How to Make an Existing Fillable PDF?

If you want to make or create a fillable PDF on your device then read more to know How to Make a Fillable PDF

Hello! Everyone, I am so happy to invite you to this article, The article is How to Make a Fillable PDF, Are you searching for the process of making a fillable PDF document  and also the process of creating a fillable PDF form on word document for that type of people, this is the right place where you can know the complete process of making a fillable PDF and also know the basic information of a fillable PDF

In this article, we are ready to discuss the complete information of a fillable PDF and also the steps for making a fillable PDF, and also tells how to create a fillable PDF form from the word document

What is a Fillable PDF?

A fillable PDF is a PDF document that covers particular fields that are editable without using the PDF-editor software, each and every fillable PDF is opened in modern PDF viewers like Acrobat, Preview, Chrome, and Bluebeam and these are usable in the Forms tool

Generally, Fillable forms are called versions that are not regularly used and or modified documents that are found in the electronic format for easy and simple editing, each and every form is a Microsoft word document and those are formatted and locked for entering the data easily

Here we are using Adobe Acrobat for making a fillable PDF, so it is necessary to know the basic information of Adobe Acrobat below we are discussing the features and basic information of Adobe Acrobat, it is not mandatory to use Adobe Acrobat the user can use any App Its ur choice, the reason for using the Adobe Acrobat is it is simple and easy to use

What is Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF applications it was developed by Adobe Systems and is useful in many ways the user can view PDFs offline and online and also create, edit, manage and print the PDF files easily, user can use this app in any device and it offers excellent features, the interface is user-friendly

Features of Adobe Acrobat:

The interesting features of Adobe Acrobat are
  1. It easily converts word, excels, or PowerPoint to PDF
  2. The user can print to PDF
  3. Transform HTML pages to PDF
  4. It joins all files into one single PDF
  5. The user can also compare the files
  6. Offers e-signatures, so the user can legally use this software
  7. You can also give PDF passwords and permissions
  8. Easily edit the data in the form of scanned tables
  9. By using the app, you can transform PDFs into Office formats
  10. Also, convert the existing forms into fillable PDFs
  11. The interface is simple and interactive, the user can conveniently use this app
  12. Available in two pricing plans i.e Monthly and Annual subscription and also offer a free trial to users
  13. It is applicable for Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based browsers

How to Make an Existing Fillable PDF?

If you want to make a fillable PDF then you need to follow some simple steps

  • First of all, the device is having Acrobat downloaded and installed on your device
  • Then launch the Acrobat.
launch the Acrobat
  • Select the Tools tab and next tap on the Prepare Form.
Tools Bar
  • You must choose a file or scan the document
  • It automatically analyzes the document and also adds the form fields
  • Now its time to add new form fields, the user must navigate to the toolbar that is located on the top and also adjust the layout with the help of tools on the right pane
  • Next, save the fillable PDF
Save as Fillable Form
  • If you want to share the PDF with others or tap on the Distribute to gather all responses automatically.
Tap on Distribute

How to Create a Fillable PDF Form from a Word Document?

The user can also create a fillable PDF Form from a word document

  • Initially, launch Microsoft Word on your device
  • Then open the word document that you wish to make a document into a fillable PDF form
  • Now, move to file and then select Print, remember you must choose the Adobe PDF as a printer, and next, tap on the Print option
  • Then it will ask that where you want to save the PDF file that you are creating now tap on the desktop or file share and select OK
  • Next, the computer will automatically create a PDF file and it will be open in  the Adobe Acrobat PDF editing program
  • At this time the user must maintain a primary PDF document, but the user must require an Acrobat for making a fillable form, if you want to continue the process then move to the Tools button and then select the Forms button and then Create.
Tap on Create
  • Then it will ask some questions, on the first screen, the user must remember to select the existing file and then simply tap on the Next option.
Tap on Next
  • In the next window, Use the current document is chosen and then select the Next option.
Select Next option
  • Now, the acrobat will try to allow all the fillable fields in the form, if it is not correct then its time to edit some fields manually, generally the Acrobat normally sets decorative lines  wrongly as fillable fields
  • The user will see any form field and decided to remove or delete then simply tap on it(  it would be highlighted as a blue) and hold down the Delete button on the keyboard, if the user is not supposed to delete the line then it remains as incorrect set
  • After completion of all the processes, just tap on the Preview button to view the form that is correctly filled or not
  • If the user wants to modify with some extra changes then select Edit to come back to the form editor or else simply move to the File and then select Save  As and save the Completed form.
Choose Edit option

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How to make a fillable  PDF on a Mac?

Answer: It is easy and simple to convert the document into a fillable form, The user must follow some simple steps to create a fillable PDF on a Mac

  1. First of all, the user must  open the application, if you can use any application like Sejda, Foxit, Preview, PDF Expert, PDF element, and Adobe Acrobat, here we are using the Adobe Acrobat
  2. Then go to the Tools tab and choose the Prepare Form option
  3. Now you need to upload the document
  4. Next, add the necessary form fields
  5. Finally, save and download the form as a PDF
  • Question 2) Explain, how to create a fillable PDF without using Acrobat?

Answer: Without using Acrobat, the user can create a fillable PDF, follow the below simple steps

  1. First of all, launch the ApowerPDF
  2. Tap on Create
  3. Then choose the Blank Document
  4. Next click on the Forms tab
  5. After that  add the required form fields, you need to double click on the field to modify the form appearance, name, and layout
  6. After completion of the process, the user must tap on the File and then select the Save option
  • Question 3) What is the software that is used to create a fillable PDF form?

Answer: In the market, they are so many software for creating a fillable PDF form, some of them are  PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat, JotForm, Nitro, PDFill PDF Form Maker, etc. The user can use any software as they wish the process is the same in all software but the features and performance of the software should be varies


This article gives complete information on a fillable PDF and also discusses the steps for making a fillable PDF and also tells how to create a PDF form on a word document

For people, who want to know about how to make a fillable PDF on a word document, for that type people this article is the best reference, the steps are simple and easy, the user can easily make a PDF, you can use any software for making a PDF.

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