How to Fix Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable?

If you’re facing the Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable then read more to know How to Fix Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable

In most cases, Windows users experience the error ox80070141. The error is regarding the Device being unreachable. When you do some actions like Copy, send, or move photos and videos from a mobile phone to a Computer or Laptop this error will appear on the screen.

To fix this error first we have to know where the error is located or what is the cause for this error. After knowing the reason for this error we can fix this error easily. This is not an easy task to fix this error. Don’t worry you are in right place. In this article, we are explaining you fixing methods to solve this issue.

What is Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable?

Usually the Error 0x80070141 occurs while the user is trying to copy the files to the device, it occurred in various devices like android, PC, and iPhones, this error is not an important one on iPhones, you can mainly notice this error in transferring the files to another device.

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Reasons That Cause Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable

Here in this article, we are mentioned some of the reasons for this error by the reports of some of the users who are facing this error.

  • Hardware or Explorer Malfunctioning

If there is any malfunctioning on your device’s Hardware or explorer there is no proper connection between external storage is established and may be the cause for this type of error.

  • Damaged or Incompatible USB port

If you are using an incompatible USB port or a Damaged USB port you may face this error code. The USB cable to connect to your computer’s USB port is damaged, then also you face this problem. If this is the reason for this error simply change the USB cable and port instantly.

  • A too-long Pathname or Filename

Some of the users face this type of error when they try to send images or videos with a pathname or file name of more than 256 characters. This long pathname or filename cannot be recognized by the computer then you may face this error.

  • Camera Using

If you are connected the Camera to a Windows computer you may have this type of error ox80070141. This error occurs when transferring files from the camera to a windows PC. If this is the reason change to MTP is the right solution for this error.

  • An old version of iTunes

This is in the case of using an iPhone/iPod.When you transfer files from an iOS device to a Windows computer, if you face this error code then the reason is the outdated version of iTunes on your iPhone/iPod.

  • Pending Updates

On Windows PC you have to install updates of the apps regularly. If you are not updating pending files you may face this error. This is simple to fix. Just update with all available updates on your computer the error can be solved.

Methods to Fix Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable

Above are the main reasons for this error code ox80070141. After knowing the causes we have to try to solve this error. In this article, we are giving some fixing methods to resolve this error. These methods are not difficult but you have to do them one by one to resolve the error ox80070141, Just follow them carefully.

Method #1. Enable Photo Sharing

This is the best method to fix this error. If you are using iPhone to transfer camera-related files from iPhone to Windows PC or Laptop.

  • First of all open the Settings page on your iPhone.
  • Then open the Photos and Camera option.
  • There is a Photos Sharing option is seen on the screen.
  • Enable this option on your iPhone.
  • Then you have to open the photos and Camera section.
  • Turn on My photos stream.
Enable my photostream
  • Then turn on iCloud Photo Sharing on your iPhone.

Try to send any image or video from your iPhone to a Windows OS computer. If you send them successfully problem solved otherwise try the next method to Fix Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable.

Method #2. Adjust the Phone Settings

This is the method useful when you are using iPhone to transfer images and videos. In the case of using an iPhone, you have to make some changes to avoid this error. Windows raise this error when you transfer 4K videos and HEIC photos to move from the computer to your phone.

You have to adjust the settings of the Photos and camera option to fix this error.

  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Then go to the Photos option.
Select Photos
  • Search for the option Transfer to Mac or PC by scrolling down.
  • When you find this option just click on it, Then check whether the Automatic option is activated or not.
  • Choose the option Keep Originals.
Keep Originals
  • By doing this your iPhone cannot check the compatibility of transferring files.
  • No chance to face this error ox80070141.
  • Then try to check problem is solved or not, if yes no problem.
  • Otherwise, move to the next method of fixation.

Method #3. Use USB 2.0 Port

Most of the devices can compatible with a 3.0port of USB, But the older devices cannot be compatible with the 3.0 port of USB. In this case, you have to shift to Use 2.0 USB port.

If the device is not connected to an advanced 3.0 USB port, try to change the port to USB 2.0. Most of the older phones cannot connect to USB 3.0. They didn’t have the required drives to connect to USB 3.0. So you can face this error.

Use USB Ports

To fix this error just connect the Phone to USB 2.0. Using USB 2.0 is slower than 3.0, but there is no problem with sharing photos and videos without getting the error code ox80070141.

If this method is not fixed this error, the problem does not lie in the USB port. Then move to the next step of fixation.

Method #4. Set the Phone to Work like a Media Device

When you are connecting your phone to a PC then the message on phone appeared to ask your permission to allow access to photos and videos on your phone from the Pc or Laptop. Your Phone automatically connects to the computer as a Medi device.

Instead of Media Device like MTP protocol, sometimes it is set as PTP, then you may face this error.

  • Just swipe your phone the down ad you will see the USB connection-related notification.
  • On USB connection, Check whether MTP is ticked on or not.
  • Make sure that is MTP option is on.
USB Connection
  • Then your phone is connected as an MTP media device.
  • Then there is no chance of this error if the problem is In the Media device.

