How To Setup & Install SYNCLER on Firestick/Fire TV 4K [2022]

If you want to set up & Install SYNCLER on Firestick/Fire TV 4K, then read more to know How to Install & Use SYNCLER on Firestick/Fire TV 4K.

Hi, a hearty welcome to this article. Are you searching for the best streaming app for Fore TV?  In this article, we will learn about the Syncler app on Firestick devices. An amazing streaming app that will stream on the Firestick. This is much better than Kodi.

Like the other apps, it will not scrap the links but it will integrate the user with the Real-Debrid or other scraper services by the user. No need to subscribe to the app if you are already subscribed to the Real DeBrid.

It is good rather than Kodi but there are no Add-ons. Maybe in the future, it will add this also. Syncler not working issue will come if you are not entering the code on the official website.

What is SYNCLER?

This is the best streaming app for android devices. This is introduced newly for android users. But it is compatible with multiple devices. You can stream the latest movies and also TV shows. You can watch the trending shows easily on your devices.

It will be compatible with Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild, Android Devices & Tablets too. This has amazing features. SYNCLER packages are also available at affordable costs. You can install many packages too along with it. You will also know how to install syncler packages in this article.

In this article, we will discuss the best SYNCLR provider packages 2021 links available in the article. SYNCLER Provider packages 2022 are also available.


  1. This is synchronizing app for movies, TV shows.
  2. Fully user-customizable. Has a lot of options to stream.
  3. Nice & Easy Interface to use.
  4. You can do the search also by telling something, which means voice search is available.
  5. Mostly compatible with Android Devices, Fire TV, Nvidia Sheild, Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, other Android TV & Tablets too.
  6. Stream the videos from your Debrid cache without subscribing to the Real Debrid.
  7. Trending movies or shows lists will be available to watch for you.

Pros & Cons:

  • Amazing streaming app to use.
  • Designed especially for Android Devices.
  • Filters / Sorter are available to sort the data.
  • SYNCLER will autoplay the highest quality of pictures.
  • It will use the external player to playback also.
  • Allows all Debrid accounts.
  • This is a paid app.
  • It provides Ads in between the streaming.

How to Download & Install the SYNCLER on FireStick?

Maybe you are very anxious to download SYNCLER on your android devices. This is compatible with Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube along with Android Devices. You can install it. But it is now not available on the Amazon app store to download. Syncler provider packages for august 2021 are upgraded.

So, there is no option, you have to sideload it to the Firestick. To enable the sideload on firestick you have to enable the Apps from Unknown resources option first. Then only you can do the side load of the Syncler using the Downloader. Please follow these steps to sideload the SYNCLER.

i) Allow Unknown Resouces:

  • Turn On your Fire TV & connect the Firestick device to it. Wait for it to load. The firestick home screen will load & appear slowly.
Fire TV Home screen
  • Normally you can observe the Menu at the top of the screen. If it is not there you have to press & keep holding the home button for a while. Hold it until a menu will appear on the screen. Just select the  Settings option in it.
Tap on the Settings option
  • At the settings window, you have to search & choose the My Fire TV option.
Select My Fire TV
  • In that, scroll & search for the Developer options in them, tap on it.
Click on Developer options
  • In the developer options menu, you have to select the Apps From Unknown Resources. It would be Turned off generally. So that third-party apps will not be allowed on your device. The device would be safe. Now, we are enabling it since we have to sideload the Syncler app. You have to just disable it.
Choose Apps from Unknown Resources
  • A message will be appeared to confirm that you are enabling the unknown resources. Just click on the Turn On button. Then, the Unknown resources will be Turned ON.
Message appeared

The Apps from unknown sources are allowed on your device now. Now, you can download the app.

ii) Side loading of the SYNCLER:

After allowing unknown resources, you have to follow these steps to sideload the Syncler app. This app is not available on the Amazon Store. You need one app store to download. That is Downloader. You can download the apps from it. So that you have to download & install the Downloader first.

