get this speedy duplicate finder on the Microsoft store as well.
  7. Get to delete all the media files, doc files, CSV files, Excel files, and more in a quick search.
  8. With a single click, it detects the duplicate files that are hidden on a personal computer and delete them permanently as well.


Things that are very easy to find the similar files that are hidden wherever in the storage disk and this tool will pull up all of them and delete them entirely and make your device space free up. When you use this speedy duplicate finder on your windows or Linux or Mac computers your work would be easy to find the duplicate video files, text files, photos, and other files.


#9. DupeGuru

DupeGuru is one of the most popular app tools to find duplicate files or similar files that existed on internal memory or external devices with a single click and the result is accurate. When this application is useful if your system is full of files and you are not able to find similar files on your storage device then in that situation DupeGuru is helpful.

Preview of dupeGuru

Most people in the world use desktop computers for education purposes or office purposes or business purposes but unfortunately, they are facing duplicate files or similar files had in their systems.


  1. With a single click, it finds all the duplicate files of various categories including text, media files, doc files, etc and deletes them forever.
  2. It uses the clutter algorithm and finds the duplicate photos from your desktop gallery and deletes them entirely.
  3. It makes space for new mp3 files by deleting all duplicate and similar mp3 files which are existed in computer drives.
  4. Searching can do on your video library and finds the hidden duplicate video files and deletes them forever.
  5. It can also perform its searching on google drive to find duplicate photos, music files, and others and remove them.
  6. You can find duplicate or similar doc files, photos, media files, and others on dropbox also.
  7. Dupeguru can search similar files which are created same date, same file size, same name, and modified dates.


It is very hard to find duplicate files or similar files by checking each folder or each drive on personal computers and it took lots of time even it took hours, days, and weeks. To overcome and you want the result in a few minutes then try to download and install DupeGuru on your Microsoft windows and get rid of all those duplicate files with a single click.


#10. All Dupe

Well, are you looking for an application that allows you to find and search duplicate files of various categories on personal computer storage devices?. Then you are at the right spot to know such a tool is All Dupe.

Preview of All Dupe

Source: Techpout

All Dupe’s task is to find out all the duplicate files that existed in your windows operating system by searching in-depth for them and the result will display on your screen and further you can delete them to free up your disk space. It uses the advanced search algorithm to find similar and duplicate files on your system drive easily.


  1. Get the result of all duplicate files of Excel file, CSV file, or text file on a personal computer.
  2. It searches for similar files on your windows and displays the result on your screen.
  3. It allows you to find out duplicate files of videos and music files or similar.
  4. Finds the similar or duplicate files in your hard drive and deletes them forever.
  5. It finds and lists out all the duplicate files, pictures, and other files as well.
  6. Searching can be done according to file size and masks.
  7. It saves the search results and continues to search again later.
  8. Duplicate files can be found by searching the combination of file size, file name, file content, and the file-created dates.
  9. Search can be performed on multiple folders, media storage, drives, and also on external devices.


Most finder applications do only one thing either photos or files or pictures or video files or else but this All Dupe application tool searches for all types of duplicate or similar files including text files, video files, music files, pictures, photos, doc files, Excel files, CSV files, and much more. Not even that it can also search on external devices to find duplicate files and display the result as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1) Can I find a free duplicate photo finder tool?

Answer: On your device, there are various tools that are available to find duplicate images. You must remember that if you are looking for free software it will only come with limited features. The scanned results will only show by some of the tools and then you should manually delete the images.

  • Question 2) How do I recognize my photos in Windows 10?

Answer: If you have windows 10, to organize your photos you can assist to use the photo app. To sort your pictures into albums the photos app will allow you, and also you can sort your pictures into folders so the hierarchical DPH is created.

  • Question 3) What is the best free duplicate file finder?


Quick Photo Finder: The system’s poor performance is caused by a lack of storage capacity. Duplicate photos are the most common cause of storage overflow. Regardless of how well we maintain our photo collection, you have ended up with thousands of duplicate images on your computer.

These duplicate photos are nothing more than the garbage that takes up a lot of storage space without being used. But thankfully quick photo finder is here to rescue the day for both you and your computer. It’s the program that looks for duplicate photos and deletes them with a few mouse clicks.

The utility has the ability to increase the hard disk’s storage efficiency by removing any superfluous copies. You may use it as the best duplicate photo finder Windows 10.

Final Conclusion

I’m sure you have a lot of junk on your phones and computers. The programs listed above can assist you in removing duplicate photographs from your storage. These will allow you to clear up a significant amount of space, on average 2GB every cleaning. This is great since it means you can store a lot more memory instead of clones of data you don’t need.

This article mainly concludes you with the Top and best Ashisoft Duplicate Photo Finder Alternatives. If you get benefited from this article, then feel free to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you for reading this article. I hope this article is helpful for you. Visit iOSWinDroid for any further information.

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