How to Disable Cortana on Windows 10?

If you’re facing the Cortana disable/ turn off issue on your windows then read more to know How to Disable Cortana on Windows10

Hello friends.Welcome back to my article. I am very happy to invite you to my article. Here is one more interesting topic for using pc/laptop. And Useful information to give. That is what is disable Cortana, how to use it, how to turn off Cortana.

Here we are going to enter the topic, How to disable Cortana on Windows 10. I think this is the right time to explain it to you.

What Is Cortana?

It is developed by Microsoft. Cortana is a personal assistant and Cortana is a service name, it is now available in some languages are English, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, China languages. Some of the editions are depending on the software platform.

Microsoft had begun to reduce the generality of disabling Cortana to convert the assistant to different software issues, It has to split with windows on iOS and Android but it takes time to divide those windows. Disable Cortana has so many crucial updates. It can display notifications, emails, reminders. The disabled Cortana is good and bad we had. Good is no hacking, bad is malware software.

App Information

The technical or basic information of Cortana is

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • pattern: Free.
  • Category:android,iOS
  • compatibility: windows 10 home,10 pro.

Methods to Disable Cortana on Windows 10

once we have to turn off the Cortana never listen to your voice this is a major drawback. Here it is the overcome of the upon of background

Disable the Cortana on windows 10 home and 10 Pro are explained below. Here 10 and 10 Pro are minor differences.

  1. Disable Cortana on Windows 10 Pro and
  2. Turn off Cortana on Windows 10 home.

Method #1. Disable Cortana on Windows 10 Pro

Here I am explaining how to turn off your windows 10 pro. I will explain step by step.

  • Just we have to press on the key. Now we can explore the Edit Group Policy. Just open it.
Edit Group Policy
  • Negotiate the Computer Configuration then display the Administrative Templates again it displays the  Windows Components, Later we have to search.
Navigate to the path
  • Nextly, we have to search and find Allow Cortana.
Allow Cortana
  • Just double press and open it.
  • Finally, click on the “Disabled” option. Then press OK
click on the Disabled

Method #2. Using Windows 10 Home

This method is slightly more difficult than the previous one. It includes editing the Windows registry. If you are not consolation with this procedure. we just leave and do follow the previous process.

Here is another process for windows 10 home. I will explain very clearly. We just follow the below steps.

  • Just we have to click on the key.
  • we have to search for regedit. Then open it. or Press Windows + R keys to launch the Run dialog, in that type regedit and tap on OK.
Type regedit in Run Utility
  • Negotiate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then search it and display the “Software“.
  • Then also open now we can search for “policies”.Again it displays the “Microsoft“.
  • Finally, it has to click on the last option which is “windows“.
  • Double press on right-click to open the windows directory. And select the NEW option to click on.
  • Later you have just type on the window search box. Then click on enter.
Windows Search
  • You have to select the windows search box. On the right-hand side of the mouse just click on it. Then empty area we have to choose the “new” option, Then Dword (32-bit) values are open.
Select New option
  • Finally, we have to type AllowCortana on the search box. And click on enter.
Type Allow Cortana

Disable Cortana From Startup

You can also disable Cortana on the Startup, to do this the user must follow some simple steps

  • On windows, search bar, Enter Task Manager and hit Enter.
Search for Task Manager
  • In that select the Startup tab.
Select Startup
  • Now click on Cortana.
Select Cortana
  • Next select Disable 

Removing or disabling Cortana from the taskbar will effectively disable Cortana on Windows 10.

you can also disable Cortana on  Reddit and GPO

obstruct Cortana from knowing you

Here is how to settings to change the cut in all separate ways.

  • press on the search box that is the Cortana icon. Then you have to start the key.
  • Later it opens the settings of the Cortana panel with the gear icon.
  • Open the settings screen, just disable every switch from on and off.
  • we have to just scroll on the settings panel and double-press on Change what Cortana knows about me in the cloud.
  • In every window, Microsoft will grab a page from the internet that is “personal information”.
  • Finally, it loads and clicks on clear.

Comparison among Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Pro

I have to explain the difference between 10 homes and 10 Pro. Here there are 10 Pro is used on every device that is laptops, computers like these. Coming to 10 home we have to use only on the regular systems.

Tips to Know

  • you have to disable Cortana. But sometimes cannot disable the digital assistant on every device with the same google account must disable Cortana.
  • You have to clear the personal data in your Microsoft account using Cortana, But there is no stop to collecting Microsoft Cortana are not stop to collect.
  • Do not need Microsoft to store the personal data in the cloud file, disable the Cortana of all your own devices on your email, then only clear the personal information from the Microsoft account.
  • If your turn off Cortana on one device, then clear all information on that device. but you are login another device is online then store the information got back in your Microsoft account.
  • Disable Cortana in Windows 10. we have to turn on Windows 10 less.
  • yes, on the computer the search bar in the taskbar must be the work on this. if it does not disappear, then Cortana will disappear because I will disable Cortana.

Pros & Cons:

  • must use in windows 10.
  • It is the best.
  • Disable Cortana.
  • searching easy.
  • some of the people are login different accounts. That’s why one device can be disabled but the other is not.
  • Store personal information.
  • Not only on windows 10. we have to use 10 less.

How to Stop Cortana From Recording & Storing the Search Habits & History?

Usually, Microsoft will track the search histories and habits on the cloud and most people feel that Cortana is safe and they think about privacy concerns, so simply disable Cortana to stop the recording and the storing of search habits and history.

  • On the search bar, enter Permissions and history and hit Enter.
Permissions and history
  • Then navigate to the History and then disable/ turn off the Search history on this device
  • Now choose Clear device search history in order to clear the Cortana search history.
Clear device search history
  • Next move to Find a setting search and type speech privacy settings and then choose Speech Privacy Settings.
Speech Privacy Settings
  • After that, disable the Use your voice for dictation and other apps using Microsoft’s online speech recognition technology.
Disable the option

I think you’re worried about how to disable Cortana Windows 11, don’t worry the process is simple and some of the methods are applicable to windows 11 in order to solve the issue.

 Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Is it secure for information?

Answer: Nope, It is not secure because it displays where I open my account. Like other devices.

  • Question 2) Is always listening or not?

Answer: Nope, it is not listening to continue on both android and iOS.While you have to turn on the taskbar for Cortana.

  • Question 3) Anyone can use Cortana?

Answer: Throughout the world, more than 150 billion people are using Cortana.

  • Question 4) Cortana is dangerous is it not?

Answer: This is dangerous and not, here I have to explain the good is to keep your hack people do not hack, coming to bad for dangerous that is malware install.


Finally the end of this topic, I have to share some points with you. I consider this topic maybe use some members. I hope this article will read to get to know some of the beneficial points have. This is mainly used for windows users.

The conclusion is here what is disable Cortana and install Cortana some of the points are to be explained above. I hope this is useful for all. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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