How to Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?

If you are facing Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application issue, then try these working methods to fix it.

Warm Welcome! Are you stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage and Application in your Firestick device, Well! In this article, you will get the answer to how I stop my firestick from optimizing. Let’s discuss some of the most effective methods to solve the problem.

Basically, several methods cause optimizing system storage and applications stuck error and it is necessary to know the reason behind it to clear the issue further happening again! Let’s read more to know How to Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?

What is Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?

Usually, we can see users complaining about this issue in amazon forums and the issue here is Your fire tablet optimizing system storage, and applications won’t finish. Gets stuck in a Loop for over more than 20 minutes and in some cases, your device keeps on displaying a blue screen showing this error till it is rectified.

This is Indeed a rare problem and there are several reasons to get this error. Most often we can’t able to access the Applications unless the Error is fixed. Many times resetting the device will resolve the issue. In this article, you will know how I reset my firestick stuck optimizing.

Though there are some effective methods to fix the problem, we need to be careful to get rid of this error completely and some of the reasons for getting this error are mentioned below, you can even skip this part if you are not interested. Here, we don’t discuss the element of tv optimizing system storage and applications.

Reasons that Cause Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?:

Here are some common reasons why is my firestick stuck on optimizing system storage. Some of the common Errors are as mentioned below:

  1. InEfficient Power Supply
  2. USB Port
  3. HDMI Error
  4. Firestick Messed Up
  5. Motherboard Fail
  6. Virus
  7. Rooting
InEfficient Power Supply:
  • If your Firestick device, not getting enough Power then there is a chance of getting this Error. Optimizing system storage and applications insufficient USB power was detected in many cases.
  • Moreover, Power fluctuations and other voltage drops in the circuit may also lead to this error.
Using USB Port:
  • Another common error is due to the USB port connection. Yes! If your Firestick device is getting power from USB which in turn is connected to your TV rather than the power Adapter then it results in this Loop Error.
  • However, Use a power Adapter for better results and of course, there are many Third-party Power Sources.
HDMI Error:
  • It’s one of the worst cases if your HDMI fails to recognize your device.
  • In This case, we can use an HDMI extender to fix the problem. These Extenders are very cheap in cost but Choose them wisely!
Firestick Messed Up:
  • Usually, we use Firestick most often and sometimes it may affect their hardware components as a result they get outdated.
  • Moreover, replacing some components may also affect you. So it’s better to move to another device.
Motherboard Fail:
  • Mostly, frequent power cuts and sudden voltage drops and this will leads to utter failure in the motherboard.
  • Moreover, it’s the worst scenario, and better to change the kit.
  • Basically, the Firestick device won’t allow you to Install Applications from third-party sources because it may lead us to False Applications.
  • These applications in turn Affect your device and even crash them which results in a looping Error.
  • So, kindly avoid installing these Third Party Applications.
  • The issue of firestick optimizing system storage on Reddit is discussed.
  • Yes! Because breaching your device may result in an Error.
  • Mostly, rooting is a kind of method which has to be done perfectly, and any mistake in those steps, just forget your device.

Working Tips to Reset Amazon Firestick:

If the Firestick is stuck in a loop optimizing system Storage or Application, then

  • Wait for a while. and give some time to reset. just like 10 minutes.
  • If it is not restored, just restart the Firestick.
  • Power off the FireTv, plug out and wait for 5 minutes, and plugin to the socket.
  • Try to connect to Another socket.
  • Turn off and unplug cables for the router too. Wait for a while and plugin again.
  • Sometimes cables are not connected tightly or properly. Just correct them properly.
  • Make sure that the FireTV cable is not damaged anywhere. Check it once.

How to Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?

Follow these working methods carefully as mentioned below to Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application

#1. Try Remote Buttons

Sometimes your remote will struck. Wait for a while and try to press each and every button on the remote, and they would work ut. Maximum use the Back button or home button to get back from the current page. Then the Fire Tv will come out from the optimizing loop.

Firestick Remote

#2. Restart 

Firestick stuck into the optimizing system Storage loop, you first try to restart the system. Since a simple restart will resolve many issues. This will stop or end the looping process.

Just Switch off the Fire Tv and Remove the plug from the socket. or hod and keep pressing the power button on the remote. The device will be shutdowns.

Press the Power Button on the Remote

Wait for a while or for 5 minutes. Connect the cables and firestick. Turn them on again. Launch the FireTV and Firestick too. The issue would be resolved. Mostly you can Fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application after restarting it.

#3. Soft Reset

If you saw Firestick stuck in a loop optimizing system Storage for a long time nearly more than 10 minutes. Then you have to just restart your Firestick device. Keep pressing the Play/Pause button along with the Select button simultaneously for a while. Also, you can unplug and replug the firestick power cable. Then it will boot and a soft reset will happen.

press to Soft reset

#4. Unplug the Firestick

If your Firestick is stuck in the optimizing system Storage loop, then just remove the Firestick from the FireTV. Then it will get out of the loop.

