How To Mirror iPhone To Firestick? [Step-by-Step 2022]

If you want to Mirror your iPhone on your Amazon Firestick, then read more to know How To Mirror your iPhone To Firestick?

Well, do you want to place the same content of your smartphones onto the firestick and you don’t know how to do that then you are at the right place in this tutorial, we are going to explain what is mirror iPhone and how to cast the iPhone to firestick for free? how to mirror iPhone to firestick for free of cost?

You can not only mirror the content of the iPhone but also you can mirror the content of the iPad, iPad, Android, and Windows as well. So follow each step given by us and get the content of the iPhone to your firestick. Here, you will know completely about, how to cast iPhone to firestick.

What is the Mirror iPhone?

Mirror iPhone is nothing but placing the screen of the iPhone on the big screen which means reflecting the image of the iPhone screen on Tv as the same.

iPhone has introduced lots of features in it so that users can use them on both tasks like amazon fire tv mirroring personally as well as professionally.

Advantages of Casting:

If you are streaming any video or movie to your mobile. Then the picture would not be clear. If you have to stream that content on the big screen.

You will get an amazing experience. You can watch the content on the big screen. So that you can enjoy the streaming like watching films in the Theater and also with your whole family members. So that you will know, how to mirror iPad or iPhone to firestick 2022.


  • Make sure that, you are using the good internet without any stops.
  • You should connect your mobile & firestick device to a single internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  • Check the internet frequency must below 5 GHz and not less than 2.4 GHz.

How To Mirror iPhone to Firestick?

Firestick is an excellent device that casts any content on the television, Firestick also casts the content of any iOS device as it eases let’s take a quick look at the process of mirroring the iPhone to firestick.

This is not an easy task what you thinking right now as well. The process of casting the screen of the iPhone to firestick is simple and at the same time quite complicated.

We have various apps available on the amazon firestick to get the mirror iPhone to firestick users must require airplay compatibility.

You have to cast your iPhone screen on firestick your device must need the Air screen app that is available in the Amazon firestick app store. Here, you will know how to mirror iPhone 13 and above versions to mirror onto firestick:

  • Now launch the home screen of your firestick and select the search option next to Home as well.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • Type Air screen on it and once the Air screen is displayed below now tap on it straight away.
  • Now go to the apps & games tool where the Air screen app is located.
Tap on the Air screen to search
  • Then hit the Air screen app and then tap on the Get button to download.
Tap on Get Air Screen
  • Downloading & Installing would be initiated.
Downloading & Installing Air Screen
  • Once the download is completed hit the open button as shown on your firestick screen.
Click on Open Air Screen
  • Now you will get a welcome screen and then hit the start Now button down there.
Tap on the Start Now tab


  • On the home screen of the Air screen tap on the help button on the left side of your screen.
  • Where you will notice the device options as iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.
Airscreen Home Screen
  • You can select whatever you want but here we talking about iPhone which is why you have to select an iOS device.
Choose iOS Device
  • On the right side of your screen, you can see Airplay just tap on it.
Choose AirPlay
  • Now from your iPhone connect with wifi the same you are using on your firestick and at this moment launch the control center and hit the screen mirroring option as well.
Tap on Screen Mirroring tab
  • Now your iPhone will start searching for a screen nearby let’s hit the first result as shown on your screen as AS-AFTBAR311(AirPlay) every time you will see the same result and hit the AS-AFTMM.
Choose the Fire Stick device
  • Once you have completed the previous step a new screen will display or appear on your firestick now just select the select button on the firestick to allow a connection.
  • Now you are ready to access your iPhone screen same as on your firestick and let’s start to see the content of your iPhone on the big screen of Firestick.

The Best App to Mirror iPhone to Firestick 4k:

In the above step, we explained mirror the iPhone to firestick through the app called Air screen. This app will be available on the app store of Amazon firestick for free.

But in some cases all the people won’t like this app because of the high storage space it takes on your firestick. Amazon fire sticks mirror iPhone without wifi. But you have to connect both devices with any cable.

