6 Tips To Enhance Your WeChat Experience

If you want to get the most out of WeChat, then read more to know the Tips To Enhance Your WeChat Experience.

This is the best among all apps like the Watts app, there are so many features and excellent activities this is the best chatting app. You can do conference calls at any time without any cost of money.

Wechat is not popular but it is more efficient than all other chatting apps. there are so many enormous features that stand this app in a good position. These are some specialties given to you know what is important.

This is the best chatting app that can be implemented to work on PC and any other devices to communicate freely with others, this is the best option. This is the best business transformation app that can associate so many customers or clients with their business expansion.

Almost you can add up to 200 members to chat and conduct meetings at any time. Nowadays all are interested in so many Social media chat houses but this is the very best and first service provided to you.

Enhance Your WeChat Experience With These Tips

#1. Web Wechat:

This is the most advanced tool that the users can associate with Wechat easily by QR scan from your system, then you connect through this Wechat and you can easily send chat with your friends or relatives.


When you connect through a Wechat QR code you can see all contacts on Wechat and chat with them easily. When you scan this Code then your system sync to Wecaht then you have to chat with your friends.


#2. Very Easy to Send Files With the WeChat Web:

This is an excellent platform that you can send any type of file easily by using WeChat but the limit is 10 GB to send and this is very popular through this future that can easily transfer all files within the limit may send easily.

Files of type PDF, move and so many types of files we can send easily. This is very flexible to send MS office documents also easily. This type of feasibility we can never see in remaining chatting apps.

#3. Mass Messaging:

This is a good tool Through Wechat you can send unlimited messages to your beloved ones frequently. You can send unlimited messages free of cost. You may spend money to send this type of message from any mobile network.

Users can access all their chatting needs from one end like this WeChat.This is the best you can send a message to up to 200 members at the same time. This is an excellent tool to send messages and limited descriptions of images and photos.

#4. Share With Your Friends Your QR code to Chat:

You have to put your QR page to authenticate and that can be stored on your personal QR. Your friends may identify you and chat with you. This is located at the topmost right of your browsing page.

You can easily connect your QR easily and transact with your friends easily. Just go to Settings and then to QR code you can easily connect with the My QR.name card this will display the name of your registered person’s details along with the QR code.

This is safe and secure they can not steal your personal details for security purposes this is not only a personal activity site this provides you with a lot of security along with so many security features.

Almost all apps are related to mobile purpose chatting apps but this is one of the main web-based applications you can chat and send messages to your beloved once easily with your network.

There are so many restrictions to send messages to a large number of people. This is not only a good and correct option for startup companies to chat and send Text messages in bulk amounts.

#5. Do Not Disrupt Option:

I think almost all networks and their related features have this do not disturb option. This means so many of the users freely spend their personal life. They want some gap between their work and personal life.

So this is the best given to users to stay coll from their work tensions at all. For this just go to your accounts and then settings and opt for do not disturb, you can easily activate this option by the above-mentioned process.

In this busy life, you cannot bear all this disturbance while receiving calls, and messages at your time of inconvenience. This is the best app you can put on hold up to a particular time.

#6. Repair Itself:

This is having so many advanced features to repair it easily to recover contacts and so many issues related to this app. This is with the Recover option to get ant transversion issues and any other contacts missing we can get easily by simply going through the recover option.

You can give valuable feedback collected randomly by executives if WeChat and note your suggestion to improve their services without failure.

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Final Words:

All the above-punished information may help you very much. This is the best of all Web-based chatting apps that can serve you better features what you exactly want. There are some of the companies related to this article we produce the best result and make the best product in front of you to choose.

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