a. Downloading & Installing Downloader:
  • Go to the home screen of the Fire TV.
Firestick Home Screen
  • After loading the home screen, you have to observe the Apps tab on the menu present on top of the screen. Just tap on it.
Choose Apps tab
  • Choose the Categories tab in it and next, go with the Utility option.
  • Then you have to search the Downloader there.
  • You just select & press the Downloader icon in it.
  • Next, simply tap on the Download button to install the Downloader.
Click on the Download Button of the Downloader app
  • The Downloader will start downloading immediately & also install. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app. You just click on the open button to launch Downloader.
Click on Open to launch Downloader
  • Accept the terms & conditions or permissions asked by it.
  • After that, it will offer a quick start guide with a lengthy message. You just click on OK.
Click on the Ok Button
  • Then Downloader app will be launched. It has a search bar on the home screen. It is used to provide the URL. This will search & provide the app to download. You can download the apps directly using this application on FireTv/ Firestick.
b. Downloading SYNCLER App:
  • Then Downloader app will be launched. It has a search bar on the home screen. This will search & provide the app to download. You can download the apps directly using this application on FireTv/ Firestick.
  • You have to provide the URL:, then hit on the Go button to search for that link to download the SYNCLER Installer. This link will directly download the latest version of the SYNCLER Installer. This is the official Installer of the SYNCLER. SYNCLER is only available in this only.
  • Wait for some time until it will connect to the server and start downloading.
Downloading-of-SYNCLER -Installer
Downloading of SYNCLER Installer
  • After downloading, the app will open for installation. You have to just click on the Install button.
Tap on Install
  • The installation process will continue along with it. The app will be installed in a few minutes. Follow the steps on the screen.
SYNCLER Installer Installed
  • After completion of the process, it will show the message that App is installed.
  • Along with that, it will show a message to delete the apk file of the app. You have to delete the file since it will store only the Syncler Installer apk file and delete the unnecessary files downloaded along with it. It will save a lot of memory. If you don’t delete it, it will create buffering problems, storage problems like that.
Click on the Delete button
  • It asks to confirm the deletion. Click on delete again to confirm it.
Confirm the deletion
  • SYNCLER Installer App is installed completely. You have to use it now to install the SYNCLER app.
c. Installing SYNCLER App:
  • Now, you have to download the original app from this Syncler installer which is the official app.
  • Go to the home page.
Firestick Home Screen
  • Click on the Apps tab in it.
Click the Apps Tab
  • The list of installed apps will appear for you. Search & choose the Syncler Installer app to launch.
Select-the-SYNCLER -Installer-icon
Select the SYNCLER Installer icon
  • Just click on the SYNCLER Installer app to launch it. Immediately it will start downloading the SYNCLER app.
  • It will start downloading &  it will ask for permissions, you have to allow them. Then only the app will be installed properly. You have to allow it to access your media, photos like that you have to allow them.
Downloading of SYNCLER
  • Then it will show the Install button. Just click on it. It will install the app instantly.
Tap on Install
  • After completing the installation process, you have to click on Done on the screen.
SYNCLER Installed
d. Uninstalling the SYNCLER Installer:
  • Now, again go to the home screen & choose the settings tab in it. or press the home button for some time. You will get a shortcut menu. You can choose the Apps tab there.
Select Apps icon
  • You have to select & click on the option ” Manage Installed Applications”.
Hit on Manage Installed
  • There the installed apps list appears for you. You have to select the Syncler Installer.
  • Hover to Uninstall & tap on the Uninstall option.
Click on Uninstall tab
  • SYNCLER Installer is Uninstalled simply. Since it is the official installer of the Syncler and there is no use with it. So, we uninstalled that immediately after installing the Syncler app.

How to Use the SYNCLER app?

It is not completed with the installation of the SYNCLER App. This needs to install link scrappers as explained. It will not scrap links directly as explained above. SYNCLER App will allow multiple apps to install for link scrapping.

Normally, side-loaded apps are at the last in the App list. You have to bring it to the front to use & launch it quickly.

  • Open the Home screen of FireTV. Press & hold the Home button for a while. A menu will appear. Click on the Apps tab in it.
Select Apps icon
  • A list of installed apps will appear there.
  • Search & Choose the SYNCLER icon there.
Select-the-SYNCLER -Installer-icon
Select the SYNCLER Installer icon
  • Press the Menu button ( appears with 3 horizontal lines) on the remote.
Menu Button of Firestick Remote
  • Choose the option Move to front on it. The app will be moved to the front. You can use it easily.
Tap on Move front option

Now, install the Scaper on the SYNCLER. Follow these steps to install:

  • Just click on the SYNCLER & Launch the SYNCLER App.
SYNCLER home screen
  • After launching it, immediately it will ask to purchase & install the “Syncler+“. You just cancel it by tapping on the Cancel button below it.
Click on Cancel
  • Next, there is update notification will appear for you. This is about what changes were made, bug fixes, etc., Don’t worry about that just ignore that message by pressing the back button on your remote.
Update Notification
  • Then it will show you the list of Movies & TV shows on behalf of multiple categories. Choose TV or Movies in it.
Choose Movie
  • A toggle button is present to select the movies or Tv. Just choose the Movies to watch.
  • Select any movie to stream & click on the Play button. But to stream the movies you need to install the Kosmos Packages a.k.a link scrapper.
Click on Play
  • It will show the scrap links from multiple websites, you can stream movies automatically. It is very easy to use this app & stream.

If you had installed the Kosmos packages only, the movies stream on this app. It is simply waist to install the SYNCLER without installing the Kosmos Packages a.k.a link scrapper. It cannot stream without cosmos we will install this Kosmos package also.

