Fix OnePlus: The version of your selected package is lower

If you are facing The version of your selected package is lower Error on OnePlus, then Downgrade OnepPlus from beta to stable. [Solved]

Hello guys. How are you? I know that you are here for a reason and searching for the solution when you are facing the OnePlus device. When I faces the same thing, I felt like it is one of the critical situations. Because the mobile is one of the best partners of our own. In the issues like the version of your selected package is lower. Is the main heading that comes on your main heading of the mobile?

Fix OnePlus: The Version of Your Selected Package is Lower

You know when it occurs when you try to update the app that is waiting for a longer duration of time. After that time gap, the latest version is released by the app. But the device that you are using is the lower version to access that update. Before you update the app you are supposed to upgrade your device first, rather than downgrade one plus 6t.

Downgrading is one of the tasks done before as you don’t like the upgrade version of the device. Then you need to follow the procedure to over cross some of the things to upgrade the device, for accessing the latest version of the app you are waiting for. Here their many complications are there in doing all this process. Carefully observe all those things. Let’s read more to know How to Fix the Installed version is lower than the current on OnePlus.

Main reasons that Cause “The Version of Your Selected Package is Lower”:

That was the most repeated message displays on the screen repeatedly appears on the screen. Whenever you try to update the app when the latest version is released then later within the second this message will be utter on the screen of your device. As of now the versions of the device are beta and the latest version of the one plus devices are stable. When the apps in the devices of one plus support in your device of a beta version are the old version of apps. Now in recent times, the app is getting updated as per the stable version of the Oneplus device.

The apps are also getting upgraded as the device must support the latest version of apps. They are also designing the apps in a way to support the new versions. Now in the same way some of the apps are designed to support the older version. There are several reasons to downgrade the device. The complete info will be here for you. As I am one of the people who are not interested in the latest version of the app. To avoid booting up failure, then downgrading is not allowed. So in this situation, all users demand oneplus bets to be stable without losing data. Let’s have clear look at the reasons that users are willing to downgrade the system.

The major reasons that users Downgrade or Upgrade Their OnePlus:

  1. The latest version of the device will not support the older apps in it.
  2. New apps will not be able to access in the older version of the device
  3. Many people are waiting for the latest and new version of the upgrade.
  4. Games are lagging in the old version of the app.
  5. Headset distracting while you are accessing then.
  6. The settings are not available to change as per the user’s wish.
  7. Auto-update of the device will change the settings as per its wish.
  8. The lagging of apps will occur when the device is getting updated.

These are the basic and common reasons for the maximum no of users facing right now. So that was considered as the main reason to explain the process to upgrade the system. The procedure contains some rare complicated things so observe and apply all the steps clearly and carefully. It has several steps you need to follow to do this process.

How to Fix the Version of your Selected Package is Lower in Oneplus:

As OnePlus is one of the popular devices accessing in huge no of users, the device needs to upgrade as the message the version of your selected package is lower appearing daily when you are trying to update the apps manually. Now I am explaining the procedure. Just follow the procedure then the data which is important to you can be stored in an alternative app called Keep Data app.

Step #1. Get Oxygen Updater App:

The app is available in the play store of android devices. You can get the app from the store and then follow the steps

  • Open the play store in your oneplus device and
  • Search for the app Oxygen Updater in the search box and later tap on the enter key.
  • The installation will be done in very little time. If done then launch the app Oxygen Updater on the device.
Oxygen Updater
  • Open the app on your device and allow permission to access the app.
  • Turn to the settings of the app Oxygen Updater on your device.
Tap on settings
  • Tap on the update method option from that page available on the screen.
  • Select the “Stable” as there are different updates available in the app.
Tap on stable
  • That’s it the device is upgraded version is available in your device.

Here the downloading process is finished and now it’s time to preserve the valuable data in your device.

Step #2. Download KeepData App:

The app KeepData is one of the finest apps to store all your data in that app. You need to download the app from the Apk sources. As it is not available in the play store.

  • As you are done with the above update version of Update.
  • Open Chrome from your device and search for KeepData and tap enter.
  • Then that results in the various sites select one of the sites and open it
KeepData app Overview
  • Then the app KeepData will be there on the screen. Later the app
Tap in install
  • Will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Leave it here and go for the next procedure.

Step #3. Use Local Upgrade For Installing Latest Update

At the beginning of step one, you downloaded the latest version of the update of the device. Then follow the below

  • Navigate to the settings of the device and later to that
Tap on system
  • There on the top right of the page, the settings gear was on that corner.
Tap on the Settings gear
  • On that page select the Local upgrade option.
  • Then the downloaded thing will be there on that page.
  • Tap on it to start to install the latest update of the device.
Latest Updated version
  • As it is done manually the app will ask for confirmation. As a warning on the screen.
  • Then select Confirm option to allow permission.

The installation process is done, before you reboot the device go for the files stored in the device.

Step 4: Place all the Files in KeepData App:

As you downloaded the app KeepData from the Apk sources. Then here you need to make use of the app KeepData.

  • As the apk file of the app KeepData is stored in the device.
  • Tap on the link of the app and select install on the app.
  • The process will take some time. As it is the app installed from the 3rd party sources.
  • It will consume some time to get into your device.
  • As done with all the procedures then select the app.
  • And place all the important files in the app KeepData.
  • As soon as you stored all the data in the app.
  • The files are stored in the KeepData app.
  • Now you can process the rebooting.

That’s it the process is done. Now the issue of the version of your selected package is lower will never appear on the screen. And now you can update all the apps. There will be no interruption will occur on your device. If you want to upgrade follow this procedure. If you want to degrade then also follow the same procedure select the older update that you are willing to download.


Is this process safe for all devices?
Yes, all the processes explained above are safe to be followed in your device?
KeepData is the app to store data in the device, right?
The app KeepData is used to store all the important files in the app safely.
Is it possible to do all this process by us?
As you need not required to think much. You can do all the above processes on your own.

Final Verdict:

The version of your selected package is lower is the common message uttered in all the oneplus devices. If you don’t upgrade the device then the same thing will appear on your device. So for you guys here I mentioned a complete article to finish solves the error on your own.  Here 4 steps are divided into different parts. All are important steps you need to follow every step.

To be clear the complete article is about the features of the app. Now you can go through this site for more updates like this. The signing off for the day. Will return with the next amazing content. Until then have a great day. If your issue is solved then share this article on social media, then it will the people who need it. Thanks for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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