How to Reset Firestick to Factory Settings? [2022]

If you want to Reset Your Firestick to Factory Settings, then read more to know How to Reset Firestick to Factory Settings? [Working Methods]

If you are a Firestick user and you are facing some problems with Firestick like slow working or not properly working, Then this is the right time to reset your Firestick to factory settings. So many user-facing issues with Firestick.

They can avoid all the problems by Factory resetting their Firestick. You will know what happens when you reset the firestick to factory settings.

Most firestick users are no idea about Firestick resetting to factory settings. This is a very typical task and not easy to reset without proper guidelines. You are in the right place to learn about how to reset your Firestick to Factory settings.

This is the article that learns you about what is Factory reset is on your Firestick. I am searching so many sites and preparing this article to reset your Firestick to Factory settings without any errors and problems.

You can perform a factory reset firestick remote easily. Read this article up to the end to know all the required information on this issue.

Why does Reset the Fire TV Stick to Factory Settings?

Reset Factory settings mean deleting all the information from the device. In this process, all devices which are connected to Firestick are disconnected instantly and you have to set up all settings and connect the devices to pair this Firestick.

Reset to Factory settings and delete all the data on your Firestick including Downloaded apps. Why do people want to Reset to Factory settings even though they know that the data was deleted permanently? In this article, I will learn to you in which conditions you have to Reset to Factory Settings on Your Firestick.

You can also reset the Firestick using the Firestick app, it would be done by using the Android and iOS devices too. Here are many ways to reset. So I read the article completely. You will know, how to reset the firestick from the phone, remote, and many others.

Do you feel that if I restart my firestick will I lose everything? then you have to move to the below sections of this article and avoid Reset. Remove some of the problematic apps. The issue would be resolved.

Reasons to Firestick Reset to Factory Settings:

Here are some reasons when the people who want to reset their Firestick to Factory Reset are given below to you

  • Slow Performance of Firestick.
  • Black Screen on Firestick.
  • Rebooting again and again.
  • Improper connection to Wi-Fi.
  • Overheating.
#1. Slow Performance of your Firestick:

Suddenly your Firestick is working in slow. When you open an app on Firestick it is not opened immediately and it takes a longer time to open.

If you perform an action this also takes a longer time to complete that action then the users may feel very uncomfortable. Due to this slow performance, some of those apps cannot open on Fire Tv.

When your Firestick becomes slower you cannot be streaming video continuously. Video Buffering may be boring to viewers. Amazon fire stick reset itself.

#2. Black Screen on Firestick:

This is another reason to Reset Factory Settings. Sometimes Firestick users face the Blank screen on FireTV they cannot see anything on the screen.

In this situation, You have to use the remote one to reset to Factory reset settings. This will be normal after Factory resetting of your Firestick. This is the method you will know, how to factory reset the firestick when frozen.

#3. Rebooting:

When you download so many apps on your Firestick then the system asks for Rebooting continuously. The total memory on running Firestick is 8GB when you download a number of apps then the Firesticks memory full by the Installed apps and then it asks for Rebooting.

#4. Not connected to Wi-Fi:

If you are unable to connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi, you have to check all the connections of Firestick and reconnect them again.

After this also the Wi-Fi is connected to your device no second option this is better to Reset to Factory Settings of your Firestick. After resettings to factory settings, you have to connect all devices to Firestick Including a Router Wi-Fi.

#5. Over Heating:

Most of the time some users report that their Firestick is overheated when they install some apps. When you install so many apps the system gets heated and the heating may damage the hardware of Firestick.

So when you noticed that your Firestick is always Overheat when the bulk actions are in progress then you have to Reset to Factory settings of Your Firestick.

How to Reset Firestick to Factory Settings:

Now we are coming to the main concept of this article which is How to Reset Firestick to Factory settings. If you are facing any one of the above-mentioned problems, you have to reset to factory settings.

Here there are some steps to Reset to Factory Settings are given below to reset to factory settings. Most of the users don’t know how to Reset Factory Settings. No need to worry about this you are in right place I will share some of the steps with you to Reset Factory Settings. Reset firestick without remote also in this article.

In this article, we are using two methods of Resetting. One is Reset by using Settings and another one by using Remote controller.

The first method is the best one to reset to factory settings. If your Firestick has only slow performance then you have to use the first method of Using Settings. If your Firestick is a Blank screen or it freezes to work then the second method of Using a Remote controller is better to Reset to Factory Settings.

