How To Fix Kodi No Sound on Firestick [Problem Solved 2021]

If you are facing No Sound Issue on your Kodi, then read more to know How to Fix Kodi No Sound on FireStick Error With Screen Shots.

Are you afraid of Kodi no sound on firestick..? and discovering how to get rid of the problem. I have been faced this error a few days ago. I also researched for that error to rectify, but I have been tried from discovering to fix this Kodi no sound on the firestick.

However, I have been funded the solution to fix Kodi no sound on firestick. In this guide, I am going to show some simple techniques to fix this error on your firestick TV. Exactly you are on the right path, this guide will help you fix Kdi no sound on firestick.

To fix Kodi no sound on the firestick, you have to follow the steps are mentioned in this article carefully. This guide is also helpful for Fire TV 2nd, 3rd generation, and fire TV cube too.

Why There is No Sound on Kodi Firestick?

Usually, Kodi no sound problem is not occurring on firestick tv, but in some cases, it may occur. I am providing some important reasons of Kodi no sound on firestick and I hope you will understand it to fix your issue.

Some common reasons on Kodi no sound on firestick is mentioned below

  • Hardware Problems

If you facing Kodi no sound issue on our firestick device then you have to check the hardware. Sometimes, the connection of the devices is not fixed properly that’s why these types of errors are occurring.

  • Using outdated Kodi and Beta version

When you are facing no sound issue on Kodi, you can think it might be an outdated issue of Kodi. Sometimes these outdated Kodi versions are not supported to the present high-quality sound formats.

  • Outdated Add-ons and Unsopporetd Audio Devices

Sometimes unsupported audio and video files can disturb the Kodi sound on firestick devices. The format of the file does not support the present Kodi that’s why this sound error is encountered. And another reason for this sound issue is Addons outdated, If Addon is outdated or not updated, the sound of the Kodi is might be disturbing.

  • In proper Configuration of Kodi audio Settings

If you are encountered no sound of Kodi o firestick device that might be improper settings of Kodi audio. When you have not put a proper setting configuration on your Kodi then the sound can be interrupted while you are using Kodi on your firestick device.

Simple Techniques to Fix Kodi No Sound on Firestick:

The reasons behind the Kodi no sound on firestick almost all are mentioned above. After understanding those reasons, you already have been got a solution in your mind to fix

Fix #1. Restart Kodi

This is the principal technique where we just restart our Kodi and check if the issue is fixed or not. As because when this application is utilized for certain hours it might show a few mistakes.

This is the motivation behind why we are thinking about it as our first arrangement as though this works then you shouldn’t have to follow different techniques.

  • First, open the Settings on the firestick TV.
Open Settings on Firestick TV
  • Select the Application icon on the screen
Select application
  • Click on Manage Installed Applications
Click on Manage Installed Application
  • Select Kodi from the list.
Select Kodi from the List
  • Just Click on Force Stop.
Just Click on Force Stop
Just Click on Force Stop

Now relaunch the Kodi and try to test sound on Kodi. If it works just leave it however if it has not to work please try another method to fix the no sound on the Kodi issue as given below.

Fix #2. Disable the Dolby Audio

Sometimes the sound issue can occur by Dolby audio settings of the firestick TV. whatever it may be, we are going to Disable Dolby Audio on firestick TV.

To Disable Dolby Audio on firestick TV, follow the steps are given below.

  • First, Open the Settings option from the home screen of the fire stick tv.
  • After that, Select the Display and Sounds option.
  • Then click on the Audio from the list.
  • Next, just Select the Surround Sound Settings.
  • On the next screen, just head over to Best Available and Click on it

Then you have to close Settings and Relaunch the Kodi on your firestick TV. Now test sound on Kodi if it is works that’s enough just leaving it however it has not worked, try another method to fix no sound on Kodi.

