How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working? [Solved 2021]

If you are facing that your FireStick Remote is not working, then read more to know the working methods to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working Issue.

Hello! Everyone, Heartly inviting you to this article, Here we are ready to discuss the useful concept that every firestick user can know about the firestick remote,  I think you are searching for the fixing methods to fix the firestick remote not working and also wants to know the reasons behind the issue and fixing methods to solve the problem.


In this article, we are explaining the reasons behind the issue and fixing methods to solve the firestick remote not working issue. Ok, let’s figure out why your Firestick remote suddenly stopped working. Here in this article, I am going to show you different working methods to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working issue.

Reasons behind the Firestick Remote Not Working:

There is no specific reason that stops Firestick working, yes there are a lot of things that prevent a FireStick remote stop working. Among all the issues, the most common issue is with the batteries, obstructions that block the signal from the remote, and interference from other electronics. If the below-given methods fail, then try resetting your Firestick to its factory settings.

The main reasons for the firestick not working are:

  • Batteries: As I already said earlier, the remote not working issue mainly due to the battery problems. Some battery issues like physical damage, low power consumption, expired batteries, improperly inserted batteries, and all other battery-related issues mainly cause the FireStick remote not working issue.
  • Pairing: Yeah, the word itself describes the issue, if your remote isn’t paired with your Firestick, then you will definitely face this issue. If you replace the remote, then make sure that you paired your remote with Firestick or not.
  • Distance: I think you all know that the Firestick remote uses Bluetooth not infrared, so you have to main the distance of about 30 feet. The actual range is typically lower.
  • Obstructions: When you face some obstructions in between your Firestick box and remote, then definitely you will face this issue. Here you have to remember one thing that is you don’t need a direct line of sight between your Fire Stick and remote.
  • Interference: Yeah, some devices interfere with the Bluetooth connections, in such cases those devices prevent your Bluetooth connections and stop working correctly.
  • Compatibility: Make sure that your remote is compatible with your Firestick while you doing the replacement of your remote.
  • Damage: Yeah External damage like water damage and normal physical damage, and internal faults due to failed components can cause your Fire Stick remote to stop working.
  • Faulty Remote: The remote becomes old and buttons are damaged.

Methods to Fix the Firestick Remote Not Working:

  1. Check the Remote Batteries.
  2. Pair Remote.
  3. Connectivity of 7 Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Use Firestick Remote App.
  5. Distance & Obstruction Problems.
  6. Firestick Remote Compatibility.
  7. Firestick buttons Not Working.

Working Methods to Fix Firestick Remote Is Not Working Issue:

Fix #1. Check the Remote Batteries:

Batteries play a vital role in the Remote, without batteries we can’t access the remote, some times the remote is not properly working due to the wrong insertion of batteries on the remote, you need to check whether the batteries are properly inserted or not and also check all the issues related to the battery like low battery, lifetime, etc, For high capacity streaming, the remote batteries need so much power, the reason behind the sewerage of the battery in remote is regular use of Alexa voice control through the remote, so to overcome this issue use Alkaline batteries, to less than the battery issues on remote, you must use branded and premium quality batteries to enhance the battery life.

After taking the batteries, You can clean the remote especially on the battery cavity, there is no battery liquid residue is left on the remote because it reduces the performance of the new batteries, so properly clean the entire surface of the remote.

Sometimes the user must put the batteries in the wrong direction i.e put the battery on the positive side instead of placing it on the Negative side of the battery, make sure to place the battery on the correct side they indicate on the battery, wrongly inserting the batteries by mistake can also bring the remote not working issue.


Check FireStick Batteries

Here we are explaining some steps to check the remote Batteries.

  • Firstly, you must remove the Batteries on the Remote.
Remove Batteries From FireStick
  • Then you need to check the battery compartments for installing the batteries in the right direction.
Adjust FireStick Batteries Correctly
  • Now, put the batteries, use the branded batteries to avoid the issues, if you are facing a problem with rechargeable ones, so move to alkaline batteries.
  • If the new batteries not working properly then change the batteries in the Firestick.
Change FireStick Batteries
  • After inserting the batteries in the right direction, check the remote is properly working or not.

Fix #2. Pair Remote:

Sometimes, the remote is unpaired from the TV and unable to get the signal, so the user must re-pairing the firestick to the TV to fix the not working issue.

  • Initially, Turn on/ Power On the Firestick.
  • Now you must boot up the Fire TV.
  • Take the remote.
Hold your FireStick Near to FireStick
  • Press the Home Button on the remote for 10 seconds.
Click on Home Button
  • Free up the button, check whether the remote is working or not.
  • Repeat the same procedure two to three times.