#1. Reset Firestick to Factory Reset by using Settings of the Firestick:

In this method, you can Reset Firestick to Factory reset we are using Settings. You can perform the Factory reset firestick without a pin. Here are some of the steps given below to Reset to Factory Reset

  • First of all close all running apps on the fire tv stick.
  • On the Home screen, Open Settings, which is located at the top right of the menu items.
Tap on the Settings option
  • On the Settings page move forward and select My Fire TV.
Select My Fire TV
  • My Fire Tv opened a page and scroll down to find Factory Reset Defaults.
Click on reset to Factory Settings
  • If find select that option. A warning message appears on the screen just select the Reset option.
Hit on Reset
  • A page opened with a message on-screen “Resetting your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to Factory Defaults.”
  • Then Your Firestick Reboots with the message “Your Firestick Is Powering off”.
  • After a few seconds, the Firestick restarts and you do not unplug during this operation is over.
  • If you do so the Firmware of the Firestick is damaged and the Firestick will become dead.

#2. Reset to Firestick to Factory Reset by using Remote Controller:

When compared to the first method this is the simple method and you can reset Factory Settings easily. This is the method suggested to you when your system freezes and there is a blank screen on the Firestick or is not able to perform any action.

No need number of steps to Reset to Factory Settings, Just a Remote is required to Reset in this method. Make sure that your Firestick remote works properly or not. The old version remote is also useful for you to Reset Factory Settings.

Here the process of Reset by using Remote is Given below

  • Press the Back button and Right navigation Key simultaneously for up to 10 to 15 seconds.
Reset through remote
  • Wait for some time a message appeared on the Screen “Resetting Your Amazon Firestick 4K to Factory Defaults”.
Hit on Reset
  • Its starts rebooting and you will see a message “Your Firestick is Powering Off”.
  • After a few seconds, it will restarts and you have successfully Reset Firestick to Reset Factory settings.

#3. Use any other Remote

If the remote is not working for any reason, then you can use any other Remote. This means, that if your remote is not working properly, then you can use any other Fire TV remote. For example, you can take your friend or neighbor’s Fire TV remote to reset.

Just pair the new remote to the Firestick. Wait for a while, to pair it. After pairing, you can reset the FireTV as explained clearly on the first method or second method.

#4. Reset using the Fire TV app:

In this method, you can complete the process without the remote. In that place, you have to use an Android or iOS Device. You have to download the Fire TV app on an Android or iOS device. Which will helps run the fire tv.

Connect your Android Device or iOS Device to the same Wi-Fi, to which the Firestick is connected. This means the Fire TV and Android or iPhone device would be connected with the same Wi-Fi.

You have to enter the four-digit code on the Fire TV. Provide the code then you can use the FireTV app to control the Fire TV Stick.

After connecting you will navigate to the Reset Factory Settings tab. Tap on the Settings tab -> My Fire TV -> Reset to Factory Settings. You have done it in the first method actually. Here, you will do this by using the Fire Tv app.

#5. Reset without Wi-Fi

In the above methods, you may perform the reset using the Wi-fi. If you don’t have Wi-Fi then you can follow this method to resolve the issue. To perform this you need HDMI-CEC(Consumer Electronics Control).

Use the Remote to operate the Fire TV. Enable the HDMI-CEC Settings on your Fire TV. The Settings Name & the location are not stable for every TV.

#6. Reset Without Wi-Fi and Remote

In unpleasant situations, your Wi-Fi maybe not connect properly. The remote is not working. In these worst cases too you can reset your Fire TV. The Wi-Fi password may be changed or the router password is changed. The remote may be repaired or not paired to the Fire TV. If the HDMI-CEC is not supporting your device.

Then you have used your mobile, just turn on the hotspot and connect the Fire TV to it. Use it as a remote to navigate or control the Fire TV. Now you can use the First method to reset. Tap on the Settings tab -> My Fire TV -> Reset to Factory Settings. The task would be successful.

#7. Get New Pin For Reset:

If the above methods do not get good results for you then you can follow this method. To reset it again, you can get the new pin from the Official app.

  • Go to the Amazon Official Website.
    Login to Amazon Website
  • Sign in to the account.
  • Go to the Settings and choose the Paternal Controls tab.
Turn off paternal controls
  • Tap on the Change button near your PIN. Make sure that you are changing the Fire TV Pin.
  • Change the Pin and save it.
  • After that, you can perform the reset as explained in the first or second methods.

#8. Reset using PC:

You can also perform the reset by using the PC also. Just follow the below steps to perform.

  • Download & Install the BlueStack Android Emulator on your PC.
  • After completion of installation, you can launch it once.
  • And download the Fire TV Remote App.
  • After installing the Fire TV remote app, you can control the Fire TV from the PC.
  • Make sure that your Fire TV Wi-Fi is the same as the Wi-Fi on the PC.
  • Operate the Fire TV by PC. Just go to the Settings of the FireTV.
  • Tap on the My Fire TV tab and hit on the Reset to the Factory Settings option.
  • Confirm it on the Pop-up window too.

