How to Fix Screen Tearing Issue on Windows?

If you’re facing the Screen tearing issue on your windows device then read more to know How to Fix the Screen Tearing Issue on Windows 

Warm Welcome Geeks. If you want to solve the Screen Tearing issue in your Windows then it’s the perfect time to start the article. In addition to that, the methods or solutions in it are described in an ordered fashion. Kindly follow these steps with utmost care.

Before making a move let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons behind the issue. Moreover, you can skip this part if you are not interested to deal with it.

What Is Screen Tearing?

Screen Tearing is quite a common issue that occurs on high refresh monitors, the user mainly gets this on the 60Hz monitors, the screen tearing means it split the image into two and also occurs while playing games due to a mismatch of game framerates and refresh rates.

It makes an improper image, so the user can’t get the available information on the screen,

Reasons That Cause Screen Tearing

Well, screen tearing is nothing but a fault in synchronization in which we can able to see multiple frames in your monitor. Here the synchronization is between your device and the respective game or application of your desire.

Moreover, screen tearing can be cleared with some simple solutions. Moreover, in some cases, it goes into a loop so that we can’t able to perform other operations.

There are some major causes behind it here is it:

  • The major cause is, that if you have a problem with your device’s FPS then it makes the error.
  • Moreover, if you have any corrupted drivers then there comes the problem.
  • In addition to that, if your game FPS doesn’t synchronize with your device it may result in screen tearing.
  • However, other minor cases provoke the error. So some of the solutions are discussed below. Have a look.

Methods to Fix Screen Tearing Issue

Well, screen tearing is a most common issue and we can fix it by using some simple methods.

Moreover, the methods are explained in an organized fashion so kindly follow them as mentioned below:

Method #1. Restart

  • Yes, we can clear the solution by simply restarting your PC. As a matter of fact, restart helps your device to synchronize all corrupted files.
  • In addition to that, it boosts your computer so that we get better function.
  • Even if the problem persists after booting your computer then follow the next method.

Method #2. Change Game FPS

  • Well, some games have a feature to change frames per second. After changing you can’t find any screen tearing issues as it completely rectifies it.
  • Moreover, If you want to check your desired game has this feature inbuilt in it then make a click on settings and go to Graphics.
  • Furthermore, now navigate directly to FPS and try to use other options.
  • Now, check whether it rectified the problem or not. If not then kindly follow the below-mentioned alternate method.

Method #3. Change Refresh Rate

  • Yes, the problem is eliminated if you make little changes in the refresh rate available on your PC. This is one of the best methods to solve the issue. Moreover, follow the steps carefully.
  • At first, make a move to the search bar and kindly search for display settings. Well, you can even search for Resolution and it directs to the same Path.
Search for resolution
  • Now click on change the Resolution of the Display. For instance display settings Enterprise will open in the background and kindly scroll down.
  • If you find Advanced display settings then just make a click on it to move further in the process.
Advanced display settings
  • Well after that choose display adaptors and kindly click on the properties which are mentioned at the bottom. Moreover, make a note that these properties are for Display 1.
Display-adapter-properties-for-Display 1
Display adapter properties for Display 1
  • As a matter of fact, you may find in a window opened in the background and choose the adaptor tab where you find the list of different modes available in it.
Go for list all modes
  • Now click on the mode which is best suitable for the graphic card design. Moreover, you can try different modes as per your requirement.
  • After choosing your desired Mode it is mandatory to restart your computer. Now check for the issue and if continuing then follow the below method.

Method #4. Nvidia Vsync

If you are using the graphic card that is designed by NVidia then we can assess some better features to fix screen sharing issues. As a matter of fact, it has an inbuilt feature called Vsync in which we can able to synchronize our desired game with our PC.

So to assess its features, kindly follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, make a right-click on your mouse and directly hit the NVidia control panel button as your final option.
Click on NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Furthermore, after making a click on it, you may find 3D settings which are usually represented on the left side of the interface. Now after choosing it, look at the right side of the interface and find out the Vertical sync which is nothing but Vsync.
Select 3D Settings
  • However, if it is enabled then kindly disable it or vice versa to solve the problem.

If you have the doubt i.e how to fix screen tearing without vsync you can also do it

Method #5. Turn Off Game Mode

The recent update of windows brings new changes in its Gaming interface. In fact, we can use game mode to improve gaming performance. In addition to that, we can even eliminate some of the know issues.