Fix #3. Connectivity of 7 Bluetooth Devices:

At a time we can connect 7 Bluetooth devices, check for the one empty slot for the remote, if it is connected to 7 Bluetooth devices then you must disconnect one device for connecting the remote.

Here we are explaining some steps to disconnect the device from the firestick.

  • On the firestick home screen, move to the Settings that are located on the top menu.
  • Then navigate to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Now, you will notice the list of all connected devices, select one as you wish to disconnect.
  • Connect the remote in the place of the disconnected device and check whether the issue is solved or not.

Fix #4. Use Remote App:

We can also access the firestick with the help of the Firestick Remote App, this app is designed by Amazon and it is an official app, this is the best alternative for Remote, this app having the same interface just like as the remote and contains an inbuilt voice assistant feature.

Below we are explaining some steps to use the remote app on firestick

  • First of all, the user must download and install the FireTV app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After that, launch the app on a mobile device.
  • Now click on sign-in which is at the bottom of the screen.
Click on Sign in
  • Here Enter your Amazon Prime Account Login details.
Enter your Amazon Prime Login Credentials
  • After successful login, you can use the Amazon Fire TV App.
Use Amazon Fire TV App
  • Now the app starts scanning and scans the available devices nearer to you,  whether you can notice the TV simply click on it to connect.
  • After tapping on the device, it displays a code of 4 characters that are required to enter in the app for confirmation.
Enter 4 Digit Code Displayed on Amazon Fire TV
  • The user can view the remote is successfully connected, so you can easily use this with the help of a key and all are the same just like a physical remote.

Fix #5. Distance & Obstruction Problems:

Generally, all know that the remote having Bluetooth connectivity rather than infrared, the device should be placed on an average distance of nearly 30-feet, due to some obstacles it reduces the range if the user is facing an object across you and the TV, so there are some chances to get the firestick remote not working.

Here we are discussing some steps to overcome the distance and obstruction problems.

  • First of all, physically move the remote nearer to the TV and then hold down the Navigation key to check whether it works for the particular distance or not.
  • Make sure to remove all obstacles you are facing among the Firestick and the Remote Control and again check if it properly works or not.
  • In case it is not properly working then you must use the remote behind the TV or close to Firestick, the user must use the Firestick Extention to avoid the issue, it will directly interact with the remote.

Fix #6. Check Firestick Remote Compatibility:

As I already mentioned that You may face a Firestick remote not working issue because of the compatibility issue. If Firestick is not working problem rises when you purchased a replacement Fire Stick remote, but you are unable to pair your remote with the Firestick, then you may have a compatibility issue.

If you face compatibility issues, then check the compatibility of the remote to the Fire TV Stick from here. You mainly face this issue because there are several generations of Fire Sticks, other Fire TV devices, and Fire TV remotes, and they don’t all work together.

Fix #7. Firestick buttons Not Working:

Most of the time button on Firestick may not work due to the remote hasn’t paired properly with your Firestick device. So hold down the home button on your Firestick for 10 seconds to pair it again.

Actually, that will definitely work if you follow the above step, if it does still not work, then follow the below steps to reset your remote and re-pair it with your Firestick.

The steps which I am going to show you do not reset your FireStick to factory settings. They simply reset and unpair your remote and pair it again with FireStick
  • First of all, Disconnect your Firestick from the power source.
  • Now you have to hold down the following buttons (all of them together) for at least 20 seconds.

Back button
Menu button
Left part of the navigation ring

  • Now take the batteries from the Firestick remote.
  • It’s time to power on your Firestick and wait until you see the home screen of your Fire TV.
  • Now insert your remote batteries into your Firestick remote back.
  • Simply wait for 1 -2 minutes.
  • Your FireStick remote must have already paired. If it hasn’t paired, hold down the Home button for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How to Reset the Firestick Remote?

Answer: Here we are restarting the firestick with the help of Remote.

  1. Firstly, Switch On the TV and wait to load the screen to display the Firestick home screen.
  2. Then, hold down the Home button on the remote for few seconds.
  3. After that, move to Settings and then tap on My Fire TV.
  4. In that go to the Restart option and restart the Firestick.
  • Question 2) How to use Firestick Without using Remote?

Answer: The best and simplest way to use the Firestick without using the remote is by using the Amazon’s Fire TV app, this app is applicable to both iOS and Android and the user can access it like a physical remote, it perfectly works and also allows the users to utilize the phone’s keyboard and microphone for typing or voice search for watching movies and TV shows.


This article clearly discusses the reasons behind the firestick remote not working and also explains the simple and easy methods to solve the issue.

People who are worried about why my firestick is not working properly and eagerly want to know the reasons behind the issue and the fixing methods to solve the issue, for that type of people this article is the best reference,  you easily fix the firestick remote not working issue.

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