How to Install Downloader App on Amazon Firestick?

If you want to install the Downloader on your Firestick device then read more to know How to Install Downloader App On Amazon Firestick

Hi, a hearty welcome to this article. Are you using the Fire Tv? Are you bored watching local channels? Want to stream the most exciting channels, games, or live sports channels? Do you know how to install apps on Firesticks from your phone? This means you have to purchase or subscribe to any live streaming channels or download any third-party apps for free of cost. It is not possible through Amazon Store.

Amazon Store will not allow the third-party app. How to download apps on Amazon Fire Stick? you have to use the Downloader app to download the third-party apps. Downloader app free install available for you.

What is Downloader?

Downloader will sideload the third-party apps to the Firestick. It is Developed by AFTV and TroyPoint. Troypoint downloader apk is also available for you. Downloader resembles an App Store. Since it sideloads apps. But it will sideload apps using the correct URL or searches for that app. How to download apps on Firestick for free? Use the Downloader. No need to waste your time.

This will not take too much process of downloading, escapes us from a lot of pages for download. You just fill in the URL on the concern. It will not store the apps to download. It has a browser default to download the apps.

This is an official app available on Amazon Store & many other app stores. This is an official app. You can search & download this app easily on Fire.  But browsing on TV is not comfortable for you. So that, use the correct URL to Sideload the app directly.

Downloader Home page

It has also Es File Explorer & File Explorer also to download the third apps. But ES Explorer is a paid version of the app. You have to subscribe to it. The best part of it is it will manage the file & system greatly. Downloader app is not found on firestick 2021, then try the below methods to get it.


  1. Downloader is the best app to download third-party apps.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface.
  3. Downloads apps quickly.
  4. This app is compatible with many types of devices like FireStick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, FireStick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition, and other Android devices
  5. It is an open-source application used by millions of users.
  6. This is a lightweight application so it will not occupy much space in the memory.
  7. It is compatible with Fire TV Voice control, like other Android Devices.

Pros & Cons:

  • This is the official app to use.
  • Downloader is most trusted to download third-party apps.
  • Blocks Ads.
  • Free application to use & download.
  • A built-in browser is available to browse the apps.
  • No need to jailbreak Firestick.
  • This will allows you to use all types of files.
  • This will not allow transferring files to a PC.
  • It will not delete the unused files.
  • This app will not manage the apps downloaded from it. It just stores the downloaded apps.

Is it Safe & Legal?

Downloader is the official app to use. It is available on Amazon Appstore directly. You can download & use it easily. It is the safest app to download third-party apps.

This will not damage your device. While downloading third-party apps you have to use a VPN service like Express VPN, to hide you & your internet activity. So that it is the safest legal app to use on Firestick.


  • You need Firestick/ Fire TV to use.
  • Allow the option that Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Need proper Wi-Fi to download.

How to Download & Install Downloader on Firestick? 

As I explained before, you have to install the downloader. The Downloader app is designed & developed by AHTV and it is an official app. It will be available on the Amazon store. you can download it very easily. It has a built-in browser to search the apps. If you have provided the URL to download the app, It will download any third-party apps. You can’t find the downloader app on firestick, you have to download it from the Amazon store. You can search it on the firestick search bar on the firestick home screen.

  • Go to the home screen of FireTV now.
Fire TV Home screen
  • Generally, the menu will appear at the top of the screen when you Turn On the Fire Tv. And also you can get it by long press of the Home Button on Remote. As the menu appears on the screen, you have to choose the magnifier icon to select the search in it & Click on it to open.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • There, type the Downloader & search for the Downloader. This means you are searching for the app and downloading it from the Amazon Store.
Type Downloader and search it
  • You just select & tap on the Downloader icon in it.
  • Just click on it to download. Immediately, it will start downloading.
Click on Download of Downloader
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app.
  • You just click on the open button to launch Downloader.
Click on open to launch

The downloader will be successfully downloaded on the Fire TV. You can use it very easily.

Ways to Search the App

You can search the app in multiple methods. Here are they. You can use any of them to search the app.

#1. Search App By Voice

You can search the app by using the voice recorder of the device. Download it from the search results. It is possible by using the Mic symbol on the Remote. Just press and tell the app name to download. You just press the Mic symbol or Alexa Symbole on the remote. Just hold it and tell the name to download.

Mic button on Firestick Remote

Click on the app from the search results. Just hover the remote to the name of the app and press the Play button to download.