If you want some alternative to the Air screen app you would know them very easily and the method of mirroring iPhone to firestick is the same so those are Aire Beam Tv and Let’s view apps. Use any one of them to cast the screen of the iPhone to firestick these two apps will help you as the same Air screen did.

screen mirror iPhone to firestick not working for Airscreen then try to check internet connection or try the next app to cast.

AirBeam Tv

In our list, the first application is AirBeam Tv which is available in the amazon firestick app store for free and lets you cast the screen of your iPhone to firestick very easily. This will share your photos, images, and videos on firestick.

Using this app you will get limited features so if you want unlimited or more features you will have to go for the premium version as well. AirBeam Tv works not only on iPhone devices but also works on MacBooks, iPad, and iPods as well. Here is the step-by-step procedure

  • Download and install the AirBeam app on your iPhone.
  • Launch FireTV.
  • Tap on the Search icon on the Fire TV Home Screen.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • Search for the AirBeam there.
Type & Search apps on firestick
  • Choose & tap on the Airbeam TV Screen Mirroring Receiver app from the Amazon Firestick Search.
  • Hit on the Download button.
  • Tap on the Open button after completing Downloading successfully.
  • Launch Airbeam TV Screen Mirroring Receiver app.
  • Now, connect the firestick device with the iPhone or iPad which is on the same network.
  • Next, choose your FireTV model on the Airbeam TV Screen Mirroring Receiver app.
  • Take your iPhone or iPad and launch Airbeam TV.
  • Tap on the Start Mirroring option there.
Tap on Screen Mirroring tab
  • Identify your FireTV device there from the list of devices available.
  • Tap on the Start Broadcast option.
  • It will start iPhone screen streaming on the firestick device.
Video &TV Cast

This is the most popular and best app for mirroring. You can use this app too for Streaming on Firestick.

  • Launch your Firestick device. Tap on the Search icon of the FireTV home screen.
Click on the magnifier to search
  • Type Video & TV Cast app and search for it to download from Amazon Store.
Type & Search apps on firestick
  • Choose the Video & TV Cast app.
  • Hit on the Download button, this will initiate the downloading process immediately.
  • The download will follow the installation process and launch the Video & TV Cast for the FireTV app.
  • Now, connect both devices Which are on the same network ( iPhone & Firestick).
  • Install the Video & TV cast app on your iPhone too.
  • launch the app on your iPhone.
  • It will identify the Firestick device there and hit on the Video & Cast button.
  • Click on the Browse option to play online videos or any media files from your mobile memory.
  • Stream any video and tap on the option Tap here to cast.
  • A dialogue box will appear there, just tap on the Watch Ad to cast video to caste video from iPhone to the Firestick or Fire TV.
  • After streaming Ad, you can watch the content and performs easily.

When you listen to the word of this app you are not able to think if this is an app, yes, most of the firestick users did not hear this sound because it was released recently in the year Jan 2022. So that is why it has not become popular as well.

Instead of a first-generation firestick, the remaining generations will support this app and it is lightweight so that it occupies less storage space on your firestick.

Follow the same method of airplay in the installation of the LetsView app. This is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. You will know how to mirror iPhone to firestick | 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1) Can I mirror iPhone to a firestick?

Answer: Yes, you can cast your iPhone screen the same as on firestick, but with the help of some apps from the Amazon firestick app store. Without the supported apps, you can not mirror the content of the iPhone to firestick at all. Such apps are Air screen, AirBeam tv, and LetsView respectively.

  • Question 2) How do I mirror my Windows to Firestick?

Answer: Yes, you can mirror the content of your windows to firestick as the mirror iPhone did. Once you have installed the app called Air screen at the starting of this app using the help option within that you can notice the options like iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. In that select the Windows option and follow the instructions and you will get to mirror the content of your Windows on Firestick.

Final Words:

Today in this section we explained an interesting topic of how to mirror an iPhone to a firestick. We explained briefly step by step just follow the steps given by us and you can easily get the content of your iPhone same onto your firestick without getting any interruptions as well.

This article, mainly concludes you the working methods to Mirror iPhone To Firestick. This is a very interesting topic for everyone who is using smartphones and firesticks in their homes. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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