How to Map a Network Drive on a macOS [100% Working]

If you’re looking for the steps to map the network drive on mac then read more to know How to Map a Network Drive on a macOS

Hello! Internet Viewers, How are you all, Hope all are doing good, Today we are with a new concept that is very much useful for mac users, Mapping the network drive is helpful in the transferring of so many files. You can get detailed information in this article.

We are ready to discuss the basic information of network drive and tell its uses and explain the necessity to map the network drive and briefly tell the steps for automount.

What Is Network Drive?

Network Drive is also called Network Attached Storage(NAS) drive, this is an excellent storage device that is used to connect the home or office network on behalf of a computer, the user can easily access the files on various devices like smartphones, tablets or computer without connecting to the drive.

It has automated backups and mirrors the data on two drives, this is flexible and perfectly controls the mac storage on the standard external hard drives.

Uses of Network Drive:

The network drive is the best alternative for cloud storage, the user can easily copy and paste the files to Google Drive or Dropbox but the drive mapping is performed by the network drive.

Below are the uses of network drive

  • It manages all the files
  • Compared to cloud services it is more secure
  • More reliable and flexible
  • There are so many users using the network drive on various devices

The Necessity to Map a Network Drive

The main necessity to map the network drive is to transfer the files among two different computers, if the user is connected to the laptop to the PC then you can easily drag and drop the files among them and also move files from one location to various locations.

To maintain the security of personal files, simply map them on behalf of keeping them on multiple copies of the same file. The user must use the shared folder on the Windows to the actual network.

How to Map A Network Drive on Mac?

On behalf of downloading or copying the identical files on all devices, just save the files in a single folder and them share among the respective folder over all devices, after sharing the address of the data and then map the network drive on all devices.

  • Launch Finder on mac
Open Finder
Open Finder
  • Then tap on Go and then select Connect to Server on the options.
Connect to Servers
Connect to Servers
  • You must give the path for the network driver that you wish to map and select Connect option.
Select Connect option
Select Connect option
  • It shows the confirmation box, in that tap on Connect to continue
Click on Connect
Click on Connect

Remember, the accounts tab didn’t give permission to use the folder or file, and also not possible to connect to the network drive

  • Once mapping the network drive, it displays the desktop as a mounted drive or below the locations menu in any Finder window

So the user must make sure if you map the network drives show as mounted drives on mac and identify them by removing the drive.

How to Automount a Network Drive on macOS?

If you wish to check the mapped driver after reboot, so simply enable the automounting through login items below the user account preferences, to do this the user must follow some simple steps.

  • On a mac, select the Apple Logo and select System Preferences
System Preferences
System Preferences
  • Then select the Users & Groups tab.
Click On Users & Groups
  • Click on the Username that accesses the network drive.
  • Choose the Login Items tab.
Select Login Items
Select Login Items
  • Go to the item you want to add and tap on it and choose the item and tap on Add option.
Click on Add
Click on Add

How to Map A Network Drive On Windows?

It is quite easy and simple to map the network drive on Windows, in this section we want to discuss the steps, and carefully follow them.

  • On Windows, move to the Start menu.
  • Then select File Explorer.
File Explorer
File Explorer
  • At the top of explorer, click on Map Network Drive, it shows the Map Network Drive Wizard.
Map Network Drive
Map Network Drive
  • Select the driver that you want to map and tap on Browse.
Tap on Browse
Tap on Browse
  • Choose the location you want to use the mapped files on another device.
  • In the Browse window, select the computer and the shared folder you wish to map and tap on the Done option.
Click on Finish
Click on Finish

How to Make the Mapped Network Drive Visible on the Mac?

Sometimes the mounted network drive is not displayed on the mac because of faulty system settings, it is easy to make the mapped network drive icon visible on the system, to do this the user must follow some simple steps

  •  On Finder, go to Finder Preferences by pressing Command + keys
  • Select the General tab
  • Now, choose the checkbox that is preceding the Connected Servers
Connected Servers
Connected Servers
  • Next, exit from the Finder Preferences.

Choosing the checkbox that is preceding the Connected Servers, you must check the icon on the mac or simply visible in the Finder window sidebars.

How to Remount a Mapped Network Drive In Single-click?

It is easy to control or work among, multiple departments for each and every network drive, simply make the aliases of the mapped network drive

  • You must right-tap on any mapped NAS Device
  • Click on the Make Alias option

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How to disconnect the Mapped Network Drives on Windows?

Answer#1: If you want to disconnect the mapped network drives on windows, then follow the below simple steps

  1. Launch the File Explorer
  2. Move to the location where the mapped network drives are present
  3. Then right-tap on the drive that you want to disconnect and click on Disconnect
  4. Finally, it disconnects the drive
  • Question 2) How to disconnect the Mapped Network Drives on mac?

Answer#2: It is simple and easy to disconnect the mapped network drives on a mac

  1. Open the Finder on mac
  2. Then below the shared section that is shown on the left side of the dialog box, choose the network drive that you want to disconnect.
  3. Choose the Eject symbol that is shown on the right side.
  • Question 3) Is it possible to map the windows network drive to mac?

Answer#3: It is possible, the user can easily share the files between windows and mac, with the help of OneDrive or a formatted external or USB flash drive, the file sharing process is easy on mac.

  • Question 4) How to map a network drive on a mac using AFP?

Answer#4: Here we are explaining the steps to map the network drive on mac with the help of AFP

  1. On Finder menu bar
  2. Move to Go and then click on Connect to Server 
  3. Type the drive IP address and click on Connect

Final Conclusion:

This article gives complete information on the concept of mapping the network drive and tells the necessity to map the network drive and steps to map the network drive on both Windows and mac and discusses the steps to automount the network drive.

People who want to map the network drive on their mac device and looking for the steps to do, for that type of people this article is the best reference to know, Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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