How to Change The Name of iPhone?

If you want to change the name of the iPhone then you’re at the right place read more to know How to Change The Name of the iPhone

Hi, it’s glad to welcome you to this website and for this article. Are you a new iPhone user? Do you love Apple mobiles? Maybe you are a new smart mobile user. Have you ever shared anything on your mobile? Then how will you identify the other’s mobile or how others will identify your mobile.

Do you know that it would be identified with its design number if you didn’t suggest the name to it? have you given any name to your mobile? If you didn’t give any name then follow this article carefully till the end. Then you can edit the name to your iPhone easily. Let’s rush into the topic.

What is an iPhone Name?

Have you suggested any name to it? actually, on smart mobiles, you can provide the name of the device. This is a great opportunity. By this name, the device will be identified for Bluetooth or anywhere you will try to access the device.

That’s why we use the name for a device. Every device has its identifier and its design or version with it. In spite of this, you can suggest your favorite name also to it. Don’t think that, the iPhone name won’t change. It must change.

Have you shared any file or folder then you have to utilize the name of the device to identify them? If you didn’t provide a name, just follow this article to do this. It is very simple to do when you follow the below method. How to change the name of your iPhone for AirDrop or hotspot is explained below.

Reasons for Changing the Name of iPhone:

There are some small and important reasons for changing or modifying the iPhone. When sharing something like photos, media files, documents, or movies.

It requires your name to identify your device to share the things from you or to you. How to change the Bluetooth name on iPhone 12 is also done and we are using the Bluetooth name to connect with it.

Have you shared any files or folders using HotSpot or iCloud or AirDrop, then you need the name of the device to identify them? If you didn’t provide a name, just follow this article to do this. It is very simple to do when you follow the below method.

The Necessity to Change the Name of iPhone?

As explained above while sharing from another iDevice, you have to identify the device by the name of the iPhone. By default, it is with its design number. If you have identified more iPhones with their design numbers, it is difficult to identify the iPhone particularly.

At that time, it is necessary to change the name of the iPhone. iPhone name keeps changing. So that you change it at any time.

If you have a doubt regarding what happens if I change the name of my iPhone, nothing will go wrong with the device it only happens the instant update, so the user can easily notice the new name on the iCloud.

Methods to Change the Name of iPhone:

Here in this article, we are providing quick methods to change the name of the iPhone, you can easily change the name with the help of both internet as well as a hotspot, don’t bother about how to change the iPhone name for hotspot, simply follow the below methods and easily change the name of the iPhone and create a new name as you wish.

Method #1. Using Settings App

You change the name of the iPhone by simple steps. You have to follow them and change your iPhone name.

  • Turn On your iPhone first and Tap on the Settings icon on the home screen. This will navigate you to the Settings of the iPhone, where you can change the iPhone settings like name, Date & Time, Display, Reset, etc.,
Settings of your iPhone
  • There you have to go for the General Settings.
Tap on the General option
  • In the General settings window, on the top or first option is About. This will provide the device information of the particular iPhone. You may know how to change device info on iPhone. Just Tap on the name to see and access the device information.
Tap on the About tab
  • There you will observe the name, device number, model and so many details of the iPhone.
  • Choose the Name tab in it and click on it.
Click on the Name option
  • You can enter a new name and hit on Done to update the name.
Provide iPhone name
  • Then, you can exit the Settings of the iPhone.

The name of your iPhone is changed now. You can use it.

Method #2. Change the iPhone Name Using  iTunes on PC

This is also one of the methods to change the iPhone name. You can change the name of the iPhone using the iTunes app using your PC.

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC with a cable.
  • Launch the iTunes app on your PC. and click on the iPhone tab on it.
Click on iPhone Tab
  • On the iTunes screen, you will observe your device with its name.
iPhone Details
  • If you have not given any name, it exists with its model number. Now, click on that device number and change the name as you like.
Click on the name & assign a new name


Provide new name
  • You can observe the name after changing it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Question 1) Can I give my real and complete name as Apple ID? Is it preferable?

Answer: Yes, you can give. If you are using iPhone for banking transactions or payments every time. While they match your name it has to match with your name. So that it is not suggestible to give nicknames. You have to provide your name that. If you are not using mobile for such dealings. You can put any name for your iPhone.

  • Question 2) How does Apple will know my complete name? If I sold it, the name change or not?

Answer: Apple will provide all services to the iPhone. If you have purchased any mobile, Apple will pass your name on the cooperative agreement. The telecommunication company AT &T will not do this work. When you sold it, communication is only changed. Apple will not be changing your name, You have to change it on the official website only.

  • Question 3) How can I change my BlueTooth name on my iPhone?

Answer: Change your Bluetooth name by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Choose Network & Connection.
  3. Tap on the BlueTooth icon. Enable Bluetooth if it is disabled.
  4. Click on the Device name and change the name there.

How to change the Bluetooth name on iPhone 11 is similar.

  • Question 4) How to change the name of your AirPods?

Answer: Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect Airpods to your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.
  3. Tap on the BlueTooth icon.
  4. Click on the device next to AirPods and change the name there.


In this article, we are clearly discussing the methods to change the name of the iPhone and also explain the reasons for changing the name of the iPhone and some basic information you must know about the iPhone Name.

This is the changing of a name for your iPhone. You can change it simply. Remember that please give your real name, it is suggestible. You can change it easily by using the above methods. Read the article completely & carefully. Change the name and start using it. Thank you for choosing iOSWinDroid

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