How to Fix Far Cry 6 Crash on Windows PC?

If you’re facing a Far Cry 6 Crashing issue on your windows device then read more to know How to Fix Far Cry 6 Crash on Windows PC

Hi, a hearty welcome to this article. Are you a game lover? Will you love to play shooting and adventurous games? Do you like the most attractive graphics?

Is games are crashed in Windows? You will get the answer to these questions in this article. In this article, we will discuss the topic of Far Cry 6 that keeps crashing on PC. Let’s start with the topic.

What is Far Cry 6?

FarCry 6 is an adventurous shooter game. This is a first-person shooter game. It is developed by  Ubisoft. This is a shooter game in an open environment. The player can go on foot or used vehicles. It has so many special weapons “Resolver Weapons”. The game has Rank Level.

The player capabilities to construct and upgrade a guerrilla basis which is known as the camp facility. It will navigate and the game was done on land, water, or air. Sometimes Far Cry 6 does not launch on PC, all those issues like this are resolved in this article.

Reasons behind Far Cry 6 Crash on Windows PC:

Far Cry 5 crashes on loading screen PC, Crashing of games, displaying a black screen are very common problems. Far cry 6 is working well generally. You have to maintain the minimum requirements of RAM. This will happen on PC also. If it is crashing frequently, you have to identify the correct reason for this:

  • Maybe the game is outdated.
  • Some apps will conflict or old versions will conflict with the latest version.
  • The Graphical Driver may be outdated.
  • Lack of Admin Privileges.
  • Some of the files were missed due to malicious viruses.
  • The anti-virus program will prevent the app.

The Necessity to Fix Far Cry 6 Crash on Windows PC?

Gamer loves this game very much so that they won’t play the game every time. Since it will attract people along with children. The graphics are so beautiful to see and it will design new surroundings every time to attract. So the gamers want to recover it at any cost. In this article, multiple ways to fix the Far Cry 6 Crash.

Methods to Fix Far Cry 6 Crash on Windows PC

Here in this article, we are briefly discussing the multiple methods to fix the Far Cry  6 Crash on Windows PC

Method #1. Check the System Requirements

If the downloading app or installing the latest version of the game. you have to check for the latest system requirements. They are:

  • A 64-bit processor is needed.
  • Latest Windows 10 or later version.
  • AMD RX Vega 64(8GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080(8 GB) Graphics Video card is needed.
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 x @ speed 3.8 GHz Processor or Intel Core i7-7700@ speed 3.6 GHz.
  • Directx12
  • Nvidia 1080 or higher versions are needed.
  • 16 Gb RAM with the dual-channel mode is needed.
  • 60 GB hard drive is necessary.

If your PC has reached all these system requirements, you can just follow the next methods to resolve them.

Method #2. Run as Administrator

Go to the game icon of Far Cry6 game icon. Right-click on the game icon and choose the option Run as Administrator.

or you can do epic game directory which is a basic game directory. You have to search for the FarCry 6. exe. Right-click on exe file and choose the option Run As Administrator.

Just click on the Run this game as an administrator

The issue will be resolved to check it once. If it is not resolved, you follow the next methods to resolve them.

Method #3. Solution Crash after App Update

If the crash is happening after any update or installation time. Sometimes it will happen due to the files missing during the installation of the app. You have to remove the game completely and install it again and it is better to install it from any other source.

Method #4. Force to Close All Applications

Sometimes the apps installed newly will also cause crashes. Since they are third-party apps. They had virus programs in it which leads to the crash of the apps. First, close all the apps and try to use the app once again. If the app will work. Otherwise, go with the next method.

Method #5. Disable Antivirus

Far Cry 6 crashes after the patch, sometimes the games will be crash due to the antivirus also. The firewall will stop the malicious program due to scans or some things. This will prevent the malicious program. So that the app will be crashed. You have to stop the antivirus sometimes then the app will work. Follow the simple steps to do so:

  • Press and hold the Windows +I key on the keyboard to open Windows Settings.
Windows Settings
  • Go to the Utility & Security category.
Choose Utility & Security Tab
  • Tap on the Windows security tab from the left side menu.
Choose Windows Security tab
  • Choose the Virus & Threat protection in the right-side panel.
Tap on Virus & Threat protection
  • Hit on the Manage Settings and disable the Real-time Protection tab.
  • Reboot the system to apply the changes and test the app after the restart.

Method #6. Turn Off Overlays

If you have turned off or disabled the Overlays it will lead to crashing issues again and again. You have to enable the Overlays by using:

  • Connect to Ubisoft Connect.
  • Go to Settings.
Move to Settings
  • Choose the option Game overlay for Supported games and check the check box near to it.
Disable Overlays
  • After that Reboot the device.

Method #7. Set up FPS Speed

If you have already adjusted the graphics and using the faster RAM with high capacity, then you have to adjust the FPS Speed. Frame per speed, It is 60-30 FPS. Then only you can watch it peacefully. Follow this simply.

  • Open FarCry6 app.
  • Got o the Graphics Settings
  • Open the Video tab in it.
  • Next, go to the Advanced Settings.
  • Set FPS for 30/60 FPS, and turn on the FPS lock. Exit from there. The issue would be resolved. Otherwise, use the next method.

Method #8. Update Directx

  • Download the DirectX end-user runtime Web installer file.
  • Install it and verify the Directx latest updates.
  • After completing the process reboot the system.
  • After restarting the system, you have to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Press Windows +R keys on the keyboard to open the RUN utility.
  • Type dxdiag keyword and click on OK.
Eneter dxdiag and click on OK
  • The problem may be resolved. Otherwise, consider the next method.

