How to Download, Install & Use PuTTY on Mac?

If you want to get the PuTTY to save the data and login information on mac then know How to Download, Install & Use PuTTY on Mac

To get PuTTY on your mac you need to follow the entire article because if you want to install PuTTy on your mac you need to install other tools that support PuTTY to install. You have to copy and paste some commands in the terminal on your mac to upgrade to the latest version, install PuTTY, and save PuTTY on your local directory.

To initiate an action you should go through the Terminal window as you know Command Prompt in windows and Terminal on Mac are the same and have the same functions.

What Is PuTTY?

PuTTy is a Windows SSH client and is also available on Mac as well. It has a friendly user interface that allows you to save your login and session information precisely. Make sure that the SSH client is also available on the Mac and you can connect through the Mac OS port.

PuTTY Home Page


  • Command Line tools.
  • Xcode.
  • MacPorts.

Ways to Download & Install PuTTY On Mac

Before going to download and install PuTTy On Mac you need to install Command line tools, Xcode, and MacPorts on your mac. Without the use of the Mac Terminal, you can download and install PuTTY on your Mac later introduces a graphical user interface. Using this interface and PuTTY command lines which let’s allow users to customize their settings in a better way.

How to Install Xcode?

Xcode is Apple’s Integrated Development Environment and is designed for developers, Xcode is a pre-requirement for running PuTTY. Let’s see how to install Xcode.

  • Launch the App Store and enter Xcode.
Click On Xcode icon
  • Now tap on the Get button and you will receive the install button straight away just hit the Install button.
Tap On getting
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation process.

How to Install Command Line Tools?

If you want to use Xcode in Terminal then need to install Command Line Tolls. The Command Line tools are programs, scripts, and libraries that are created for a unique purpose as well.

  • Go to the Apple Developer’s official website ””.
  • Here click on the “command line tools” option.
Click On the option
  • Now tap on the download link as shown in the figure.
Click On Download Link
  • Once it is downloaded you can see the logo just double-click on it.
  • Now tap on the Agree button.
Click On Agree
  • Now tap on the install button.
Tap On Install
  • Enter admin details of you and then hit the install software button.
Hit Install Software
  • You can see the installation process.
  • Eventually, installation is successful message will appear on your screen.

How to Install MacPorts?

MacPorts is previously called DarwinPorts, MacPorts is a package management system that makes installation easy of software on mac OS as well as Darwin operating system respectively.

  • Go to the official website of MacPorts.
Tap on the download link
  • Now tap on the download link as shown in the figure.
Click On Download Link
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can notice the file is downloaded.
  • Go to the location where the MacPorts file is downloaded and click on it then ask you to agree just click on it.
Select Agree
  • Now hit the continue button and again tap on the continue button to move forward.
Again Tap On Continue
  • During the installation, it will ask you to enter your administration id and password and then click the install software button.
Enter Admin Details
  • Once the installation is finished click on the close button after that, it will ask you to keep the installer file you can otherwise click on the “Move to Trash” button.
Tap On The Option
  • Launch Terminal window through navigation bar Finder>Go>Utilities>Terminal, enter a command in the terminal as

sudo xcodebuild -license.

Enter password
  • When prompted enter your password and press the enter button.
See License Agreement

How to Install XQuartz?

The XQuartz is an open-source effort is to develop a version of X Windows system and system that supports installing applications and libraries as well. Before going to install PuTTy on your mac you have to install XQuartz also along with Command line tools, MacPorts, and Xcode.

  • Launch the Chrome browser and go to the official website.
Go To Official Website
  • Now hit the download link of XQuartz.
Hit the XQuartz download
  • Once the file is downloaded then double click on it.
Double Click On It
  • Hit the continue button to move forward.
Click On Continue
  • Click on the install button and enter admin details then hit the install software button as shown in the figure.
Click On Install
  • After successful installation of the file tap on the close button and then click on the Ok button.
Tap On Ok
  • Launch Terminal window through navigation bar Finder>Go>Utilities>Terminal, enter a command in the terminal as

sudo port -v selfupdate

Enter password
  • You can see the file is upgraded to the latest version.
Upgraded to the new version

Install PuTTY For Mac

  • Now go to the Terminal window and enter the command like “sudo port install putty”.
  • After that, enter your password then hit the enter button.
Enter Command
  • Copy this command “cp /opt/local/bin/putty/ ~/desktop/PuTTy” and paste it onto the Terminal Window.
Enter Command
  • Once the command is executed see the PuTTY file will appear on your Mac desktop screen.
See On The Desktop

How To Use PuTTY?

Once You have installed PuTTY on your mac successfully then you need to learn how to make use of PuTTY straight away.

  • Launch PuTTY on your Mac.
  • When you launch PuTTY you can see some delay that could be XQuartz starting its execution at the backend.
  • Now you should enter the Hostname or IP address.
PuTTY Home Page
  • On the app home page, you can see lots of connection types including Raw, Telnet, SSH, Rlogin, and Serial.
  • By default, we can use an SSH connection always. Once the details are entered just click on the Open button.
  • It can save all the connection configuration details like Saved sessions, connection type, hostname, and appearance.
  • You can save your configuration by clicking on the Save button.
Entered Host Name
  • We have chosen the SSH client for mac and saved it.

Alternatives of PuTTy:

The main alternative to PuTTy is Terminal and is a built-in feature or preinstalled alternative as well. Using this terminal you can connect to SSH servers and this terminal is available on every mac device. In this section, we are going to know about some of the alternatives to PuTTY such as iTerms2, Termius, and ZOC Terminal.

  • Terminal

The terminal is nothing but the command line prompt in windows and Terminal is for Mac devices for applying some commands you can access SSH servers often as well.

  • iTerms2

iTerms2 is a command line tool for mac devices Terminal can be replaced by iTerms2 by default once it is installed on a mac device. It can add new or latest features to the default Terminal tool and this will make it easier and worth using.

  • Termius

Termius is available on your Mac app store, snap, or Microsoft store. Termius runs in the Sandbox as well. Because of this, your app can not access your local drive on mac due to Apple restrictions, Snap, or the Microsoft app store due to this the terminal option is unavailable.

  • ZOC Terminal

ZOC is a secure Shell client or professional Telnet, or Terminal emulator that combines connectivity to all, your remote gear and text-based servers come under one platform or roof. Supports various functions including a versatile host directory, tabbed sessions or multiple file sessions, rock-solid implementations, and scripts.

It is the better-preferred tool for the users who access IBM mainframes or Unix Shell accounts and for Technicians as well.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) How to PuTTY download on Mac?

Answer#1: After downloading Xcode, Command line tools, and XQuartz you can download PuTTY through commands.

  • Question 2) How to install PuTTY for Mac?

Answer#2: Copy this command “sudo port install putty” in the Terminal window.

  • Question 3) How to install PuTTY on mac using a brew?

Answer#3: Entering commands like “sudo port install putty” and “cp /opt/local/bin/putty/ ~/desktop/PuTTy” you can do that easily.

Final Conclusion:

By using the above methods you can install PuTTY for Mac M1 and use the command ‘sudo port -v selfupdate” PuTTY for mac 8.7.0 is downloaded on your mac. Brew install PuTTY is nothing PuTTY Brew, in this section.

We explained how to install Xcode, command line tools, XQuartz, and PuTTY on your mac detailed through images just follow them to get PuTTY on your mac device easily. As you know PuTTY allows you to save your login data and information confidentially as well. If you want to read more articles visit our site iOSWinDroid

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