Fix #3. Enable Passthrough

Kodi makes sense of the sound stream from a source then, at that point, sends the sound to the channels and speakers. You might initiate the passthrough on Kodi with the goal that the sound is sent to the gadget in “raw” format and is along these lines not decoded.

This permits your TV to play the sound from the source utilizing its speakers.

  • First, Select the Movies on the Kodi Home Screen.
Select The Movies
  • After that Click on Movies from the list.
Click on Movies
  • pause the video and click on the Settings
Click on the Settings option
  • Just Select Audio Settings.
Select Audio Settings
  • Now Enable the Allow Passthrough and Click on Close
Enable the Allow Passthrough and Click on Close

Then you test sound on your Kodi, If it works just leave it or not works try another process as given below.

Fix #4. Set the Volume on Kodi

To set the volume in a proper way, you have to follow the steps. As given by the above method, at the Audio Settings window.

  • Go to the Volume option and drag the toggle button to adjust the volume as per your requirements.
  • After that click on the Close button on the same window.

Now play the video and check the audio sound. If the sound is coming on the Kodi just leave it and If it is not working, try another method as given below.

Fix #5. Configure Kodi Audio Settings

In this case, we are going to re-arrange the sound settings on Kodi as because of some specialized issue it may not recognize your yield source. Even though few different things ought to be arranged like the number of channels that could be 5.1 as most gadgets support this

  • First, open the Settings option on the left corner.
Open Settings
  • Select the system icon on the screen
Go to the System
  • Select addon
Select Audio
  • you can see several options to change the Audio modes
Change Audio output Settings as per your requirements

Fix #6. Check Hardware

Sometimes the sound of the firestick on Kodi can be occurring with hardware parts like sound cables, Connecting ports, and Bluetooth association. There are cases where the equipment being utilized is broken. The following are tips to ensure that your equipment is liberated from issues.

  • Check the Sound Cables

If your Kodi settings are settled properly then check the sound links for any imperfection. It might have frayed finishes or the wires are now folded over one another. You can either trade another link if no solid is coming or fix the harmed link by fastening. You might have utilized an off-base link or connected to some unacceptable spot. In these cases, allude to your gadget’s manual for direction.

Also, ensure that your sound link is a long way from wellsprings of electromagnetic radiation, for example, PC screens and force supplies to hold clamor back from meddling with the sound. In case of space is an issue, you might cross links at 90-degree points or orchestrate them in equal design to kill the buzz.

  • Check the Connecting ports

Interfacing ports are frequently presented to residue and soil, which lead to the static commotion, rough sound as well as even no strong. Utilize an air can to victory build-up and dust different toxins and utilize a q-tip to eliminate remaining foreign substances.

  • Check the Bluetooth sound connection

At the point when Bluetooth gadgets meddle with other innovations’ signals, this will lessen its ability to convey. Make a point to stay away from gear that disturbs Bluetooth innovation, for example, microwaves, outer screens, and surprisingly fluorescent lighting. Block facades and metalwork areas can likewise hinder signals.

In case you’re having issues, turn off other Bluetooth associations aside from the one for your Kodi. This ought to segregate the issue all the more productively.

Fix #7. Update Add-ons on Kodi

When we want to watch a movie on our firestick TV in Kodi Software. Some Addons are not supported the video content, because the Addons are not updated. If you update your Add-ons on your Kodi then you can’t get any sound interruption with Addons.

you have to follow the steps to update your Addons on Kodi. they are given below.

  • First foremost, launch the Kodi and Select Add-ons from the list which is settled at the left panel of the screen.
  • Next, open the Package Installer or box symbol at the top-left corner.
  • After that, you have to select the My Add-ons.
Tap on Add-ons
  • Then you will see the Available Updates option, just open it.
  • At this time you will see the list of Updates and just open the Add-on.
  • Next, you will see the Update button and simply click on it.
Click on Update
  • on the next window, a pop-up appears, and just select the newest version of the update.
  • Then the Downloading process will be started wait for some time.
  • after that, an Addon Updated notification will appear.