Select Button of Firestick Remote
#2. Search By Category

Amazon provided 25 categories nearly. You can select one of them to search the apps. So that it is easy to select the app.

  • Click on the Find on the Fire TV Home Screen.
Tap on the Find tab
  • Tap on the App Store tab there.
Click on AppStore
  • You will find the categories tab there, Hit on it to get the multiple categories. Amazon provides nearly 25 categories of apps to use.
Tap on the All Categories tab
  • You can choose the many apps according to that categories.
Choose Category
#3. Search With the Name

You can search with the app name as explained in the above method. You have to type the complete app name and download it.

Type Downloader and search it

Download Apps Using ES File Explorer

Es File Explorer has various features like browser, root explorer, hidden files, FTP share, and download manager. You can download the downloader app from the ES File Explorer too. Let’s see the installation process of Es file explorer.

  • Now move towards the search icon at the top left corner of your firestick home screen.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • Now enter like ES File Explorer and tap on it.
  • You can see the list of files displayed on your screen just click on the ES icon once you have clicked on it, the Download button appears just tap on it.
Click on the ES File Explorer icon
  • Hit on the download button to download the ES File Explorer.
Tap on Download to download ES File Explorer
  • After that tap on the Open button straight away.
Tap on Open for ES File Explorer
  • For the first time, you have to tap on the Agree button and then move your cursor toward allow button.
ES File Explorer Home screen
  • To your left tap on the add tab as shown on your screen.
Click on Add tab
  • Where you have to enter your path as  for Downloader as well as provide the name for it and then tap on the Add button down there.
Provide a path for the Downloader
  • On the left panel go-to favorite section, you will observe the Downloader tab. Just tap on it and see the downloading starts automatically.
  • This will initiate the Kodi update. Immediately Downloading will starts.
The downloader app is downloading
  • After completing the process, press the Open File button out there.
Tap on Open file to open Downloader
  • Observe the Install button again and tap on the Install button for confirmation.
  • Eventually, you will get the Done button just tap on it.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. Wait for a while to complete the installation process. After that, you can launch and use the Downloader app.

How to Use Downloader App on FireStick?

This is very easy to sideload the apps. As they are the third-party apps sideloaded on Fire TV. By using the Downloader it made very easy. Everyone can understand it easily. While launching the Downloader, it will ask for the permissions & provide a quick guide to the app. You can launch the app directly. It is downloaded & appeared on the Home screen of the Fire TV.

  • Go to the Home Screen & Identify the Downloader App there.
Select the Downloader icon
  • Accept the terms & conditions and allow the permissions asked by it. then only, the installation process will complete successfully.
  • After that, it will offer a quick start guide with a lengthy message. You just click on OK.
Click on the Ok Button
  • The Downloader will be loaded & the home screen will be appeared as below.
Downloader Home page

There is a menu ribbon on the left side & On the right-side panel, you have to enter any URL to download the app. It will easily download the apps. The option available on the left side menu ribbon is:


Downloads the apps quickly on Firestick when you provide URLs to them.


It will allow you to search or browse.


This will open or manage the Installed files & also delete them.


It will save & manage the URLs which you have used or visited mostly.


Change the settings of the downloader & browser.


Provides a complete user manual guide.

This is also known as TROYPOINT Downloader APK. Before using the Downloader app. If you are launching the Downloader app for the first time. It will present the Update Notes for the Downloader Pop-up window. You just hit on OK.

How to Enable JavaScript?

Next, you have to Enable the Javascript. It is the most important thing to use the app. Since javascript is disabled, then websites will not load properly. These are the steps to follow:

  • Launch Downloader app.
Downloader Home page
  • Go to the Setting tab from the left side menu panel.
Tap on the Settings tab
  • Check the check box near the option Enable JavaScript. Just tick on the checkbox and exit from there. You can use the app now.

Sideload the Free View App Using Downloader

Sideloading an app is very easy using the Downloader. The best Downloader for Firestick APK. But these are third-party apps. while loading these apps you have to allow the Apps from unknown sources. This means you are given permission to sideload the app from any unknown sources also. If you have given permission, it will allow any third-party apps onto your device. Follow the below steps to sideload the apps.