Otherwise, try the next method to Fix Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable.

Method #5. Rename The Path of File or Dictionary

Most of the users face this error with the transferring of too long a Filename or Pathname. It should be of length below 256 characters. If this is the reason for this error you have made the change in the name of that file or you have to change the pathname.

Rename The Path of File or Dictionary

After renaming the filename or pathname, try to transfer this file to the computer. If you can transfer photos and videos problem is solved wise try this last method to resolve this issue.

Method #6. Re-Install the Device

You are recommended to use this method to fix the error easily. Re-Installing of your device is sometimes helpful to set all connections in refreshing wat and this may establish all connections properly.

If you want to Re-Install your Device you have to follow these simple steps.

  • First, you have to go to the search box of the Windows page.
  • Then choose “Device Manager”.
Device Manager
  • The window of the Device Manager is opened. Then click on the Action Tab.
  • From the list of items displayed, choose the Scan for hardware changes option from the Menu.
  • Then restart your Pc or laptop.
Scan for hardware changes
  • Connect your Phone to the PC again and try to send photos to check whether the problem is solved or not.
Connect Phone to PC/Mac

Method #7. Transfer Files Directly to the Computer

Usually, we are all transferring files from phone to windows PC on a NAS file, This may one of the causes of this error. Some of the users try this method and succeed in this work.

Instead of transferring files to the NAS drive transfer them directly to the computer and then transfer them to the NAS drive. This is the time taking process to transfer two times. Then you noticed that you can transfer files without any error.

Method #8. Try Another USB Cable

Sometimes your USB cable may damage or not connecting the device properly may also occur this error. If the problem is with this USB cable you can fix it easily by simply replacing the USB cable with the new one.

First, disconnect the USB cable from the USB port and Plugin a new USB cable into the USB port of your computer. Then connect your phone with this USB cable and check whether this is working properly or not.

Method #9. Transfer Files One by One

In some cases, your copying a lot of photos, and this may be the cause of this error. If you encounter this error, try to copy files one by one. This method can resolve your problem and you can send photos or videos from your mobile to Windows PC easily.

This method is helpful to Fix the Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable

Method #10. Use Different USB Ports to Connect

In this method of fixation of this error you just use another USB port on your Windows PC or Laptop.If the previous port not working properly also leads causes this type of error.

When you connect Your USB cable to another USB port and connect this cable to your phone. Try to copy the photo files onto the windows computer, If copied successfully you have done this otherwise, please consult Hardware repairing experts.

These are the methods of Fixation of this error ox80070141. You have tried these methods one by one to fix this issue easily.

Method #11. Use PhotoSync app

If you’re still facing the Error 0x80070141 Device Is Unreachable then you must use the Photosync app to fix the error, with the help of the PhotoSync app you can easily transfer files across various devices one device to another i.e phone to PC and so on with the help of Wi-Fi connection.



If you’re constantly getting this error message while trying to transfer files from your phone, you might want to try using the PhotoSync app. This is a simple application that allows you to transfer files from your phone to your PC by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Keep in mind that this is just a workaround and that transferring files via Wi-Fi is significantly slower than transferring them over a USB connection.

Method #12. Run Hardware & Devices Troubleshooter

To avoid issues and errors of your device simply run the hardware and device troubleshooter, to do this the user must follow some simple steps.

  • Press Windows + R keys to launch the Run utility.
  • In that type ms-settings: troubleshoot and tap on the OK button.
ms-settings troubleshoot
ms-settings troubleshoot
  • It will launch the Troubleshooting tab.
Tap on the Troubleshooting option
  • Navigate to the Find and Fix other problems section on the Troubleshooting tab.
  • Next tap on Hardware and Devices option.
Hardware and Devices
  • After that click on Run the troubleshooter button.
  • It starts the process and waits for a few minutes to complete the process.
  • If you notice any solutions then tap on Apply this fix.
  • Finally, restart the device to apply the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions given to you below.

  • Question 1) Is it possible to fix this error ox80070141

Answer: Yes, You can easily fix this Error code ox80070141 by trying some fixing methods. In this article, we are giving 10 methods to resolve this issue.

  • Question 2) What does this error Code ox80070141 mean?

Answer: This is the error related to transferring photos and videos from a mobile device to a PC. The error ox80070141 is the error of Device is unreachable. That means that the device does not connect to the PC properly.

  • Question 3) Is this is safe to Fix this error manually?

Answer: No problem at all, you can try these methods given in this article to fix this error. There is no problem with your system or phone while you fixing this error.


In this article, we are giving so many fixing methods that can help you to fix these errors easily. In this article w are discussing what is this error? reasons for this error and fixing methods. I hope this article helps you to fix this error ox80070141  easily.

These methods given in this article are very useful to you to fix this error easily. you have to try these methods one by one then you can solve this issue. I hope the above-punished information helps you a lot to fix this error. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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