Method #9: Repair using the Ubisoft Games OR Include Missing Files

Ubisoft is the downloader of games. make sure that you have been connected to the Ubi soft.

  • Launch the Ubi Software on your system.
  • Open the Games tab and choose the Far Cry6 game in it.
  • Hit on the Arrow mark on the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Repair button.
  • It will replace missing or corrupted Files and makes files and makes the app work.
  • Reboot the device and start the system and game, the issue would be resolved. If not try the next method to resolve. Otherwise, go with the next method.

Method #10: Perform a Clean Startup

On startup, in the background programs will run automatically and create problems. So that you have to start the system clean. To do the clean boot you have to follow the below steps:

  • Launch your PC login as an Administrator.
  • Press and hold the Windows button +R to get the RUN Utility.
  • Type msconfig to get the configuration window.
Type msconfig
  • Choose the System Configuration option in that window.
  • Click on the Services tab from the configuration window.
  • Then you have to choose the option Hide all Microsoft Services. Next tap on Disable all button present at the bottom of the screen.
System configuration
  • ON services window choose the Startup tab in it. There you have to click on the Open Task Manager option.
Click on the Task Manager tab
  • On the Task Manager window, click on the Startup Tab.  Choose each and every startup item and make Disable. This means you are preventing the stating items along with windows startup. Exit from Task Manager.
Prevent startup apps
  • Now, on the System configuration window on the startup tab, hit on OK.
  • You can reboot your device whenever you need. Clen boot will happen. Far Cry 1 crash on startup also removed.

The problem may be resolved. If it does not happen go for the next method.

Method #11. Update the Graphics Driver

If the game is crashing again and again. First, check that your graphics card is outdated. it is used to give the best performance. You have to update the graphical driver manually. It would be done by using NVIDIA.  This will search for the latest installer and do it manually or you can update it automatically. It would be done by using the Driver Easy.

  • Search and download the DriverEasy first.
  • Launch Driver Easy and click on Scan Now.
Click on the Scan Now
  • This will scan your system and identify the problem.
  • After completing the scan it will list out the total issues and update the app.
  • Tap on Update All to update automatically. This will update all drivers automatically. This process will take some time to complete.
Click on Update All

After completion of the process, reboot the device to update the changes. If any conflict occurs with the old version just remove or uninstall the older version. Then the latest version installation will be complete. Far Cry 4 crash fix Windows 10. Try the app will work. Otherwise, use the next method.

Method #12. Update Windows

Far Cry 3 crash fix Windows 10. The latest version of the game conflicts with the old version of OS. You have to update the windows OS version. If it is outdated also, the apps will be crash. The latest version will have bug fixes and so many.

  • Press and hold the Windows +I key on the keyboard to open Windows Settings.
Windows Settings
  • Go to the Utility & Security category.
Choose Update & Security Tab
  • Tap on the Windows Update tab in the left side menu.
  • Hit on the Check for Updates button.
Check for update
  • It leads you to the latest update of the OS is available.
  • Update it and it will reboot after completing the whole process. The process will take time to complete.
  • After restart of the system try to launch the app.

Method #13. Reinstall the Game

If the game is crashing again and again, first uninstall the game first and try to install it from any other source. Since the app may be an error-prone or malicious virus.

  • Press and hold the Windows + R  keys on the keyboard to open the RUN utility.
  • Type appwiz.cpl and hit on OK, to get the all apps installed on your windows device.
Type appwiz.cpl
  • From that list,  scroll, search & choose the FarCry6 game, and right-click on it to Uninstall.
All apps on your PC
  • Confirm it again, Uninstallation happens and removes all content of the game.
  • Next, you have to install the game.
  • First, run the Ubisoft Connect client to download the game.
  • Choose the game to be downloaded and click on it to download & install.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to download and install the game successfully. Launch it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How can I resolve the issues regarding the game crashes on PC?

Answer: They mostly deal with the same problems, Check the solutions of them:

  1. Update the graphical drivers.
  2. Update OS to the latest version.
  3. Disable the Antivirus.
  4. Run the games in Windows Mode.
  5. Check Hardware.
  6. Verify the Windows Defender Settings, which is the built-in security solution.
  7. Disable Real-time Protection.
  8. Check for Third-party applications that exist in the app or system.
  9. Disable DirectX.
  10. Reinstall the app.
  • Question 2) FarCry 6  showing black Screen?

Answer: You will get a black screen when files are missing or corrupted in the app. A simple method is in this article, you can add those files to the app. You can resolve it by following the above methods.

  • Question 3)  Why do PC games crash frequently?

Answer: The simple and major problem is due to the power supply problem. There are many reasons to crash the gaming apps like:

  1. Due to Game Settings.
  2. The version is outdated and the latest update is available.
  3. Due to network problems.
  4. Because of Anti-virus or Firewalls. The anti-virus will prevent games.
  5. Due to the Old version of the OS since the apps will be compatible with the latest OS sometimes.
  6. Graphics cards are outdated or need so much power.
  7. If you are using VPN, that will make the system slow. Due to that also game crashes.

There are so many reasons are there along with the above.


These are the several reasons to crash the FarCry 6 game and its solutions to resolve them. Try the methods one after another, apply them until you get clearance from the problem. You will get access to resolve them. I think this article will help you the most. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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