How to Install Nox Player on Windows PC/Laptop?

If you want to get the Nox Player on your Windows device then read more to know How to Install Nox Player on a PC

If the user wants to install android applications or games on your PC, we are offering you a Nox player as an emulator. Using the Nox player emulator you will get android features directly on your PC. Are you annoyed with your PC applications and want android apps or games as it is on your PC then use Nox player.

Are you very fond of your android game and playing it on android is not effective, want to play the game on PC to get effective visualization, or are irritated with your android screen and wants your game on the big screen to play the game much more effectively let to know what is it and what it is?

What Is a Nox player?

Emulators are nothing but comprising android apps and games and the main reason for creating the emulators is used to execute the applications whether it is gaming apps or streaming apps in between two devices. Emulators are third-party app stores using third-party app stores you will get premium apps for free on your devices.

It allows users to install and execute mobile applications on a PC or laptop as well. Emulators are used to emulate any mobile operating system for PC to use. Through the Nox player emulator, you will get the latest updated games and streaming applications free without paying a single penny for it.

If you don’t want the applications that are installed through the Nox player you will easily uninstall those from the Nox player. It is much faster and more effective than the blue stacks emulator.

Features of Nox Player:

  1. It is free to download and install on a PC
  2. Compatible with all the Windows versions as well.
  3. Safe for PC and much fast to browse for apps and games.
  4. It supports and allows users to get GPS-based games to play on a PC.
  5. Allows users to get paid apps for free.
  6. Get APK files speed using the keyword apk on the NOX player and you need not search for android apps.
  7. It has an inbuilt feature like a video recorder as well.
  8. Get screenshots of any applications or games as well.

App Information:

The technical specifications of Nox Player are

  • App Name: Nox Player
  • Version:
  • Size: 411MB
  • Developer: Bignox
  • Languages: English
  • Cost: Free
  • Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 10/8/7


Before going to install the Nox Player on your windows you must follow some pre-requirements

  • An operating system having windows XP or Vista or 10 or 8 or 7.
  •  PC has a dual-core Processor.
  • Must support open GL 2.0 or later.
  • RAM should be 2 GB or above.
  • Need at least 2 GB of space on your C drive.
  • Must enable the virtualization source on windows.

How to Download and Install NOX player on PC?

  • Launch the Google chrome website on windows.
  • Search for the Nox player website.
  • You will get the download option of the latest version of it on the official webpage then click on the download button.
Click on the Download button
  • Now you will see the Nox player .exe file underneath your desktop.
  • Click on that .exe file to execute the Nox player on your PC.
  • Now click on the Yes button then next to click on the Install button straight away.
  • Once it is installed then click on the start button.
  • Now it is starting to install a Nox player on your PC.
  • Here once it is installed you have to log in with your Google account otherwise you won’t get its features of it.

How to Use Nox Player on PC?

For effective usage of the app, you must follow the below simple steps

  • Once it is installed on your windows and displayed on your Windows desktop.
  • Launch the Nox player on the desktop.
  • Wait for a while because it takes some time to open.
  • Once it is opened then go for the games or apps for your requirement.
  • Now click on the App center which appears on the home page of the NOX player.
Nox App Player
  • It opens up the all recommended games and apps for you.
  • Choose which one you want on your PC then select the download option and then follow the installation process.
  • Or click on the download button down there you will see the list of apps and games available for installation.
  • This is why you can use the NOX player emulator for PC.

How to Check Whether the Virtualization is Enabled/ Disabled on Windows?

You didn’t get the error while downloading the NOX player the main problem can happen when you install this emulator on your PC. It shows the error as virtualization is not enabled on windows. Following the two steps, you can know how to check whether the virtualization is enabled or disabled.


  1. Launch the Task Manager on your windows.
  2. Go to the performance option out there.
  3. Underneath that template on the very right-side below, you can observe the virtualization is enabled or disabled.

Method -2:

  1. Go to the command prompt and run it as an administrator using the windows search bar.
Command Prompt
  1. Now enter the command like system info then hit the enter button.
  2. Now you can observe Hyper-v- requirements on the command prompt down there.
  3. Check out whether the option called virtualization is enabled in firmware is enabled or disabled.
  4. You will get it in disabled mode.

How to Fix Errors on Nox Player?

  • Restart your PC or reboot it.
  • While restarting windows then keep pressing the F10 keyboard button.
  • Now you will enter into the BIOS settings.
  • Now select the Security setting on BIOS.
  • Then go for the system security within the Security.
  • Here you have to enable the virtualization technology.
BIOS Settings
  • Immediately press the F10 keyboard button to save the changes that you made on the BIOS.

Note: BIOS settings may vary in Windows from version to version.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Can I get the subway surface from the NOX player emulator?

Answer: Yes, you will get the subway surface from this emulator, and also you will get featured and top-rated games as well.

  • Question 2) How do I get VTX on windows 7?

Answer: We already mentioned BIOS settings may vary from version to version based on the Windows operating system. You will get VTX in the system security compulsorily.

  • Question 3) Why couldn’t they change virtualization on the task manager?

Answer: You can not change or enabled VTX directly on the Task Manager as well as using the command prompt, You can only do it on the BIOS.


NOX player emulator is used to download and install android applications on a PC. It is easy to download and free as well. It is compatible with any type of android application and game respectively. Here we explained how to install and while installing what the error you will get and how to resolve the error.

If you do not enable the VTX you can not play animation or 3D games on your PC. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial very much. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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