How to Completely Uninstall Apps on macOS?

If you’re searching for the best ways to uninstall apps completely on mac then read more to know How to Completely Uninstall Apps on macOS

Hello! Guys, How are you all, Hope all are doing great, First of all,  I am so happy to invite you to this article, I think you’re searching for ways to uninstall the apps on mac to free up the space, for that type of people this article is the best reference to know.

In this article, we are ready to explain the necessity of uninstalling the apps and give the best ways to uninstall the apps on macOS.

The Necessity to Uninstall the Apps on macOS

The importance of uninstalling the apps on the mac is to free up the storage space, clear the over usage of the RAM, and also to protect the device from malicious files and suspicious apps, and also avoid the threat from hackers.

In this article, you can get a clear idea regarding how to uninstall programs on mac 2022.

Ways to Uninstall Apps on macOS

Basically, deleting or uninstalling the apps on the mac will help to clear the storage space, with the help of some options on mac the user can uninstall the apps.

Here we are using Launchpad, Finder, Trash or Bin, terminal, and native uninstaller we are uninstalling the apps on mac.

#1. Using Launchpad

With the help of launchpad on Mac, the user can easily delete/uninstall the Apps, follow the below-mentioned steps to do this

  • On mac’s Dock, Select the Launchpad icon
  • Then search for the app you wish to uninstall
  • Now press and hold down the app until it begins to jiggle
  • Next tap on the X icon that is shown on the left corner top of the app icon
Click on X icon
Click on the X icon
  • After that select the Delete option
Click on Delete option
Click on the Delete option

#2. Uninstall Apps Using Trash

If the user is using the macOS Monterey or earlier versions of mac such as Catalina or Mojave, or the app won’t delete from launchpad then try to use the trash it is the same process compared to the manual uninstallation of apps

With the help of trash, the user can easily uninstall apps on the mac

  • On Mac, launch Finder
  • Then move to Applications
Applications Folder
Applications Folder
  • Select the app you wish to delete or uninstall
  • Now press and hold down the Command+ Delete keys on the mac keyboard.
  • Next launch Trash
  • Tap on the Empty icon that is shown on the right corner top of the screen
Move to Trash or Bin
Move to Trash or Bin

#3. Using Bin Uninstall the Apps on mac

Bin is one of the features on mac to delete unwanted things on mac, to do this the user must follow some simple steps

  • On a mac, click on the Applications folder
Go to Applications
Go to Applications
  • Then choose Go and then Applications or simply press Command + Shift+ A keys
  • Choose the app you wish to uninstall
  • Navigate to File and then select the Move to Bin option or press the Command + Delete keys.

#4. Uninstall/Delete Apps Using Terminal

One of the amazing tools on mac is the terminal with the help of this the user can perform so many things, simply follow the below steps to uninstall the apps on mac using the terminal, it is also helpful to remove/delete the app leftovers and fragments.

Using the terminal you can completely uninstall apps on the mac.

  • On mac, launch Terminal and move to Applications
  • Then click on Utilities
  • Next, select the Terminal option
  • After that, you must enter the following command i.e

sudo uninstall file:// 

  • Then move to the Applications folder and drag the app icon you want to delete and paste it it deletes the app.
  • Click on Enter and enter the user password to delete the app.

#5. Using CleanMyMac X

Generally, there are so many programs that will leave the files on the mac, so they occupy the space and consume more RAM on the device, to avoid this the user must uninstall the apps and files on the mac.

To do this we must require the native uninstaller and the best software to delete the apps i.e CleanMyMac X, This is the best optimization software and quickly delete unwanted files and apps and speed up the device’s performance and efficiency.

Follow the below steps to uninstall the apps on your mac using CleanMyMac X, you must download and install the CleanMyMac X on your mac.

  • On a mac, there is a sidebar that has the Uninstaller, move to it
CleanMyMac X
CleanMyMac X
  • Then select View Applications
  • You must search apps by vendors, store, or type
  • Choose the apps that you wish to uninstall
  • It takes some time to uninstall the apps
  • Finally, it uninstalls/deletes the apps on the mac.

#6. Uninstall the Apps on Mac Via Native Uninstaller

Mostly so many apps have the capability to clean themselves and it has a default uninstaller and also a self-destroying utility, these are third-party apps that are downloaded from the internet.

There are fewer native uninstallers for mac while compared to windows, you can notice them on the Finder, to do the complete process, you need to follow the below simple steps

  • On a mac, launch the Finder and then go for Applications
Move to Applications
Move to Applications
  • It shows the app same as the folder
  • choose the app
  • Select the Uninstall option
  • Follow the instructions that are shown on the screen in order to uninstall/remove the apps on the mac.

How to Remove Third-Party App Icons on Mac Menu Bar?

In some cases, the user can see the uninstalled app icon on the menu bar, why because the app’s plugin didn’t delete on the device, by using the finder the user can entirely erase it.

Follow the below steps carefully

  • On a mac, you must press the Shift+ Command + G keys at a time
  • Launch the Folder window
  • Now, the user must navigate to the following paths, you will find them on the list file of the app that you wish to delete/remove




  • Go to the list file and find the location of the paths
  • Move to the directory, delete the related files and then remove the list file
  • Finally, restart the mac, and the app icon on the menu bar

How to Delete App Support Files?

If you want to delete the app support files these are the leftover preferences files and caches

  • On Finder, move to Folder on the menu
  • Now you must copy and paste the path i.e ~/Library/Application Support/Your App Name
  • Or type ~/Library/Application Support/Telegram
  • Next, the user must delete the content on the folder

How to Delete Application Preferences?

Usually, the preferences folder has the user settings, these are small in size, below section you can get the idea regarding deletion of application preferences

  • On a mac, go to Finder and click on Folder
  • Then paste the address ~/Library/Preferences/
  • Launch the folder and enter the name of the app on the search bar
  • Select the Preferences and delete them

How to Delete Caches on mac?

  • On Finder, navigate to Folder
  • Then copy and paste the below path i.e ~/Library/Caches/Your App Name
Third-Party App Uninstallers for Mac:

Here we are mentioning the third-party uninstallers for mac

  • CleanMyMac X
  • CCleaner
  • AppCleaner
  • AppZapper
  • App Cleaner & Uninstaller
  • AppDelete
  • Remove-It

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Which apps do I want to delete on mac?

Answer#1: It completely depends upon the type of software you’re installing, here we are giving some apps that must delete on mac, they are

  1. Untrustworthy website apps
  2. Apps that take so much RAM
  3. Unused apps
  4. Apps having the same functions
  • Question 2) How to delete forcibly on mac?

Answer#2: By using the terminal on mac the user can forcibly uninstall the apps on mac along with files and app leftovers, for that launch terminal on Applications, and type the command i.e sudo uninstall file://

  • Question 3) What happens if I uninstall the app, unfortunately?

Answer#3: With the help of Time Machine backup the user can restore the deleted program, usually the apps and files that are downloaded on the official apple sources are again available to download, suppose the user is removed the app that is a part of the mac then simply reinstall the OS.

Final Conclusion:

This article clearly discusses the necessity to uninstall the apps and briefly explains the ways to uninstall the apps on the mac, these are simple and easy, and quickly uninstall the apps.

For people who are searching for the best ways to uninstall the apps on mac, for that type of people this article is the best reference, Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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