#1. Allow Unknown Sources
  • Go to your Fire TV home screen.
Fire TV Home screen
  • Generally, the menu will appear at the top of the screen when you Turn On the FireTv. And also you can get it by long press of the Home Button on Remote. If the menu does not appear then you can press & hold the Home Button. If the menu appears on the screen, you have to choose the Settings tab in it & Click on it to open it.
Tap on the Settings option
  • In the settings window, you have to scroll & select the My Fire TV option.
Select My Fire TV
  • In that, scroll & search for the Developer options in them, tap on it.
Click on Developer options
  • Choose the option Apps from Unknown Sources. You have to Turn On it. This means you are giving permission to sideload the app from any unknown sources also. Normally, it is Turned off to secure your data & apps.
Choose Apps from Unknown Sources
  • It will show a warning message immediately. Confirm it by clicking on the Turn On the Confirmation message.
Message appeared

The Apps from unknown sources are allowed on your device now, this means you can download third-party or unofficial apps on your device. Now, you can download any third-party app.

#2. Sideload the Free View App

The free view is an app service to stream multiple channels in various languages. It is available free of cost. No need to pay or subscribe to the channels. This will provide you with local live channels free of cost. It never asks for contracts and subscriptions.

This is a Freeware application. Actually, it is allowed in 3 countries only New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. So that you have to sideload the app using the Downloader. It will also stream multiple channels like BBC. How to install APK on Firestick using Downloader is a simple process, if you have followed this article.

As it is not applicable in all countries you can sideload & use the Free view app on Fire TV using this Downloader only.  Use the VPN Service, since you are downloading a streaming app. After that, you will download movies or so many things. Data is from worldwide.

So that you have to protect your device from tracking. VPN allows you to do internet activity privately. After enabling the VPN service, please follow the step-by-step procedure.

  • Just launch the Downloader, which you have just installed.
Downloader Home page
  • On the home screen, URL is Type the URL: or or and hit on Go button.
  • Immediately, it will connect to the server and download the Freeview app.
Connecting to server & Downloads Freeview
  • After completing the downloading of the app, it will provide the screen asking permission or to initiate the Installation. You have to tap on the Install. The installation process will be initiated immediately.
Tap on Install to Install Freeview
  • After completing the installation process, the Installed message is Displayed.
  • Along with that, it will show a message to delete the apk file of the app. You have to delete the file since it will store only the Freeview file and delete the unnecessary files downloaded along with it.
  • It will save a lot of memory. If you don’t delete it, it will create buffering problems, Overheating problems, and Storage problems like that.
Tap on the Delete button
  • It asks to confirm the deletion. Click on delete again to confirm it.
Confirm Deletion for Free view
  • The Free view app is installed successfully. You can use this app and stream multiple multi-language channels. Stream them & enjoy.

You can install any app like this. And you just need the URL of the APK file, you can install the app easily on a firestick device. You can download many apps as you like. Those appear on the Files tab in the Downloader. Manage them. TROYPOINT Downloader Firestick is Downloader.

Why Downloader has Not Appeared or Installer?

If the Downloader does not appear on the screen. While you are searching for the Downloader in the apps on FireStick. Actually, the newly installed apps would be placed at the last of the apps. So that we can’t observe them and we will think that they were not installed. Can’t find the downloader app on firestick then you have to follow the simple solution.

Just Open your apps on Firestick. Make sure that there all installed apps are present there. Search for the Downloader app there in the last three lines of the apps. You will find out about it.

Choose the Apps Tab

Just press the three horizontal lines button on the remote when you have hovered on the Downloader app.

Menu Button of Firestick Remote

A menu will appear that you just tap on the Move front option to appear app on the first.

Tap on the Move front option

Then the issue would be resolved.

Check WiFi:

If the downloader does not appear on the apps. Then it is not installed successfully. You have to check the internet connection or Wi-FI once. Make sure that, the internet connection or Wi-Fi may be connected surely with high speed.

  • Go to the Settings Tab from Fire TV Home Screen.
Tap on the Settings tab
  • Choose the Network tab in it.
Tap on the Network tab
  • Select the Wi-Fi network on your device and verify that it is connected.

You just Power off the device and turn it on after a few seconds. Generally, the reboot will resolve many issues. So that you just reboot the device. If the downloader is installed successfully then it will appear on the screen itself.

  • Just click on the Settings tab from the home screen menu which is at the top of the screen.
Choose settings
  • Hit on the My Fire TV tab there.
Select My Fire TV
  • You have to search & hit on the Restart tab there to reboot the device.
Hit on Restart
  • Now, it is better to install the app again.
Re-Install Again:

If the app is not appeared or been found then it is better to install the app again.

