How to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error 301?

If you’re facing the Smart Hard Disk Error 301 on your laptop then read more to know How to Fix the SMART Hard Disk Error 301

Hello pals! Have a lovely day to all. I grandly inviting to this article. In this, we have to get some more knowledge about this topic. I thought this is the best to pick up with this article. Right away we have to discuss the topic is how to fix SMART hard disk error 301.

Here I am going to explain how to fix the errors on the hard disk in your personal computer. I guess we have to get so many interesting and unknown things we had.

Let’s we have to start the topic with freshened mood.

What is SMART Hard Disk Error 301?

It is the one type of error in the hard disk. With this error most of the raise on only HP laptop users. Which happens on HP SMARTĀ  check. Unforeseeable error in the SMART hard disk. This error 301 is all about scenarios associated with the hard drive. This error takes place on embedded software or firmware. It is something related to hard disk error and also observes whether the raw data occurs or not.

It sustains the capability of the hard disk. And also keep preventing some situations mainly data loss. In HP laptops Smart check of version update of power-On-Self-Test.(POST)and also check it reduces the ashes of HP devices. It also works boot mechanism. After that load the system.

SMART Hard Disk Error 301

Instance the shows the data if occurs any message and interrupts the function of the hard disk and any other errors are linked to the device and comes on 301 error had. Simply it affects hardware. And also if your system has checked day to day and also pop-up error message will arrive. These error codes are showing on internal hard drives.

The error limits the boot system and also packs the system via controller drive. Must need to troubleshoot mechanism and avoid significant data loss.

Next, we have to enter the fixing error301 on HP laptops.

Reasons That cause SMART Hard Disk Error 301

It simply indicates the hard drive failure. In HP hard disk error 301 has annoyed due to some reason that is essential conditions. Here some of the reasons are explained. Why does this occur on our laptop

  • Outdated and disarranged BIOS.
  • Loosen Connection.
  • Drivers Clash.
  • Virus issue.
  • Immortality file.
  • power stream.
  • Suddenly shutdown
  • Physical Damage

Outdated and disarranged BIOS

In smart hard disk error, 301 is linked to the boot mechanism. Likewise, the controller drives have disconnected the BIOS(Basic Input and Output System). This is the main reason for the error301 hard disk. If up-to-date on the hard drivers and also set the BIOSthe automatically it runs well in your system.

Loosen Connection

It is another issue of this error 301 that is mainly on SATA(Serial Advanced Technology Attachment). It’s the default issue of cable SATA. And also the result will come on these issues od smart hard disk error 301. These errors also appear as the same BIOS fail. Also, affect the hard drive.

Drivers Clash

This is another issue of error 301 hard disks. Some of the Inconsistent drivers are a problem with the operating system. This is not proper to run the system or pc which occurs 301 error.


Whenever attacks the virus or malware function it disturbs the entire hard disk and also obtains the error 01 hard drive.

Immortality file

We already know all files and folders are stored on a hard drive. When it attacks viruses and malware it just corrupts all data stores.

Power Stream

If you have uneven power stain to giving your gadget.It absolutely insufficient electric connection to the drive. Then comes error 301.

Suddenly Shutdown

It appears on unsudden shutdown it surely errors 301 harddisks. This significant shows any corruption and data loss in the hard drive.

Physical Damage

It mainly causes the hard drive which is called a physical issue and also crashes the hard drive. Hence it heads the error 301.

These are the main occurs of smart hard disk error 301.

Methods to Fix SMART Hard Disk Error 301

Now I am explaining some of the errors that are fixing here. Let’s start with how to solve it.

  1. Change boot priority order.
  2. Reset BIOS.
  3. Reseat your Hard Drive.
  4. Hard Reboot.
  5. Use Data Recovery Software.
  6. Run chkdsk command
  7. Check the system file errors
  8. Cool Down Hard Disk

Method #1. Change Boot Priority Order

It is the one way to solve the error 301 hard disks. Maybe it is useful for someone.

Firstly we have to deactivate the HP laptop and also a few minutes later we have to turn it on. Rapidly, we have to start clicking on the BIOS key, basically, F10 in HP laptops and computers are persisted till you have to see BIOS on your screen.

  • Utilize left or right arrow keys and go to the ‘Advanced‘ tab
  • Using the up or down arrow key, shift the pick to ‘Boot order‘.
Click on the Boot tab
  • It’s obeying the on-screen rules and instructions and also moves from the hard drive to the top in the boot order.
  • Click on the F10 key to save the correct changes and also quit in BIOS.
Save it

Unconvinential, you have to click on the F9 key to proceed after you click the power button to enter the boot priority order. You have to use up or down keys for navigating the screen and choose your hard disk to boot windows.

If your windows start, just open with your password, and instantly it backup the data. If you don’t boot up you can continue to the next troubleshooting method.

Method #2. Reset BIOS

SMART disk error 301 can obtain when it is an issue with BIOS or firmware. This problem could arise for the period of time to use the system and tweak BIOS rare crashes with the coincide and also guide to some errors.

To work out this, you can up-to-date the BIOS when it is not available, we just suggest the reset the BIOS settings structure. you have to follow those steps:

  • Firstly we have to follow the steps of the above solution and register the Bios.
  • Nextly, click on the F9 key to reset BIOS.
F9 key
  • Lastly, we have to press on the F10 tab to save and exit the Bios of your settings menu.
F10 key

Make sure your computer or laptop will reboot. And also button menu fixed the error, instantly backup, otherwise the next troubleshooting method.