If firestick gets updated with the latest version, compatibility issues will raise problems like optimization loop issues. This means if the OS is not compatible with any app then these issues will raise automatically. Here, you can update the firestick without display.

  • Switch on the Firestick and FireTV.
  • An optimizing message will appear on the screen. Wait for the Finishing Updates to appear on the screen.
  • Remove Firestick from the Fire TV plugin the Firestick again to the HDMI port Change the Firestick.
  • The issue would be resolved.


  • First, remove the Firestick USB.
Firestick device
  • Next, Switch off FireTV and remove the plug from the socket.
  • Switch off and plug out the router. Remove the cables also from it.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes and Plugin the Fire TV and router cables too.
  • Turn on them.
  • Wait for a while to launch.

Then the issue would be resolved. The firestick normal home screen will appear.

#5. Use Another Firestick

If the above method is not worked and Firestick is stuck into the optimizing system Storage loop only. Then you can try the new Firestick Device. Check if it resolves the issue or not.

  • Remove the Firestick from the device.
Firestick device
  • Replace it with a new one or any other firestick device. While connecting the device remember that, don’t connect it to the USB Port. Connect the FireStick with the Power Adapter only.

#6. Use the Original Cables and Adapter

If you are facing the Firestick is stuck into the optimizing system Storage loop issue, then check that the cables and adapter are from the Amazon or not. This means if you are not using the original products of the Firestick. Then they will not provide the correct power supply to the FireTV.

If the file corruption or missing files happens. Then you can resolve the issue by using the Restoro Repair app. Which will scan and identifies the corrupted files, replaces the corrupted or missed files, and gets them repaired.

This will cause the file corruption on your Firestick. And it leads to the device for Update. Ultimately, the correct power supply with Original products will be the solution for this issue.

Amazon Adapter
Amazon Adapter
  • Switch off the FireTV.
  • If you are using the 3 rd party Adapter or cable remove them.
  • Replace them with the Stock Charger and USB Cable.
  • Turn on the FireTV again.
  • You will observe the message that Optimizing is completed.
  • The issue is resolved.

#7. Use Wall Socket

It’s one of the most effective methods and works accurately to Eliminate the Error:

  • At first, unplug your Firestick device from HDMI, and at the same time kindly Unplug it from the USB.
  • Furthermore, now turn off your TV for 5 minutes and make sure that Your power supply is not fluctuating.
HDMI Device Connector
  • After that, Now connect your Firestick device to the HDMI port, and to give the supply to the Firestick use a Wall Adapter instead of a USB.
  • The reason behind it is, Basically, Your Firestick won’t get an adequate power supply using the USB port. So kindly use Wall Adapter to get rid of this Error.
Amazon Adapter
  • Moreover, Switch on your device and now you will be able to see the Error page again. Don’t get worried About it and Kindly, give it some time to restore.
  • Additionally, your device gets updated and starts recovering from the Error, and Boots up completely. Usually, the process takes at least 10 minutes.
  • Now, Go to the Home screen and for a better Streaming Experience try to clear the cache of all Applications.
Apart from that, you can use HDMI Extender for seamless Steaming.

#8. Remove Extensions

If you are using any USB extension to the Power Adapter. These extensions will cause power issues and don’t provides complete or sufficient power to the Fire Tv. So that this type of issue will raise. It is safe and better to remove these extension cables.

Extended cable

#9. Don’t use Power Strips

These issues generally will come with power problems. So you do not use the connector to connect. It has heavy devices and ports are connected.

This will made heavy load on the device. Then the power will not be supplied properly to the device. This will leads to optimization looping issues.

So that connect the devices directly to the wall power sockets and switch on the FIreTV. The issues would be resolved. Otherwise, move to the next method to resolve.

#10. Scan for Viruses    

If you have installed any third-party apps, it also causes the issues like the Optiminig loop. Since they may be error-prone and full of viruses. You have to scan for the viruses and remove them. To perform this task, follow these steps:

  • Open the Setting tab from the Firestick Home Screen. or press the home button on the remote for a while. The firestick shortcut menu will appear on the screen. Then choose the Settings tab from there.
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings
  • Click on the General Settings tab.
  • Choose the System Manager option and search for the Smart Security tab.
  • Tap on it and click on the Scan tab to scan the device.

It will perform a complete scan of the device. This will take some time. You can also use any antivirus if you had.

#11. Don’t use HDMI Switch      

If your device is having HDMI Switch and using it. Then, bypass the switch. Observe the difference. Few devices are in this process and little things may go wrong. No need to worry about it.