How to Avoid Reset:

Amazon will allow you to install many apps and use them. It will allow you to use many apps. So the Fire TV Stick may be overloaded and it will cause issues. So that you will reset the FireTV Stick. Instead of resetting the Fire TV, it is better to delete some of the apps.

You can remove the unnecessary apps, overloaded apps or heavy apps, and problematic or virus-prone apps.

#1. Uninstall Individual Apps:

Remove the apps one after another. Since you will choose each and every app and uninstall them as your wish. So that important data and apps would be saved safely.

Just follow the method to uninstall the apps on firestick.

  • Launch Firestick.
  • Click on the Apps tab of the Firestick device.
Select Apps icon
  • Just choose and hit on the Manage Installed App.
Hit on Manage Installed
  • You will observe all installed apps on your FireTV.
  • Choose the apps to be removed. Hit on it and tap on the Uninstall tab.
Click on Uninstall tab
  • Confirm it.
  • Wait for a while, the process would be completed. This means the app and its data are removed completely. You can remove the all apps you wish to uninstall.

Then the issue would be resolved automatically.

#2. Clear Cache

Behalf of the above method, you can clear the app data or cache. The Device will work very quickly. Generally, if you have cleared the data the device storage will be replaced. then it will work with very speed. So that the issue would be resolved. Follow this method:

  • Launch Firestick.
  • Click on the Apps tab of the Firestick device.
Select Apps icon
  • Hit on the Manage Installed App.
Hit on Manage Installed
  • Tap the app you wish or choose the problematic app.
  • Hit on the Clear Cache or Clear data.
Choose Clear cache
  • Confirm it and wait for a while and the memory space is cleared.
  • Do for every app.

#3. Using ES File Explorer:

By using the ES File Explorer,  you can clean the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is the most convenient way to remove the apps from FireStick. If you are facing storage problems with Fire TV Stick, then you can resolve them using File Explorer. Also, you can use the downloader app to install each app separately.

  • Launch Your Fire TV. Click on the magnifier icon on the home screen menu bar which is located at the top of the screen.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • Type ES File Explorer to search. Hit on the search results of the Es File Explorer to download.
Click on the ES File Explorer icon
  • Tap on the Download button.
Tap on Download to download ES File Explorer
  • Wait for a while to install and tap on the Open button after installing.
Tap on Open for ES File Explorer
  • After installing the app, go to the home page. And go to the apps.
  • launch the app.
Choose ES File Explorer
  • Click on the Local tab which navigates you to the internal storage.
  • Tap on the Apps directory, which will contain the android files in it. If you are on the Downloader or Downloads directory.
  • Choose the app file to remove. Just hover on to the app. Keep on pressing the Select Button on the remote till you get the green icon.
  • Do this step for each app to remove all apps you wish to remove.
  • Move down and tap on the delete button to remove the app completely.

Do These Things After Reset Your Firestick:

After Factory Reset of the Firestick, you will get the Firestick with the default settings. It means every app, you have installed would be removed. Your apps, and app data would be removed. So that you have to reset your Firestick and install all apps which are necessary to stream.

#1. Setup Fire Stick

After reset, the firestick is with the default settings. So it needs an overall reset to the Firestick. To perform this task do the following steps:

  • After reset, the device is booted. After restart, check the power socket, adapter, router, HDMI-Port, and all connections of the Fire TV. It is better to remove the power socket and connect all of them once again perfectly. Then you can connect the Fire TV power cable to the socket and power it on.
  • Remove the batteries from the Fire Stick Remote and replace them again.
Change FireStick Batteries
  • Launch the Fire TV Stick Home screen.
  • The Remote has paired with the Fire Tv automatically.
  • Keep on pressing the Play/Pause button then it will go into the discovery mode.
  • You have to follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device. Like choosing the language.
  • Scan for the networks, to connect to the Wi-Fi [ Settings -> Network -> Scan for Networks ]. Choose the correct Wi-Fi connection, in the list of Wi-Fi connections near you. Sign in with SSID & Password. Then Wi-Fi would be connected to Fire TV Stick.
Scan for Networks
  • Go to the Amazon Accounts [ Settings ->  My Account -> Amazon Account ]. Sign in to it or create a new account to register. Then you have to save your Wi-Fi ID, Password, and Amazon Account details would save on the Amazon login only.
Choose Amazon Account
  • After that, you will confirm and exit from the setup process. Go to the Firestick Home Screen and use it.
#2. Install VPN

It is important to install the VPN. Since streaming firestick will allow a lot of third-party apps. Also, to protect yourself from third-party users and viruses, it is necessary to install VPN. This will protect your data along with your IP Address. So that no one will trace you.

