How to Fix the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on Windows?

If you’re facing the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on your windows device then read more to know How to Fix the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on Windows

Nowadays, windows 10 generally installs the Nvidia Audio Drivers. NVidia means a Graphical User Interface. It is a high-definition audio drive. This will give you a good experience of theatre movies with graphic sounds or high-definition video games sounds.

It provides a great experience of high definition of audio. We cannot watch the movie without any sound it or no sound while playing then we don’t have any excitement to see them. So, these Nvidia audio will gives a great experience of excitement to watch a movie or play a game.

Here in this article you can easily fix the Nvidia high definition audio no sound windows 10 64-bit

What is Nvidia’s High Definition Audio?

Sound, music, or audio will give great excitement to watching a movie or video or playing games. Windows 10 PC, Nvidia plays a key role to provide high-definition audio. Nvidia is a Graphical Processing Unit. So, they use graphical cards to experience the high-definition audio. It experiences the user if they are watching the film in the Theater. It gives the excitement. So, Nvidia is mostly used audio drives for Windows.

But sometimes it will not work properly due to problems in setting or any other problem like it lost files in the software. Now we will resolve this problem. Please read the article and follow the instructions to correct it.

Reasons That Cause Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem

There may be many reasons like

  • The files in the software may be corrupted or lost
  • The problem is the setting of the application
  • A problem in the system or speaker audio
  • The default audio output device may be changed when you re-install OS.
  • fault in drives
  • The onboard sound may be lost in BIOS Settings
  • After a sleep of the device also we can face this issue

The Necessity to Fix this Problem

If you are watching a film on PC if there is no sound coming outside. Then you don’t have the excitement of watching the film and also we can’t understand it. It is necessary to resolve the audio problem. You can fix the problem by solving the PC problem:

At first, you have to download the Restoro Pc repairing Tool, it will protect your computer from viruses, missing files, malware, or hardware problems. You can solve any type of problem with your computer. So that the performance automatically increases. To that,

  • You have to install Restoro PC Repair Tool.
  • Start Scan to find out the issues which will cause problems on PC
  • To fix those issues please click on Repair All. It would affect the complete system performance and security.

Your problem may be fixed using this tool. If the problem may be caused by several issues like default audio drive settings, files may be missed. These are the methods to solve.

Methods to Fix the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem on Windows

This audio problem will be raised naturally when you set up the audio drives or update them or When you will install the OS. There are simple methods to solve this problem

Method #1. Set the Volume

Setup the volume on the right side of the taskbar. Maybe it is muted or low. If the problem is not resolved then follow the next method to Fix the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem

Method #2. Set the Default Audio

When you can’t listen to the audio from your computer, then you have to change the settings.

  • Right-Click on the volume button on the taskbar or You can open this from the control panel also.
  • Click on the Sounds option in it
  • The sound window will open
  • Choose the Playback tab in it.
Select Playback tab
  • Then select the Nvidia HDMI Out and click on set default & then OK.

Method #3. Rollback of Nvidia Audio Drives

we will revoke the Nvidia Graphic drives. If any files are missed they will be updated.

  • Search the Control panel in the start button
Type Control Panel and click on it
  • Choose and click on the option Hardware & Sound in them
Tap on the Hardware and Sound category
  • Select the Device Manager in them or you can directly search Device Manager in the search bar
Device Manager
  • just click on the Sound, video, and game controllers option in them
  • Then right-click on the Nvidia drivers shown and click on Properties.
Click on Properties
  • A new properties window is opened and select the Driver tab in it
Select Driver tab
  • Click on the Rollback Driver button and then click on the OK.
Rollback Driver

Default settings may be applied as before. You can listen to the sound.

Method #4. Update or Reinstall Drivers

If the problem raises again and after following the solution You have to update or reinstall drivers. To do that follow the below steps:

  • Type Device manager in the search bar in the start menu
Device Manager
  • The device manager will be opened
  • Double click on your Audio driver
  • A new window is opened
  • Select the drivers tab in it, you can Uninstall Audio drivers.
Tap on Uninstall option
  • Now you can install the Drivers file you have or You can search it on the Processor’s website
  • After completion of installation restart your computer

If you do not have the file to install the driver. You can search it on the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of it.

You have to simply Uninstall the Nvidia Audio drivers and Find the latest version from the official website. Download it and install it. After completion of the installation of Audio drives. You must restart your computer. After this Nvidia Audio problem for windows was resolved.

