How to Install Google Play Store on Firestick/Fire TV?

Are you searching for the working methods to Install Google Play Store on Firestick? then read How to Install Google Play Store on Firestick.

Hi everyone this is your technical guide once again on the platform as I came to know that you are struggling to install Google Playstore on Firestick as I am on the platform I am gonna guide how to install it so no need to worry about installing the google play store on firestick.

Installing google play store on firestick won’t let you get all the applications you see on the regular play store most of the streaming content’s observed and other VPNs along with other sources of the VPN installers are observed.

Mostly firestick is used to stream on the smart tv with an internet connection to play games and for other music applications and video content streaming sites etc, but now a step ahead wanna discover and get more information about how to download play store in firestick allows you to get moreover streaming and gaming applications are to be downloaded through special VPNs. Let’s see how to download weverse on firestick.

What is Google Play Store?

Google play store is one of the best applications and it has so many features and supports multiple categories like  Gaming Music  Streaming  Entertainment Education fun, etc it is compatible with multiple devices like android, windows, firestick, and more. You can get google play fire tv without root.

Nowadays the Television has converted into smart  Tv these are with play store in it for the devices like smart tv Amazon Firestick is newly arrived in these days with this people can stream a lot of movies sites and stream more as like music movies gaming etc….. Remember that the firestick app won’t run without google play services.

Additional  Information : 

  • App Name: Google Playstore
  • Size: 1024 kb
  • Compatibility: Andriod, Chrome, OS, Android tv, wear os web application

Features of PlayStore:

  1. This would be the best AppStore for Android Devices.
  2. Easy Download and use the app.
  3. It has many apps, and games on it.
  4. All those apps are reliable and virus-free content.
  5. As it is an official AppStore, you will download the apps which are official. It will not shows you the third-party apps.
  6. Downloads the apps and games very quickly.
  7. It is the default Appstore for Android devices. No need to pay to download & use this app.
  8. Provides notifications or alerts for the updates of the apps.

Pros & Cons:

  • Installing through the VPN  hides identity.
  • Playstore you can get all the applications that are available on the regular play store.
  • Playstore gives you more streaming apps and gaming music applications.
  • Old applications available in the play store can be replaced with updated versions.
  • Access gets only through when installed through a path VPN.
  • In some cases, the VPN is revelated so the applications are collapsed and damaged.
  • Not all the applications will run on android available through Playstore.
  • There’s no access to the paid applications.

Pre-requirements : 

There are no specific pre-requirements

  • Suitable Android operating system.
  • Specific Ram & Rom.
  • Proper internet connection.

How to download Google Play Store on Firestick : 

It is very easy to download the play store o fire stick but it’s a time taking and lengthy process along with it you need to download or use some VPNs to access Google play on firestick.

There are a few steps needed to download  those are as follows

a. Download & Install Downloader:
  • At first, get the firestick controller remote into your hand. Hold & press the home button for a while.
Home Button of Firestick Remote
  • The settings option will appear on the Firestick screen.
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings
  • Then tap on the MY Fire Tv.
Select My Fire TV
  • You can observe a prompt, click on the Developer options.
Click on Developer Option
  • After that tap on the enable Apps from unknown sources option.
Click on Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Tap on the prompt >Turn on from the other sources  > now get back to the home screen.
  • You will get into the search bar of the device and tap on it & type  DOWNLOADER app and search for it.
Type Downloader and search it
  • Hit on the search results to download the app.
Click on the Downloader icon
  • Tap on the download button.
Click on the Download Button of the Downloader app
  • Installation would be followed after downloading. Just tap on Open which appears after completion of downloading & Installation process.
Click on Open to launch Downloader
  • When the application gets launched on the mobile you can observe a prompt tap on Allow on it.
Downloader Home page
b. Downloading playStore:
  • You have to download the google firestick manager from the above Downloader.
  • Then you need to copy the given link on the search bar of the downloader which downloads the firestick manager. Link and Click on GO to download.
Download Google Account Manager
  • As it takes a moment to get downloaded tap on the Allow of the prompt that appears on the home screen.
  • The firestick manager is successfully installed and working. Next, install the Google services framework apk for firestick.
  • You have  to go to the downloader once again and has to download the file Framework of the firestick
  • Type this link Otherwise, download your known trusted file for the site.
To download framework services
  • You have to tap on the link & click on download and tap on install.
  • After the installation clicks on the Done. After a moment, a prompt appears. Click on Allow.
  • You have to install the Google Play Services which works as the server and root for the Google play store
  • Once again get to the home screen and tap on the Downloader search bar & type this link on the downloader app to download the Play services. Link and hit on Go. tap on ok. On the search icon as it takes a couple of times to get downloaded.
Download Play Services
  • After the application gets downloaded you can observe a prompt on the screen. Tap on NEXT &   another prompt will appear tap on Install. Let’s know, how to install globoplay on firestick.
  • As the installation process takes a moment after a while another prompt will appear. Click on done
  • After all these steps, now you can easily download and access the Google play store on your device.
  • You have to get into the search icon of the downloader or type for the Google Playstore URL: and hit on Go button.
Download Playstore Services
  • You can easily download it directly and click on ok. As you can get the application through directly, downloading process takes a moment to get into the home page. As the application gets downloaded, tap on install.
  • Here You can observe a prompt click on install. As the installation process takes a moment click on the prompt you can see that appears on the screen clock on Done.
  • Now the Google play store is installed on the Firestick of your smart Tv