VPN is the Virtual Private Network. This is a private network that will break the Geo-Restrictions. Geo-Restrictions are a method to access websites in some of the areas only. This will hide you. No one can trace your IP Address and Internet Browsing History. So that you can download and use any third-party apps.

It is better to use the VPN on your Firestick. You Can Download and Install a VPN on Firestick very easily, just tap on the link to the step-by-step procedure to do. You can choose the VPNs by taking many features like Fast & Speed Bandwidths, Sever coverage, Firestick compatibility, Security Features, Price, or a free trial. You can choose the VPNs from the list of Top and cheapest VPNs For Firestick to install.

#3. Firestick Jailbreaking

Amazon will offer many apps. But many users will be used to streaming the third-party Apps like Cinema HD. Many apps and channels will provide live streaming. Jailbreaking is the process that will allow you to access and stream third-party apps and websites.

Here are the steps to Jailbreak Firestick Device:

  • Launch Fire TV Stick.
  • Press & hold the home button on the remote for some time to get the shortcut menu. There choose the Settings tab.
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings
  • Search for the My Fire Tv tab and hit on it.
Select My Fire TV
  • Tap on the System tab and choose Developer options.
Hit on Developer Options
  • Turn on the Apps from Unknown sources option and Turn on ADB Debugging also.
Turn on Unknown sources
  • Then return to the position of the same setting and choose the preferences tool under it to select privacy settings.
Choose & Click on Preferences Tab
  • On the preferences, you should have to disable two options like Device Usage Data and Collect app usage data. First, disable the Device Usage Data tab.
Turn off Device Usage Data
  • This will asks you to confirm.
Turn off Device usage Data
  • Next, turn off the Collect app usage data.
Click on App Usage Data
  • Confirm it on the dialogue box too.
Turn off App Usage Data
  • Tap on the turn-off button of both options.
  • Straight away return to preference settings and then choose the Data monitoring option and disable it.
Turn off Data Monitoring

Exit from there. Now, the Fire TV Stick completed the jailbreaking process successfully. You can install & stream third-party apps now.

#4. Downloader:

It will sideload the third-party apps to the Firestick. Downloader resembles an App Store. Since it sideloads the third-party apps. But it will sideload apps using the correct URL or searches for that app.

It will download the apps quickly. So many people love to use this AppStore and it became famous. No need to waste your time. Since the process would be simple. You can Download the Downloader app on Firestick.

#5. Recover Your Favorite Channels:

You can get your apps favorite apps, and channels back. And you will get all the apps you need. You can start the installation of your favorite apps.

Save the Amazon Store apps on the Cloud and save the firestick memory. Along with the Amazon Store, you can install third-party apps too. There are so many third-party apps, and channels available for you to stream  Also, there are famous streaming apps listed below.

For Movies and TV Shows:

  • Cyber Flix TV
  • Cinema HD
  • Titanium TV
  • Disney Plus
  • YouTube

Live TV Apps:

  • Live Net TV
  • Pluto TV
  • BBCiPlayer

Kids Channels:

  • Nick Jr.
  • PBS Kids
  • YouTube Kids
  • Pokémon TV

News Channels:

  • BBC Channels
  • FOX News
  • CNN GO

Local Channels:

  • Pluto
  • Crackle

Sports Channels:

  • NBC Sports
  • ESPN

Live Sport Channels:

  • UFC Live
  • NFL Live
  • NBA Live
  • Tennis Live

Utility Apps:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions given to you to know some facts about this Reset to Factory Settings.

  • Question 1) Can I Reset when my Firestick is not able to perform any activity?

Answer: Yes, You can Reset your Firestick to Factory Reset when your Firestick is Freezing or blank screen on Fire Tv then you have to use the Remote controller of Your firestick to reset to the Factory Reset.

  • Question 2) Is this Reset Delete all apps from Stick?

Answer: Yes. By reset, to factory Reset, all apps and data are deleted from the Firestick. After reset to factory settings, your Firestick will Become like the new one.

  • Question 3) Is this Reset to Factory reset safe to perform?

Answer: Yes, When you face some of the problems mentioned in this article, you should perform a reset to the Factory reset. This is the best and safest method for the Firestick. This prevents damage to the Hardware and firmware of the Firestick.

Final Words:

This is the article regarding Reset firestick to Factory Reset. In this article, we are discussing why we are doing a Factory reset? and How can we reset the Factory Reset of Firestick? In this article, we are discussing two methods to Reset Firestick.

I hope that this article will help you a lot to perform Reset to Factory Reset. If you like this article please share this article with your friends. Thanks for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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