After Updating the Add-on on Kodi in your firestick TV, Check the sound is working or not. If the sound working properly just leave it or If not working please try another method to fix the sound issue on Kodi.

Fix #7. Update Audio Drivers:

Sometimes the issue may be from the Actually Audio drivers which mean, the No Sound on Kodi issue is not originating from the Kodi, this problem occurs from the Original Audio Drivers. In that case you have to Update the Original Audio Drivers. This is a common problem that many users will face sooner or later for third-party services like Kodi to support audio playback.

Update Audio Drivers on Windows:

  • First of all, navigate to the Start Menu on your Windows and search for the Device Manager.
Type Device Manager in Search Bar
  • There you can see a long list of Drivers which are raging from the  USB Controllers to CPUs.
Device Manager
  • Here your motto is to update the Drivers, so choose the Sound, video, and game controllers tab.
Choose Sound, Video, and Game Controllers
  • From the list, select your primary speaker setup (usually named High Definition Audio Device).
Right Click on High Definition Audio Device
  • Right-click on it and launch the Properties window.
Tap on Properties
  • Here from the Window button simply select the Drivers tab and then click on the Update Driver.
Tap on Update Drivers
  • Here your computer will search for the latest driver software available.
  • If your computer finds the latest firmware, then it will automatically start the installation process.
  • Once you are done with the Updates, then reboot your Windows Computers and check the problem still persists in Kodi by playing a movie or an audio file.

Update Audio Drivers on Mac OS:

  • First of all, open Mac and click on the Apple icon to the top left of your Mac and select the AppStore icon.
  • When you navigate to the new page, simply click on the Update All option.
  • This will scan through all the connected hardware, and will check for any new software or firmware files.
  • If any updates are available then the system will update itself.
  • After all updates are done, then reboot your Mac devices and after that check the problem still persists in Kodi by playing a movie or an audio file.

Fix #8. Re-Install Kodi

If the above 6 methods didn’t work on your end, then your Final chance to Fix No Sound on the Kodi Firestick issue is by Re-Installing the Kodi App. I think you all know that when you use any app most of the time it stores some unwanted temp files and caches. Sometimes due to the heavy usage of any app can easily change some settings, so that maybe cause the No Sound Issue on Kodi FireStick.

So the Final thing that you can do is simply Re-Install the Kodi to Fix No Sound Issue on Kodi FireStick. So let’s Un-Install Kodi to Re-Install it on your end.

  • First of all, Downloader App on your FireTV Stick.
  • Now navigate to the box and press select to open the Keyboard there.
  • Now using this type and then click on the Go button.
  • Kodi App will be Installed successfully, so simply wait some more time until it completes.
  • Once the Kodi is downloaded successfully, then you can see one Installation Windows pop-up, then simply Click on the Install Button.
  • I think it will take some time to Install the app, so wait for some more time and then Tap on Done.
  • Now you see the Downloader app having three buttons then simply click on the Delete button. When it asks for confirmation just select the Delete button again.
  • That’s it, buddy, now Kodi is Installed successfully, so simply launch the Kodi by navigating to the Your Apps and Channels and selecting See All.
  • Then you can see the Kodi app is successfully  Installed on the FireStick.

After the successful installation of Kodi, open the Kodi again and Play any video and check whether the Sound is working or not. If you hear a clear sound from the Video, then Kodi No Sound Issue is solved successfully.

Final Conclusion:

So, guys, These are the simple methods to fix Kodi’s no sound on the Firestick issue. In this guide, I have been shared the methods to fix no sound issues on Kodi. These all are methods are working fine. I am personally tested all these methods to fix no sound on Kodi. you Don’t have to worry about your no sound issue on Kodi of firestick TV.

Moreover, I want to tell you something before starting these methods, make sure you are clear in the settings steps. And keep your Add-ons update and get the latest features by updating Addons. finally, I strongly believe that this guide will help you to fix no sound on Kodi. Thank’s for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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