  • Tap on the Settings tab.
Tap on the Settings tab
  • Click on the My Fire TV tab.
Select My Fire TV
  • Go to the About tab in the menu.
Tap on Fire TV

Choose the Storage tab and check that the Memory of the firestick is completed or not. If it does not has enough space also. These types of issues are raised. If the memory is filled then remove unused apps from there. And install the app.

If Amazon does not have shipping or payment methods for you. Then you can apply this solution:

  • Open Amazon accounts. Tap on the one-click  Settings tab.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • If there is no proper address or Payment method too. Then tap on the Add a Purchase reference button.
  • Provide Valid Information.
  • Just reboot the firestick device. The issue would be resolved.
  • If it is not resolved, then do the factory reset to the Firestick Device. Unplug it once and Connect it again to Fire TV. The issue would be resolved. If it is not resolved then go and consult the customer care services of Amazon.

How to Deregister or Register Again?

If the Downloader is blocked in your area. Then you have to sign out from your present account from the Firestick Device. Then you can change your location and register again with a new account on Amazon. But remember one thing, it will clear all your installed apps, data, and history too. This means your Firestick device maybe look refreshed with default settings only.  So think once, before applying this.

  • Launch your FireTV.
  • Go to the Settings tab from the home screen.
  • Choose the option Account & Profiles Settings. 
  • If you are not registered register for Amazon Firestick. otherwise, You have to tap on your Account name and Deregisdter tab. Change location and do the process.

How to Secure FireStick?

It is better to use the VPN service to secure your Firestick device. Since Downloader is a third-party app. To protect your device from damage, you have to use the VPN Service.

VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private Network. VPN means Virtual Private Network. This is a private network that will break the Geo-Restrictions. Geo-Restrictions are used to allow websites in some areas or countries only.

It will hide your Identity means your IP Address & your location. When you have a VPN service on your device you stream the content around the world.

It will not maintain Log also to save your internet activity. You will not be tracked or traced by anyone. Your internet activity will not be saved. So that you can download and use the third-party apps. There are many VPN services are available:

Express VPN Services, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost VPN, Vyper VPN, IP Vanish VPN, Pure VPN.

Comparison Between Downloader & ES File Explorer

ES Explorer is also one of the downloaders to download third-party apps. At first,  ES File Explorer is used mostly. Since it is changed to the Paid version. Most of the users use Downloader. Still, it offers a trial version for free.

It will Sideload the app as well as it will manage the files, apps, documents, and videos on your device. It will root your device & delete the unused files also. An amazing feature of the ES File Explorer is to manage the files.

DownloaderES File Explorer
Free application. No need to pay money.Paid version. But offers a free trial for user.
Downloads very quickly. Not so faster as Downloader.
Have Most User friendly-interface.Not too much friendly interface.
This will not provide File transferring.Provides File Transfer from Firestick to computer
No ads provided mostly.As this is paid version. It will blocks the ADs.
It will offer a built in browser to search & download apps.It offers more features like Default video player, Apache cleaner App.
Downloads directly.Downloads directly.
No Space Analyzer is provided.Analyses the storage space also and deletes unused files.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Is Downloader is available for free of cost?

Answer: Yes, it is available on the Amazon store for free of cost. Also, it is available on Android devices like Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Android Boxes, and so on. It is compatible with all versions of Fire TV/Firestick also.

  • Question 2) Is it possible to download a movie from Downloader?

Answer: Yes, possible. It is designed to download the apps only. But you can download movies also. To download movies you need to browse them. Instead of it, you can stream them on other apps like cinema HD.

  • Question 3) Tell me the best Downloader for Firestick?

Answer: No doubt, Downloader is the best downloader for firestick. It will download apps quickly and is also be available for free of cost.

Final Conclusion:

This is about the Downloader app completely. Downloader will be a very useful app for Firestick. You can download many third-party or unofficial apps on your device. You can download the apps as much as you like. It will download more quickly.

Make sure that you have to use the VPN service while downloading third-party apps. VPN service will hide your identity & Internet activity also. No one will trace you or track your internet activity. Your device will be saved from hacking or from the government also.

So use VPN & do the safest browsing & downloading. Keep using Downloader & download the apps which you like most. Thanks for choosing iOSWinDroid

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