Installation of Kosmos Package(Free):

Kosmos Package will scrap the link from various sources to stream the movies. It will act like Add-on Kodi, to stream the movies. But it is not easy as like SYNCLER. Please follow the steps carefully to install it correctly. SYNCLER Express provider packages, but it is unofficial.

So it is better to use the Kosmos package, which is available at free cost & works better. You can follow this method to install the Kosmos package.

  • Launch the SYNCLER & select the Settings tab at the left side menu ribbon on the home screen.
Choose Settings
  • You have to choose the option Provider Packages. SYNCLER provider packages links will be opened.
Select the Provider Package
  • There you have to select the Kosmos under the category Install. This means You have to select the Kosmos app which is present on the Packages available to be installed.
Tap on Kosmos
  • Immediately a notification will appear with a link & code. Please note it down first. Don’t press anything on the firestick. leave the screen like that until you will complete the process on your mobile or computer.
  • Open your computer or mobile. Open the browser & type, and click on Next.
  • It will ask for the code. Enter the SYNCLER code which you have observed already on the Firestick. and hit on the Next button.
Enter Provider Code
  • Then, it will ask for the URL for the Kosmos package. SYNCLER Kosmos package URL:’.
  • Now, go to the firestick screen now & click on the Done button below the Notification message of SYNCLER.
  • After a few seconds, you will observe installed message appeared on the screen. The installation of Kosmos is completed.

As this is a free package, it will link slowly. And may cause buffering issues while streaming. It will interrupt the streaming sometimes. This may be irritating to the user.

It is better to use the Real-Debrid services. Real-Debrid is recommended use. Sometimes, Syncler Provider packages are not installed. Then also you have to use the Real-Debrid is an excellent option.

Integrate the Real-Debrid with SYNCLER Apk:

Real Debrid is subscription-based. It will not cause any buffering problems. This will link quickly to the stream. It will be great to subscribe to Real-Debrid. You stream much better with the combination of the Real-Debrid. You just follow these simple steps to do so. SYNCLER installs Express packages like Real-Debrid packages.

Real-Debrid is a multi-hoster service. That will provide quick links to download or stream anything. It is compatible with multiple devices like Firestick, Kodi, MAC, and Windows. You have to subscribe to it. You can download it directly or integrate it with any third-party apps or Kodi or SYNCLER.

As it is a multi-hoster service, it will scrap the premium links to stream. and also used to download the Torrent files quickly using IDM.

Before Integrating into SYNCLER you have to purchase the real-Debrid service. It is not a free service to use. It is most compatible & useful to Firestick /Fire Tv users.

  • Open the Home screen of FireTV. Press & hold the Home button for a while. A menu will appear. Just click on the Apps tab in it.
Click the Apps Tab
  • Just click on the SYNCLER icon to launch it.
Select the SYNCLER icon
  • After launching it, immediately it will ask to purchase & install the “Syncler+“. You just cancel it by tapping on the Cancel button below it. Then, the home screen will appear again for you.
Click on Cancel
  • Select the Settings tab at the left side menu ribbon on the home screen.
Choose Settings
  • In Settings, you have to select the Accounts tab. It will show your multiple accounts.
Choose Accounts tab
  • Then, you have to select & click the Real-Debrid from the Debrid services.
Tap on the Real-Debrid tab
  • Now, select the (+) Add tab there. It will add a new account.
Click on Add Tab
  • A pop-up window will be generated, which is having the authentication code & a URL on it. Please note it down first. Don’t press anything on the firestick. leave the screen like that until you will complete the process on your mobile or computer.
Authentification Message
  • Open the browser on your computer or mobile. Type the Url which is in the authentication message on firestick. Provide the URL:, on your device.
Visit website
  • Enter the code also which is on the firestick screen and tap on continue & Give the name as MyDebrid. Before doing this, make sure that you have already purchased the Real-Debrid.
  • Now, go to the firestick screen now & click on the Done button below the Authentication message.
Click on Done
  • Within less time, your Real-Debrid account is updated & appears there. Now, you can use the Real-Debrid Services on the Syncler app.
Enter Code
  • You can choose any movie or show from the list to stream. It will immediately start scrapping links from various sources.
Real Debrid Movies
  • This will highlight the links by RD titles. You can easily understand that it is the Real-Debrid link.

It is recommended to use the Real-Derid since it will search & link scraps quickly & stream it wonderfully. This is a trustful app also. Use the RealDebrid with Syncler app to enjoy the excellent features of Syncler & Enjoy its fastest streaming.

How to Use SYNCLER on Firestick/Fire TV 4K?

After installing the app, launch the app. or you can hold the home button on the remote. You will observe shortcut menu will appear on the screen. Tap on the Apps tab there.