Method #5. SetUp Sound In BIOS

When you connected any sound devices externally to the PC or If any graphics card is installed. Then onboard sound is muted or disabled automatically.

  • Switch on your PC and keep pressing the Delete button on the keyboard
  • BIOS settings will be opened.
  • Select the Advanced Tab.
Advanced tab
  • Choose Onboard Devices Configuration in that Window
  • Go to the Audio Controller in it
  • Open sound settings in it Choose the Enable button and press enter on it
  • After Enabling that Simply choose the exit button there and click the enter button on it
  • Now restart the PC then only settings  will be applied

Method #6. Troubleshoot Sound Problem

If the problem is not resolved after using the above methods. You can follow this method

  • Just right-click on your volume icon present on the taskbar.
  • Click on the Troubleshoot sound problems
  • It opens the window and shows the audio devices of the PC
  • Select the Nvidia High Definition Audio and click on the Next button to proceed
  • Troubleshoot started and after a few minutes it shows the problem
  • Follow the instructions of it and close the window

The problem may be resolved or reinstall the drives again as below.

Method #7. Re-install GPU Drivers

Sometimes at the time of installation of GPU Drivers also audio will be lost or some of the files are missed. So you have to uninstall the GPU Drivers. and Reinstall the GPU drivers.

For this, to remove all the files you have to uninstall Graphical cards files

You have to Uninstall the Display Adapter like this, Open the Device Manager by searching it at the start button. Click on the Display Adapter and Select your display adapter. Right-click on it and select Uninstall device.

Select Uninstall Device option

Your Graphical cards are uninstalled. Now you have to install it. If you have downloaded the file, you can install it immediately. Don’t use the beta version. You can search or download the file from the official website of NVIDIA (

After that check whether it Fix the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem or not

Method #8. Re-Install Nvidia Audio Drivers

If any of the audio drivers are corrupted or some are missed then you have to Update the Drives software again.

You first uninstall the Drives then install them. It would be done automatically.

  • Type Device manager in the search bar at the start window
Search for Device Manager
  • Click on Device Adapter then it will show Nvidia Adapter
  • Right-click on it and click on Uninstall
Uninstall Nvidia Adapters
  • A pop-up will be generated to get the confirmation of Uninstallation
  • Click on OK on it, then drives will be uninstalled
  • Open any browser like safari, chrome, etc.,
  • Type the URL:
Nvidia Site
  • The Nvidia official page will open to get the downloading link
  • Click on the Downloading link to set up the file
Tap on the Download button
  • Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen
  • Select the Custom Installation Button and
  • A new window appears, check all the Checkboxes in that window
  • Tick on the Check box “Perform Clean Install”
  • After completion of installation, It Fixes the Nvidia High Definition Audio No Sound Problem

Common Issues on Nvidia Drivers

There are some issues that are commonly occurred on Nvidia Drivers are

  • Nvidia HDMI audio not working
  • Nvidia High Definition Audio driver Windows 10 no sound
  • No sound Nvidia High Definition audio
  • Nvidia audio driver not working
  • No sound after the Geforce update
  • No sound after installing graphics card Windows 10
  • Nvidia Video card no sound
  • Nvidia High Definition Audio not working Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Nvidia HD Audio is muted. How can I enable it?

Answer: Open Nvidia Control Panel, click on the Display tab, and then click on set up digital audio. Nvidia High Definition Audio is enabled.

  • Question 2) Before Re-Install the Drivers, is it necessary to Uninstall them?

Answer: Yes. It is necessary to uninstall. The Uninstallation procedure is explained above.

  • Question 3) Can’t I solve the Nvidia Drives no sound problem without reinstalling it?

Answer: Yes. You can first observe the settings to correct them as explained above. If the problem still occurs then only you will reinstall drivers.


Nvidia is a High Definition Graphical Audio Drive. This will give the best audio effects on PC also. It experiences these graphical sounds like theater effects. Feel like a Theatre movie. Sometimes the sound will not be audible. The output of audio may be muted. or Drivers may be lost sometimes.

All these problems may be solved in the article. If cannot get the audio of the PC by changing simple settings. Drives may be lost. You can re-install the drives as suggested above. Follow the procedure above and solve the problem. You can enjoy streaming movies and playing games. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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