Access the Playstore :

Although you have installed the Google Playstore on the Firestick you cant see the application on the home screen of the play store you need a VPN (a virtual private network)  to run the google play store

by using this VPN you can hide your identity and access the google play store, choose a VPN that you can trust

  • Click on the home button of the Amazon Firestick remote, now you can observe an icon on the name of apps, click on it and scroll down.
Lanch Firestick Home Screen
  •  Now you can observe your application play store. Click on it double tap on it.
  •  Press the Menu button on the remote( Three horizontal lines button).
Menu Button of Firestick Remote
  • You can observe a prompt tap on the  Move option.
Hit on the Move tab
  •  Get to the home screen of the amazon fire stick fire tv.
  •  Now choose a place on the home screen as you want to place the application visible on your screen.
  •  After choosing the place drag the application by tapping on the move and choose the place tap on the place.

Fix Error: “App Won’t Run Without Google Play Services”

This error will occur generally when your device is not supporting the Google Play services. Maybe the file is missed. Just install it again.

  • Launch the Downloader app on your FireTV.
Downloader Home page
  • Tap on the Downloader search bar & type this link on the downloader app to download the Play services. Link and hit on Go. tap on ok. On the search icon as it takes a couple of times to get downloaded.
Download Play Services
  • After the application gets downloaded you can observe a prompt on the screen. Tap on NEXT &   another prompt will appear tap on Install.
  • After downloading the services apk file, you have to clear the app data.
  • Hold & press the Home button on the remote, you will just go to the Settings tab.
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings
  • Tap on the Applications option in it.
Choose the Apps Tab
  • Click on the Managed Applications. This will show all applications list installed in Firestick.
Hit on Manage Installed
  • There tap on Clear App Data. After clearing app data launch the app to use.
  • Check that the issue would be resolved.


As Google Playstore is for Android devices, it will not work properly on the firestick device or works no longer. So that, you can install Aptoide which is another AppStore for Firestick. But this will work surely on FireTV.

Actually, this is a third-party app. But it works great to download apps on firestick. You can follow these steps to download the app.

Firestick has Official Amazon AppStore. Whereas you want to install the AppStore to search & install the Third-party apps. Aptoide is the best AppStore to install third-party apps.

Here are the following steps that help you to download “Aptoide TV”.

  • Open the app Downloader.
Downloader Home page
  • Tap on the “Browser” option from the left side menu ribbon.
  • Enter the URL: and next click on the ‘Go’ option.
Type the Aptoide URL
  • Then there comes the download option for the app Aptoide TV.
Then scroll down and Click on Download Aptoid TV
  • Download and install the app Aptoide TV after that is done. You can observe the Aptoide app on the Firestick AppStore.
You can see the Aptoid TV APK on the home screen
  • Delete the temporary files as per the quire asked by the prompt. Delete it twice.

That’s all you have to do now you can enjoy some of the latest apps like Netflix and etc. that will be free of cost. So get the Firestick and enjoy all the premium apps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question 1) Is it possible to download without a Vpn?

Answer: No, it is not possible if it is possible to download within a short moment the application will be collapsed.

  • Question 2) Can we install all the applications on the Play store?

Answer: it is not possible to get it on the play store, it requires some android IP address to access.

  • Question 3) After several steps have installed google play store on the Amazon fire stick but now it is no more what would be the reason?

Answer: It might be the reason you may have installed the wrong VPN which is the reason for it.

Final Conclusion :

As we all know that Amazon Firestick is used for the smart tv it runs with an internet connection a device that promotes gaming streaming and music applications on it for increasing the entertainment and fun to access.

And get all the other categories of applications to the google play store are installed on Firestick with several steps through this you can directly install the all the categorized applications on your Firestick like streaming music gaming fun education etc..and use them instantly

Thanks for visiting this site for more updates visit back to this site if any suggestions or questions comment in the below section. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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