Method #3. Reset Hard Drive

It is feasible that the connection between the hard disk and laptop could be loose appropriate to shock, damage to the computer, etc. Make sure a firm connection between of hard drive and motherboard for reseating the hard disk.

Be aware whereas playing with the internals of a computer or laptop and also additional damage to your computer. It is not a favor to you, you just skip this method. And going to the next method.

Method #4. Hard Reboot

whereas the system has reboot for the primary step for troubleshooting, In some cases restart the computer but don’t need to have some fix issues such as smart hard disk error 301 Such circumstances must be needed for shut down your computer, and also carry out the traces of present motherboard. This is implied by the hard reboot.

You have to Hp laptop hard reboot just follow the below steps.

  • Firstly turn off your computer.
  • Later, we have to disconnect the power source.
  • Eliminate the battery.
  • just tap and hold the battery buttons for 10-15 seconds therefore to carry out every bit are leave-in motherboards like inside capacitors coils etc.
  • We just wait for fraction of seconds and repeat the same procedure.
  • Finally, connect the battery and also on your laptop.

I guess this fixes the issue that is not applicable and also we can step out the next troubleshooting method.

Method #5. Use Data Recovery Software

In above fixes are applicable to some members and some not. In such a case, we have to alternate solving methods. I thought this is the best for users. If I mentioned troubleshooting methods are fix issues. Sometimes it is fully corrupt and also troubleshooting doesn’t work.

I explain the methods fails, You have to trust other data recovery solution that is stellar data recovery standard. This software helps recover your accessible data securely, and also corrupt and helps deep scan must be used.

You have to follow those steps and restore the data from fix error 301.

  1. Eliminate the hard drive from your computer and use the HDD component and also connect your hard drive from other windows pc also.
  2. we have to download and install one at a time and also run the stellar data recovery standard software.
  3. Now, we can choose the All data and press on Next.
  4. Through connected drivers, You can choose your hard drive and also press on the scan option. If your drive doesn’t visible and press on can’t find the drive, click the scan option and also follow the below steps.
  • What you have connected HP drive from the drive list and also press on search.
  • This software quickly scans and also what you had lost in the below list box that is invisible, lost, severely corrupt, and deleted partitions are under partitions Found list
  • If in case the craving partition doesn’t show on the list in the scan, click on ‘deep scan’ can start the partition scan.
  • Later, we have to select the partition since the ‘partition found’ list and scan it also. Restart the steps to the below steps.
  1. previously, the scan was over, that software lists are retrievable files. You have to search and sort out the important files rapidly.
  2. Moreover, you can also run ‘deep scan’ by pressing the click here option. Link to be given below, software window is liked files are found.
  3. After the scan process is completed, you can choose what you have to wish for the files and also press on that file that is the recovered option.
  4. Finally, you have to choose to save the files then locate to search and press ‘start saving’ to save files at your liking location.

Lastly, we can open the Disk Management tool and also format your drive. It’s better to buy a new hard drive for your device. And replace option is also available. And also upgrade the drive in SSD (solid-state-Drive).

Method #6. Run chkdsk command

So many people said that they may face the Smart Hard Disk Error 301 whenever they use the normal windows, so to avoid the error the user must run the chkdsk command or perform the check disk through the command prompt, follow the below simple steps carefully.

  • On the Windows search bar, Enter cmd and right-click on the command prompt, and run as administrator.
Type CMD in the search bar and Open Command Prompt as an Administrator
  • In the command prompt enter the following command i.e

chkdsk C: /f /r /x

Enter the command
  • If the check is unable to run then the user must press Y and hit Enter
  • Finally, restart the device and check whether it Fix SMART Hard Disk Error 301 or not

Method #7. Check the System File Errors

If you’re still facing the Smart Hard Disk Error 301 then check the system file errors, follow the below simple steps to do this

  • On Keyboard, press the Windows + E keys at a time to launch the File Explorer
  • Navigate to This PC section on the left side of File Explorer

  • Now simply right-tap on the main drive ( C: by default) and then choose Properties.
Select Properties
  • After that move to the tools tab.
Navigate Tools tab
  • Tap on Check below the Error-checking.
Click on Check
  • It shows the User Account Control and clicks on the Yes option.
  • The pop-up explains that there is no need to scan the drive, Select the Scan Drive option.
Click on the Scan Drive option
  • It takes some time to finish the scan and the report finds.

Method #8. Cool Down Hard Disk

In some cases the Smart Hard Disk Error 301 is due to ventilation issues, you require exact ventilation for proper functioning of the hard disk, if the ventilation is not sufficient then the hard disk will outdo the maximum temperature, simply cool down the hard disk this will helps to solve the error, to avoid the ventilation issues you must check whether the coolants are properly working or not and also remember one thing the user must try to clean the internal component regularly to avoid the issues.

Frequently Ansked Questions?

  • Question 1) is the common error for HP?

Answer: Yes, It is very common for HP users, and also arrives this error 301 frequently.

  • Question 2) What are the symptoms of hard disk failure.

Answer: Some of the reasons have to tell. That is overheated, strange noise, blue screen of errors.

  • Question 3) Is there any problem with occurring this error?

Answer: Nope, at all, because it is a common issue for HP users.

  • Question 4) what reasons drive corruption?

Answer: Some of the reasons for corruption that is storage device age, can not use the hard drive, and data expiration degradation. It occurs it losses power.


Finally ending this topic we have to discuss a lot of things. And also we get to know important facts. I hope this article may use a few members. If you arrive at any error in your personal computer about 301 you have to pick this article and read clearly just note down each step and do it practically in your system.

Finally, I conclude that I explained the above topic is fixing error 301 smart hard disks, explaining solving ways, etc, Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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