  • There you can observe all apps installed on the firestick. Choose Syncler to launch.
  • Choose the TV or Movie option to do stream. So that you can see the shows or movies appear on the screen. You can set this option or observe it in the top right corner.
SYNCLER home screen
  • Choose your favorite movie or show to stream.
  • There are several options to edit or customize the app.


You also add and use the Syncler already, then you can add the syncler+ to it from the Syncler+. This will block Ads and allows you to stream the break less content.

After login to the app with syncler+ subscriptions. Use Express Packages to get wonderful links. To perform this task you have to do this procedure:

  • Launch the Syncler home screen. Tap on the Settings tab.
Choose Settings
  • Click on the Provider Packages.
Select the Provider Package
  • Choose the Express tab.
Tap on Express
  • A pop-up window will appear with the website & code. You have to remember the provider authentication code or note down it.
  • Now, open the browser on any other device and provide the website which is on the firestick screen. Visit
  • Enter the code there and hit on Next button.
Enter Provider Code
  • You can install some packages too along with this, you will get interested to use. Those links are,, and
  • You will observe that the message, you have installed the package.
  • Now, you can use Syncler+ to enjoy streaming.
Syncler+ is active

Use VPN:

As you are using third-party apps, it is necessary to use VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. This will block the Malwares to enter the system. To protect the Firestick from viruses, you have to use the VPN services.

You can use Express VPN, as it is the best VPN Service. You can follow this step-by-step procedure to complete the downloading, and installation of Express VPN along with its complete setup.

  • Turn On your Fire TV & connect the Firestick device to it. Wait until it will load. On the top of the screen, there is a menu appeared. Choose the  Search icon which is in the left corner.
Choose Search icon
  • Type EXPRESS VPN in the search bar.
Type & search for Express VPN
  • You will get the Express VPN icon as a search result. Identify it & Click on it.
Choose the Express VPN icon
  • Immediately, it will show the downloading window. You just tap on the Download button to download the app.
Click on Download Express VPN
  • It will automatically download & install. After completing this process, the Open button will appear. Just tap on the Open Button to launch.
Click on open to launch Express VPN
  • Express Vpn is installed successfully.
Setup Express VPN:
  • Now we will set up Express VPN on Firestick. After clicking on the Open button, it will launch the App automatically. You can launch it from app store of the Fire TV.
Launch Express VPN
  • Express VPN Home screen will appears.


  • Click on the SignUp to register & sign in.
Click on the Sign In Button
  • If you have already registered, just sign in to the app. It will ask you for the information to register & allow you into the app. At this time only, you can purchase the app. This is the cheapest VPN for Firestick.
Sign in to Express VPN
  • After completing the registration or sign-in process, you will show the Improve ExpressVPN window. Hit on Ok to improve.
Help improve Express VPN
  • It will configure your device by just tapping on the OK on the Setup Your VPN window. Then it will connect to the server.
  • A pop-up message is displayed to connect with the server. You have to confirm it by tapping on the OK button.
Click on Ok to connect to Express VPN
  • The app will ask your permission. You have to allow it otherwise the app will be crashed.
  • Click on the power button to & the server connects you will be displayed below it. Otherwise, tap on the server name to choose the server and then you can click on the power button.
Tap on the Power button to start Express VPN
  • The Express VPN services are started, minimize it & use the applications which you loved most. Stream them to enjoy. Generally, firestick blocks VPN services. To enable it and set up a VPN like this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question 1) SYNCLER is an official app or not?

Answer: Yes. It is an official app only like Kodi. You can add any Debrid account to it for the fastest streaming.

  • Question 2) How can I download apps to the Fire Tv?

Answer: You have to install the Downloader app as explained in the above article. Then you can download any app from it.

  • Question 3) Is Real-Debrid safe to use?

Answer: This is an official app. You can use it without any problem. Real-Debrid is designed for TVs. It will not store your download instead of storing, it will scrap & provide the link to the stream from popular services also.

  • Question 4) Do I have to use any VPN service while working with Debrid?

Answer: No need for it. Since it is an official app & there is nothing to block on this site. So, it will not require any VPN service.

Final Conclusion:

We will expect the Syncler app from the official amazon AppStore. But now, the downloading & installing may be confusing for you. Don’t be confused. Read the article carefully & follow the step-by-step procedure, you can easily do the process successfully.

First, you have to allow unknown resources. Next, you have used a Downloader to install the official Syncler Installer. Means you have installed Downloader & from that Syncler Installer. After, Install the Syncler app from Syncler Installer. After that, remove the Syncler Installer.

To scrap links for free of cost you have to integrate the Sync app with the Kosmos Package. If the stream is not better with the Kosmos Package. You can use the Real-Debrid, which is a payment app. Just subscribe to Real-Debrid & integrate it with the Syncler app as explained above.

Observe & read carefully to do the total process. Follow the process completely & enjoy excellent streaming with wonderful features. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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