#12. Restart Router

The router also causes these issues. Since FireTv needs Wi-Fi to work. If it is not proper then your device will not come from the optimizing loop. So that just reset your router. Tap on the Reset button on the router or just switch off the Router and remove all cables from it.

Press Power Button

Wait for a while. And connect again all of them and Plugin to the socket and turn on the switch too. Wait for 2-3 minutes to connect Wi-Fi to the device and the looping issue would be resolved.

#13. Update Firestick

you can even update your Firestick and there is no risk in updating as it is given officially by the Developers. The update will resolve many glitches and bugs. So follow these steps to update Firestick.

  • First, Open your Firestick and Navigate Directly to Settings which is usually present on the Home Screen.
Tap on Settings
Tap on Settings
  • After that, choose My Firestick as your option and navigate to the About section.
Hit on the About tab
  • Furthermore, now make a click on Check for Updates and wait for some time to confirm any updates given by the Developers.
Tap on Check for Updates
  • Moreover, if you get any updates then try to click on it and wait till it updates Successfully.
Checking for Updates

This will take some time to update but it will resolve the loop.

#14. How to Clear the Cache

Clearing Cache is needed for fast booting and Even you can Clear your Application Data. Ensure that follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  • Firstly, Open the Home screen on Your Firestick device and navigate directly to Settings.
Tap on the Settings tab
  • After that choose the Application tab.
Choose the Apps Tab
  • And Navigate to Manage Applications.
Hit on Manage Installed
  • Furthermore, click on Each Application in which you want to clear the Cache or Data and choose Clear cache as your Final option.
Choose Clear cache
  • Moreover, you may also be able to see the Clear Data option underneath the Cache.

#15. Reset Firestick

If the error continues, try this method for better results, and kindly Remember that Resetting your device may erase all your Saved Data and You need to log in again to access Applications.

In addition to that All your Third Party Applications are washed out completely and the Steps for resetting are as given below:

  • Now, Hold your Back button and Right navigation button at the same time in your Firestick Remote.
Reset through remote
  • At Instance, you get a pop-up to Confirm your Reset.
  • Moreover, choose Reset as your final option and wait for some time as it usually takes time.
  • After successfully resetting your device, you can’t even notice any errors Kindly login into your Amazon account to access the Applications.
However, Resetting is the best option as it Clears out all your Infected third-party Applications.

#16. HDMI Extender

However, if you’re not interested to Reset your device then you can use this method as an optional one and the process involves a series of steps mentioned below:

  • First, kindly plug out your Firestick device from the HDMI port present in your Television.
  • Now, use HDMI Extender instead of it. Basically, the Extender consists of Sender and receiver Devices.
HDMI Extender
  • Furthermore, now connect your Firestick Device at the Sender End and with the help of a cable join Sender and Receiver devices.
  • Additionally, now connect the Receiver to the HDMI port present in the Television set.
  • Therefore, by using this method we can reduce power fluctuations to a certain extent.
Please note that, this method is an optional one and If it fails, Kindly Reset your Firestick Device.

#17. Connect Firestick to Another Fire TV

After updating the FIrestick with the latest version, these issues will be raised. Since the Firestick is not compatible with the FireTV. So that connect the firestick to another FireTV and try to resolve the issue. Follow these simple steps to resolve the issue.

  • Switch off the both FireTVs. Remove Firestick device.
  • Connect it to another FireTV.
  • Switch on it and launch the FireTV. It also will show you the processing of storage optimizing window.
  • Wait for some time to complete the optimization process. Let it update.
  • It will take some time but it complete the process surely.
  • After completing the process in the process bar just press the home button from the remote.
  • Turn off the device and connect this firestick to your FireTV. The Optimizing loop is ended and you can use it normally.

#18. Use another Device

If the loop is going on and the issue is not resolved. Then you can use another device other than Firestick. Since it is faulty. It is better to use any other device instead of purchasing another Firestick.

Roku is the best device that acts like a firestick. Streams with good quality and Roku will not raise optimizing loops too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question 1) Is Login required after resetting your Device?

Answer: Yes! After Resetting your Firestick device all Your Third Party Applications including your Login credentials and Account been Erased.

  • Question 2) What is HDMI Extender?

Answer: It usually acts as an Extending device for the HDMI port and works the same as it. Moreover, these are mostly used in Spycam to view from long distances.

Final Conclusion:

Finally, these are some of the most effective methods to fix that Looping Error and if you are interested to share other effective methods with us then don’t hesitate to mention us in the comment section. This article mainly concludes you working methods to fix Amazon Firestick Stuck in Loop Optimizing System Storage & Application?

Furthermore, please share this article with all your friends who are facing this issue currently and contact us if you have any queries related to the Article. Thanks for choosing iOSWinDroid.

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