Well, there are some more tricks in-game mode that make a huge difference in making a change in the settings. So here are the following steps:

  • Now press the Windows start button and I key at the same time to open the settings interface
Settings of system
  • Furthermore, now make a click on gaming and after that, you have to choose the game which is situated on the left side of the interface.
Choose Gaming tab
  • You have to turn off the Record Game Clips, Screenshot, and Broadcasting toggle which is usually present on the right side of the interface.
Record Game Clips, Screenshot, and Broadcasting
  • Furthermore, choose to broadcast on the left side of the menu and kindly Turn off Record audio when I Broadcast.
  • Therefore after changing the settings you can able to improve your gaming performance. In addition to that, you can clear the screen tearing problem.
  • However, kindly please make a note that after making the changes you have to restart your computer.

This method is helpful to fix the screen tearing issue in games

Method #6. Turn Off Full Screen

  • To make the move,  first, choose your desired application in which the problem persists, and now make a right-click on the game and choose properties.
  • In addition to that now you have to choose the compatibility tab as your final option. After that make a click on disable full-screen optimization.
Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Method #7. Update Drivers

Well, we can solve this issue by updating sure drivers with the latest version. So kindly follow The below steps:

  • First press the Windows start button and X key at the same time. After that, you have to make a move toward the device manager.
Select Device Manager
  • Furthermore, now make a click on display adaptors and try to expand it by making a general tap.
Double-click on the Display Adapter
  • Moreover, right-click on the respective driver and try to update it. Well, you can choose a manual update or an automatic one.
  • In my opinion, is better to update automatically.

Method #8. Uninstall the Driver

Well, if you still get the issue after updating the driver with the current version then it’s better to uninstall it and make it again.

  • So search for the device manager.
Search for Device Manager
  • Click on the Display adaptors.
Double-click on the Display Adapter
  • After that choose the respected driver and right-click on it for Uninstalling.
Tap on Uninstall option
  • Moreover, you can install the driver from its official website.

Method #9. Turn Off Smooth Scrolling

As a matter of fact, we can able to clear the problem if you turn off smart scrolling in your browser. It’s in fact one of the best methods.

Well, the operations change from browser to browser so in this article we have mentioned turn-off methods for two basic browsers. Have a look.

Chrome Browser
  • First, open a new tab on your Chrome browser  and kindly type: chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling/
  • After that press enters key to make a move.
  • Furthermore, you may be able to see an interface called chrome-flags and kindly disable the feature of smooth scrolling for better functioning.
Disable Smooth Scrolling Feature
Mozilla Firefox
  • Now open a new tab and type: about:preferences. Usually, you have to perform this move-in address bar.
type about:preferences
  • After that press and kindly disable the option smooth scrolling.
Disable the Smooth Scrolling option

Method #10. Change The Power Plan

This is the method for gaming laptop users, there are different plans along with the gaming laptop to enhance the performance of the system based on the battery levels, you can try this for laptops and computers.

Follow the below simple steps carefully

  • On the Windows keyboard, press Windows + R keys at a time to get the Run utility.
  • In that enter powercfg.cpl and tap on the OK button

  • The user can see all options that are related to the power settings
  • Now select Show additional options and you need to enlarge the menu
Show additional options
  • Next click on the High-Performance option, it will help to remove all the power-related limitations on the CPU and also GPU and also allowed them to handle at maximum efficiency.
  • Finally, restart the device to make the changes to the power plan and then check whether the issue is solved or not.

Method #11. Disable Frame Limit Feature

Generally, the Frame limit is quite common for games, it provides the best results as well as console games, and ports in the specific FPS limit, so it helps for the GPU to provide a constant frame rate and stable performance, but so many games will face the screen tearing issue due to frame limit option.

You must simply disable the frame limit for the specific game this is the best solution, usually, you can get this on the Graphics Settings or the display settings section on the game settings, disabling the frame limit is useful to allow the GPU in order to get the more frames on each and every second that provides better response time that is helpful to solve the screen tearing issue.

Method #12. Set Launch Options on Steam 

If you’re using the steam then you need to set up the launch options to fix the screen tearing issue, to do this the user must follow some simple steps

  • Initially, on the steam move to the list of games and right-tap on the game that facing the issue.
  • In the menu choose the Properties option
Select Properties
  • You need to press and hold down the Set Launch Options button
  • Type widowed-no border and tap on the OK button on the new window

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) What is the basic step you have to perform before making a move?

Answer: Well, it’s better to restart your device and kindly check for any new updates, especially for software and drivers.

  • Question 2) Is it safe to disable full-screen optimization?

Answer: Well, it costs nothing. In fact, you cant able to visualize the game in full-screen mode.


Finally, these are some of the basic methods to clear the screen tearing problem. Moreover, you can contact us if you have any questions regarding the methods.

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